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Mysore Travel Guide

Mysore is a dreamy region which is also famous for being the land full of Palaces and royal monuments present here to visit. The region is one of the renowned places which leads in tourism and tourists who visit it just cannot get enough of this UBNESCO World Heritage Site.

From the rich history of the region to the huge celebration of some famous Hindu festivals and from big Bazars to shop from to the picnic spots found here which makes the city much more beautiful, you will many things which will keep surprising you here. So, let’s get started with the top best 4 places that you must visit in your trip to Mysore.

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best tourists places in Mysore

  • The Shuka Van
  • The Mysore Palace
  • The Somanathapura Temple
  • The Brindavan Gardens

The Shuka Van

This beautiful tourist spot in Mysore is renowned for housing more than 450 species of birds found here. Having found more than 2000 migratory birds found here, the Shuka Van also holds a world record and is noted in Guinness World Bock of Record for so many bird species that live here. The park is also a rehabilitation centre for all the birds which were not treated well before or where deeply injured.

The Mysore Palace

constructed back in 1912, the glorious palace is one of the most renowned places found in the region of Mysore. The Place was constructed by the 24th ruler of the Wodeyar Dynasty and this magnificent structure blends the style followed by the Rajput and Mughals pretty well. The Gothic style is also you will find in its structure and surrounded with beautiful hills of Chamundi, the place will leave you awe-struck. Many shows and events are also organised here grandly.

The Somanathapura Temple

The Holy temple is located on the banks of Hindu holy river Kaver and is famous for its finest architecture following the Hoysala style. The temple traces back to the year 1258 CE and being one of 1500 Hoysala temples it is indeed spectacular. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and although the idola are broken here due to the invasion of Muslim armies, you will still find the place much majestic. The huge temple is also filled with many sculptures and ancient remaining that you will find here and it takes you back to the rich history of the city of Mysore.

The Brindavan Gardens

The beautiful garden in Mysore was constructed back in 1932 and it spreads over 60 acres of land spreading its beauty. The garden was a 5-year project and is well-maintained with lush green greenery spread in all of its direction. The garden was constructed by Diwan Mirza Ismail of Mysore and you will find this place as a great picnic spot. From boating facilities to different flower beds found here, the place is totally awe-striking. Many tourists find the place very pleasant to spend some quality time with their friends and families here.