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Top 20 Theme and Amusement Parks in India

The most beautiful amusement parks in India are everywhere. With a myriad of rides, roller coasters, spas, swimming pools, theme parks, thrilling events, and thrilling games, amusement parks located in India are well-known throughout the world and are equally loved by kids and adults. 

From movie-themed themes to enticing décor, thrilling games, and fun, these attractions in India are worth the time and money. Many people visit these parks in families or groups to enjoy the perfect weekend getaway and a memorable day out. 

These amusement parks with multiple cuisines in India also have fine dining and wine bars for guests. In addition, some also provide lodging and stay to make a long-lasting vacation. Check out the top attractions in India listed below and make plans for an exciting day filled with excitement and fun now.

List and Overview of the Top 20 Theme and Amusement Parks in India Are as Follows: 

Imagica, Lonavala

Adlabs Imagica, which opened in April 2013, is among the most popular theme parks. It is often described as a “one-stop” recreation Center. It is split into three zones, specifically Theme Park, Snow Park, and Water Park, with many entertainment options, including live shows, roller coasters, water parks, themed entertainment shows, and even an energizing water park. Apart from luxury accommodations, food, and shopping choices, The theme park provides a range of unique characters created by the park’s creators and live shows of hip-hop dancers, acrobats, magic shows, and other thrilling activities.

Kingdom Of Dreams, Gurgaon

The Kingdom of Dreams, also called KOD, is located at Gurugram (Previously Gurgaon) and is India’s premier Live entertainment, leisure, and theatre destination. In the Kingdom of Dreams, Culture Gully, the first skydome in India, features stalls that capture the diverse culture of 14 different states, with local cuisines, fine arts, and street art. With two world-class theatres and state-of-the-art technology, it will transport you on a magical and unforgettable tour of the varied cultures, lifestyles, and customs of various regions of India. Spread across a vast space of six acres, The leisure and entertainment location was officially opened in 2010.

Wonderla, Bangalore

Wonderla is believed to be the most thrilling amusement park in Bangalore (and it is also among the top in the nation) and is popular with those looking for an influx of adrenaline. The park is located in the suburbs of Bangalore along the Mysore road; Wonderla is an excellent water and amusement park offering more than 60 rides. It is well-known for its variety of “High-thrill rides,” one of the major attractions in the area. Water park rides are excellent, too, featuring numerous slides that range from the thrilling to the relaxing.

GRS Fantasy Park, Mysore

It is located just 15 minutes away from Mysore; GRS Fantasy Park is an amusement and waterpark which is a perfect weekend excursion for the residents of Mysore and nearby towns. It is situated in lush green surroundings along the Mysore-Bangalore road GRS Fantasy Park has been in operation for the past 13 years. It is a fun place to go on rides and other activities, making it an excellent place for families and friends to gather. GRS Fantasy Park offers numerous exciting rides and a piece of multi-purpose play equipment for children and adults. Kids pools and water games are the primary attractions of the park.

Wonderla, Hyderabad

In all the beautiful places to visit within and within Hyderabad. Hyderabad, Wonderla Amusement Park is one of the most thrilling due to its loud and lively atmosphere and mind-blowing opportunities to enjoy a whole day with your family and your friends. Wonderla is a place where you can have fun regardless of who you are with. If you are with family or your friends, it’s the same. Visitors come to the park from all over the city, and people come to Hyderabad for a day trip to visit Wonderla Amusement Park.

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Ramoji Film City can accommodate 20 film units at a shoot and is home to several filming locations like London Street, Hollywood signage, Japanese gardens, an airport, a hospital, landscapes and labs, and buildings. As one of the most visited locations for tourists to go to Hyderabad, you can get to Ramoji Film City through a range of packages and buses that depart regularly in the direction of Hyderabad. Ramoji Film City is a lively and varied venue to enjoy various activities, ranging between film tours, adventures in activities, and train rides to numerous gardens.

Essel World, Mumbai

The most well-known and well-known amusement park across this country is Essel World, located in Gorai, just a few kilometers from the capital city of Maharashtra, Mumbai. EsselWorld and Water Kingdom together make one of the largest amusement parks in Asia. It is possible to plan a whole day picnic or stay in one of the nearby hotels to go to both parks. The lush interiors of amusement parks are what make them so popular. Amusement parks have been featured in a variety of TV serials and Bollywood films.

Della Adventure Park, Lonavala

Della Adventure Park is an amusement park with fun and excitement in Lonavala. It offers a variety of games like Aqua Zorb, swoop swing and rappelling, flying fox paintball, buggy rides, the bull ride, etc. An entertainment venue and a variety of eateries that cater to fine dining and binge eating.

Nicco Park, Kolkata

Nicco Park is an amusement park that is often visited for entertainment and recreational reasons. It is also known as the “Disney Land of West Bengal” and draws visitors in massive amounts all the time. It is home to various amusement rides and shows that aren’t just fun but also educational. Nicco Park has been functioning as an amusement park for more than 20 years. Nicco Park is also the first amusement park to be awarded the “Social Accountability certification. Anyone looking for a fun educational, relaxing, and enjoyable getaway should visit Nicco Park.

Appu Ghar, Gurgaon

Appu Ghar was the first amusement park in the country; it opened its gates in 1984 to celebrate its 1982 Asian Games. The park was operational until 2008. The park was closed temporarily before reopening at Gurgaon in 2014, behind Huda City Centre, home to The Oyster Beach and Great India Place Gurgaon. It is also possible to get the feel of a natural beach by lying on the loungers set in front of the wave pool or enjoying privacy while you want the park’s activities from your cabana.

Black Thunder, Coimbatore

Black Thunder Theme Park is an extensive water park situated in Coimbatore which covers 75 acres of land. It offers a variety of rides that are themed around water. If you are looking for a beautiful getaway near Coimbatore during the summer heat, visit Black Thunder. Black Thunder is entirely spoken about due to its friendly staff and amenities. It’s probably one of the only attractions globally that provide mothers with a separate dining area. With the amount of thought and effort put into the creation and maintenance, it’s genuinely a family-friendly place where families can have fun together.

Aquatica, Kolkata

Aquatica is a theme park that features water. Resort and garden located in Kolkata offer a myriad of thrilling themed rides, slides, entertainment, and leisure activities for guests. The park’s water area covers over 75000 square feet and provides a relaxing escape from the summer heat. It doesn’t matter if you want to relax on the beach or take on an adrenaline-inducing water slide; there’s something for everyone. The Aquatica Resort offers all the facilities and amenities to ensure that their guests’ stay is enjoyable and unforgettable. 24×7 room service, parking services, free Wi-Fi, etc., are just a few of the services they offer.

Appu Ghar, Jaipur

Appu Ghar in Jaipur is one of the most popular places for a day of fun out with. Additionally, Appu Ghar Jaipur also offers a golf club and a variety of restaurants to satisfy your palate and excellent facilities to ensure your visit is enjoyable and unforgettable. Appu Ghar consists of an amusement park locally called “Happy Adventure” that offers an array of practical activities for all ages. If you are looking for a more exciting ride, you can choose Mechanical Bull Ride, ATV Rides, Bungee Trampoline, Dirt Biking, Archery, Rope Courses, and Paintball.

Worlds of Wonder Water Park, Noida

The park includes a specific area known as the “La Fiesta, with games and rides that children and senior citizens, and the weak hearted can enjoy. In addition to thrilling attractions, it offers activities such as Paintball, Go Karting and an arcade that is fully functional with games such as Air Hockey, Car Racing VR games, and puzzles for the lifestyle. A trip to Worlds of Wonder Water Park is the ideal option to beat summer blues and re-energize yourself with a relaxing outing with your loved ones and family.

Science City, Kolkata

It is among the most impressive and largest science museums around the globe and provides a thrilling method to learn about science. Science city offers the perfect mixture of fun and education. The floor below the science city comprises optical illusions that are fascinating to observe. It’s always entertaining to see yourself making different shapes among the optic mirrors. The town is located at the crossroads of the Eastern Bypass and Park Circus in Kolkata and is the first destination on your journey to Kolkata.

Adventure Island, Delhi

It’s a hit for both adults and kids, and couples will find it refreshing to go on an exciting date! Get your adrenaline pumping when you take a trip on “Butterfly Feeling” or “Twister intended for adults. Alternatively, allow your child to enjoy less scary rides like Wild Wheels, Sky Riders, or Splash Down. You can enjoy a window-shopping adventure on Metro Walk alongside the thrill park. Metro Walk is filled with the latest brands. And then, enjoy the perfect meal for lunch or dinner with a wide range of dining choices offered.

Funtasia Island, Patna

It was built by Takshila Seas and Resorts Pvt. Funtasia Water Park is considered the first waterpark in Patna. With 5 acres, The park is a favorite for both children and adults because of its many water slides and rides.

Suraj Water Park, Mumbai

It was created in the hands of Arun Kumar Muchhalla, director of Muchhala Magic Land Pvt Ltd and the proprietor of the park’s water. White Water West Industries, Canada, developed this theme park covering 11 acres of area within the city. The park’s water features include 16 slides, including a rainbow slide and a waterfall Asia’s biggest artificial waterfall, and a village-themed area named Surajgadh. There are lockers (rent and deposit fees are charged) that visitors can use to store their personal belongings. The theme-themed decor of Suraj Water Park consists of a strange mix that combines Traditional with Modern Technology.

Splash Water Park, Delhi

Splash is situated in the center of GT Karnal Road and is a top-rated attraction for those not just who are from Delhi as well as nearby areas like Sonipat, Panipat, and Murthal. The crowd has huge draws for multiple lane rides, Harakiri, Mushroom Fall, splash pools, and thrill rides like Ferris Wheel and Mini Columbus. Splash is also well-known for picnics at school because it is easily accessible and a lot less expensive than other parks.

Fun City, Chandigarh

It is situated on 43 acres. This water park attraction located in Ramgarh is the largest one of its kind in North India. It is home to one activity pool, three landing pools, and an a-wave pool. It also has an array of water slides with varying dimensions and shapes, a great experience for those who love water.

Other draws that are very popular are lazing river rides, the splash pool, aqua dance slides, such as White multi-lanes, Typhoon Tunnel white slide, red dragon slide, runaway raft slide, and pendulum slide.

Wrapping Now…

These are the Top 20 Theme and Amusement Parks in India where you can enjoy your time with your family & friends. 

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