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Kolkata Travel Guide

Kolkata being the capital and second largest city of the region has been famous for its famous fish curry and sweets and there are much more tourist attractions found here.

The joyful city, chaotic city, royal past, and some savoury dishes are some of the plus points of the region. Most of the houses and architecture found her traces back to the British period and some are even from before the British reign making the place highly historical. There are many tourist spots found here and we have picked the top 4 for you.

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best tourists places in Kolkata

  • The Indian museum
  • The Victoria Memorial
  • The Belur Math
  • Fort William

The Indian museum

It is the ninth oldest museum in the globe and was established in the year 1814. The museum is famous for having one of the finest paintings, ancient statues and mummies from the Egypt. There are also several relics of Buddha and other things like skeletons, antique sculptures, paintings from the Mughal period and many more exquisite collections are present here. There is total 35 galleries present there and the massive beautiful museum is a must to visit for sure.

The Victoria Memorial

The huge white marble architecture of the memorial is a relic from the British reign and is one of the highly visited places in Kolkata. The memorial was constructed in memory of Queen Victoria when the British completed 25 years of rule over India under her guidance. The memorial is very much similar to the one present in London and is filled with lush greenery surrounding it. The beautiful well-maintained garden found here along with a 16 feet long statue of victory is one of the mostly cherished things here.

The Belur Math

Covering over forty acres of land, the beautiful temple is a blend of Hindu, Christian and Islamic motifs styles of architecture and symbolises the unity of different religions. The holy place was constructed by Swami Vivekananda making it a very important place for Ramakrishna Movement. There are many educational institutions present nearby it and also a museum is present here which will give a look of the temple’s past and Swami Vivekanda. However, you cannot make any religious offering like flowers or sweets here.

Fort William

Located on the banks of beautiful Hooghly River, the majestic fort was constructed back in in the year 1696. The place was named as Forts William after King William III came in the country establishing the British rule here very strongly. The magnificent structure is famous for its lush green gardens and the splendid stonework which makes this architecture breath-taking for sure. The fort is used by the Indian army now and it can accommodate around 10,000 army people to date. The inside of the fort can be accessed by the army people and the people who know them but you can do visit the palace if you want to know about the architecture ad rich history of the region.