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Gurgaon Travel Guide

Gurgaon is not only a famous industrial sector but also being rich in the city’s culture there are n number of magnificent and notable tourists spot that often tourists get confused to choose from.

Beautiful lakes, unique museums, national parks and waterparks along with some well-maintained sanctuaries are present here and we have mentioned some of them here that you must visit while planning a trip to Gurgaon.

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best tourists places in Gurgaon

  • Vintage Car Museum
  • The Kingdom of Dreams
  • The Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary
  • Damdama Lake

Vintage Car Museum

Know about the rich collections of cars that used to once run on the lands of India in the ancient period. There is indeed a stunning exhibition of these cars here and know about the transportation history of India in depth. You can know about the evolvement of the cars here in this museum and not only about the cars but also about the railways and aeroplanes. Science has been developed so much these years that it’s for sure remarkable and explore about it by live witnessing the automobiles here in the Vintage Car Museum.

The Kingdom of Dreams

The majestic theatre here is so much renowned that the previously known Gurgaon is now known as the Kingdom of Dreams. This is the India’s first LIVE entertainment place and the skydome does display the rich culture and fine arts of the region. Also, amazing food stalls here with some best cuisines found in Gurgaon is worth trying. The theatres here give a good glimpse of the traditional artworks and lifestyles of people living in different parts of the country.

The Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

All the wildlife lovers and nature lovers automatically find their way here to the beautiful place of the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. Easily escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and stress from your work will surely fade away once you witness the breath-taking view of the sanctuary. So many species of birds are found here and also more migratory birds visit the place to make it more mesmerizing during the winters. More than 250 species of birds are found here and many of them travel from different countries and know about them in detail here by visiting the sanctuary.

Damdama Lake

The picturesque view of the Damdama lake is indeed appreciable and it is located to the south of Gurugram. The lake ranges around 64 km and was initially built for the rainwater harvesting by the British in 1947. The lake also gets visited by more 150 species of different migratory birds which now and then appear for pleasing all the bird watchers. The lake is a popular choice for picnic and as it is surrounded by the hills of Aravalli the scenic beauty is a must to enjoy. There are also many resorts present near the lake to relax and have a good time here and also tourists can enjoy the boating facilities provided here and also do not forget to visit the Aravalli hills nearby it.