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Colorado Mountains: Happiness comes when you climb the Mountains.

With 58 fourteeners, Colorado can readily claim its notoriety as a mountainous state: peaks in the Rocky Mountains that are higher than 14,000 feet above sea level The state’s potential to inspire visitors to take breath-taking photos is a result of its towering mountains. It is the tallest statue in the country due to its mountains. The Colorado mountains range gives its visitors to take incredible photo opportunities and the ego boost that comes with reaching the top, draws the attention of hikers and photographers.

For people of all fitness levels, there are miles of hiking routes available. See stunning turquoise alpine lakes, spotless waterfalls, and views of the iconic Mount Sneffels by hiking the 7.6-mile Blue Lakes Route. Similar to other national parks, Rocky Mountain offers tourists approximately 300 miles of hiking trails in addition to a wide range of other activities. One of the most beautiful Colorado mountains ranges in the world is the Rocky Mountains, and Colorado is home to some of the most stunning of the Rockies.

This is a selection of some spectacular Colorado mountain ranges that are well-described for your post-visit. And because they are so stunning, even a beginner photographer will look skilled.



With a height of 14,440 feet, Mount Elbert is the highest mountain in Colorado. In addition, it is the country’s second-highest summit. With such accolades, it makes sense that climbers and hikers like the Sawatch Range summit. One of the greatest ways to view the mountain (and its companion, Mount Massive) is from the window of the Leadville Colorado & Southern Railroad, which is accessible from the home bases of Leadville and Twin Lakes.

Although there is a 4.5-mile trail that leads to the towering summit, hikers may not feel so fortunate given the trail’s elevation increase of more than 4,500 feet Southwest of Leadville, immediately after Elbert Creek Campsite, Halfmoon Road leads to the North Mount Elbert trailhead.

  • The best time to visit is July to August.
  • The nearest town is Aspen which is around 40 miles to the west.
  • Distance from State Center is 582.5 Miles.



When you visit the Maroon Bells, which are two summits called North Maroon Peak and Maroon Peak, you’ll see why it’s stated that they are the most photographed peaks in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. The pyramid-like summits of these sister mountains are a photographer’s dream, with a reflective lake to mirror back their majesty and a clear blue sky to frame their boundaries. These frequently snow-covered behemoths’ bare faces contrast sharply with the vibrant wildflowers and rich coniferous forest that flourish in their shadows.

A leisurely 1.5-mile walk circles the lake in Maroon Bells and offers numerous opportunities for photo stops. The only route to go to the peaks runs from Aspen Highlands from 8 am to 5 pm for the majority of May to late October. (While you can drive thereafter during those hours, reservations for parking are required.) Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling are the only means to access the area during the winter months because Maroon Creek Road is closed.

From Glenwood Springs, all you need to do to get to Maroon Bells is take Highway 82 southeast.

  • The best time to visit is late July through September.
  • The nearest town is Aspen which is around 10 miles.
  • Distance from State Center 355 Miles.

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Pikes Peak, a monolithic monument that rises to a height of 14,115 feet, bears the name of the explorer Zebulon Pike, whose explorations profoundly influenced both the Rocky Mountains and the American people. Pike was the first recorded pioneer to attempt the mountain, albeit he was never able to reach the summit. A photograph of this mountain, which is infused with historical significance, is more than just a sight of natural beauty; it offers a window into Colorado’s character.

If you’re feeling daring, use the Pikes Peak Highway to grab your picture (Note: Visitors who want to drive to the summit park in the top lot from May–September will be required to make an online reservation). Each of its more than 150 twists, which follow the mountain face, offers a picturesque view. Instead, on the Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway, where your hands will be free to take pictures while you’re treated to the history and lore of the mountain, let your conductor do the driving.

  • The best time to visit is summer.
  • The nearest town is Manitou Springs.
  • Distance from State Center 678 Miles.



Longs Peak, the centerpiece of Rocky Mountain National Park, majestically rises to a height of 14,255 feet. Sharp corners and flat faces, including a flat summit, are seen on this oddly shaped mountain, which protrudes upward like an eroded box. Because of these geometric angles, light and shadow compete all day long, resulting in stunning visual contrasts.

Major Stephen H. Long, an area explorer, is named after Longs Peak. His crew investigated the newly established northern border of the Colorado Territory in 1820. Even from a distance, where their team could only observe this peak, they discovered it to be a mountain worthy of their esteemed leader’s name. You’ll understand their motivation when you see this Longs Peak.

There is no such thing as a “Longs Peak trek,” according to Rocky Mountain National Park, which is cautious to point out that climbers who are sufficiently skilled and equipped should only attempt it. The climb involves vertical rock walls, small ledges, and loose rock. But, there is a magnificent climb in the park that provides wonderful views and pictures of the peak: For admiring Longs, the 2.8-mile Mills Lake walk is ideal.

Yet, getting to Longs Peak is not as simple as that. From Boulder, take Highway 36 north to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • The best time to visit is mid-July to September.
  • The nearest town is Allenspark.
  • Distance from State Center 669.6 Miles.



Few locations in the world allow you to drive over mountains that are higher than 14,000 feet. In reality, the road over Mount Evans is the highest paved road in the country, rising to a height of 14,260 feet. From Labor Day to Memorial Day, the road is blocked and impassable due to snow; however, once it reopens, be sure to bring your camera and get set ready to shoot some of the most amazing views you’ve ever seen. Views of the surrounding ranges and valleys taken from Mount Evans’ summit convey the tremendous magnificence of the Rocky Rockies. Get familiar with the Mount Evans Scenic Byway.

Reaching Mount Evans is not that though, from Denver, travel west on Highway 70 to the town of Idaho Springs, and continue along Mt. Evans Road.

  • The best time to visit is late May to early September.
  • The nearest town is Georgetown.
  • Distance from State Center 622.8 Miles.



Mount Sneffels protrudes from the ground like a legendary mountain. Above the timberline, high-alpine trees abruptly disappear, revealing the 14,150-foot peak’s bare face as it towers over the surrounding area. The incredibly rough Mount Sneffels Wilderness Area contains this mountain. If you can, take the time to go into the magnificent nature that envelops this mountain while carrying your camera.

Set up your tripod on Dallas Divide Pass on Highway 62, just outside of Ridgway, as there are no roads leading to this mountain. Or, for views that require a climb, try the challenging 14-mile Sneffels Highline Loop, which begins in Telluride.

  • The best time to visit is June until September.
  • The nearest town is Ridgway.
  • Distance from State Center 455.4 Miles.

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