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Mountains in South Carolina When You Hear the Mountains Calling

Because of South Carolina’s varied topography, you can travel from ocean vistas at sea level to heavenly views while towering above the mountainous South Carolina Mountains to the northwest in less than three hours. You’ve probably occasionally heard the mountains in the Palmetto State calling your name, no matter where you’re from. The following list of a few of the ideal locations will help you answer that call the next time you feel drawn to the mountains in South Carolina.

1. Falling Waters Scenic Byway

The Falling Waters Scenic Byway ranks first on our list of locations where you can see the South Carolina mountains. From just north of the Village of Walhalla to the North Carolina state line, you may ooh and aah your way across this 13-mile journey. The views of Lake Jocassee from the Oscar Wigginton Overlook are magnificent. Discover more about this South Carolina road trip’s breathtaking scenery.

2. The Foothills Trail

South Carolina Mountains

Those of us who have greater hiking experience should absolutely attempt this thorough hike. It travels through roughly 70 miles of uphill and downhill terrain, offering breathtaking views from the top of the mountains in South Carolina, and some challenging stream crossings. Finally, it’s a hike you won’t soon forget. Find out more about this breathtaking South Carolina walk.

3. Caesar’s Head State Park’s overlook

Caesar's Head State Park's overlook

The parking area at the visitor center of this state park has a short trail that leads to an overlook with breathtaking views of the valley below and mountains both close by and far away. You’ll concur that visiting Caesar’s Head State Park makes for the ideal day excursion from South Carolina.

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4. The Domestique Hotel

The Domestique Hotel

At this boutique hotel in the European style, you may get the ideal weekend getaway in the mountains. Enjoy beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains South Carolina while sipping copious amounts of fine wine from the hotel’s balcony, or from your room or the restaurant. Learn more about this wonderful weekend vacation in South Carolina.

5. Victoria Valley Vineyards

Victoria Valley Vineyards

Visit the winery with a group, have lunch in the cafe, or sit on the terrace to take in the expansive views of the 47-acre vineyard. Always keep in mind that you only have time on your hands. Enjoy! Open five days a week, from Thursday through Monday, is Victoria Vineyards. You’ll be so happy you found this undiscovered gem if you appreciate visiting isolated wineries in the South Carolina Mountains.

6. Devil’s Fork State Park

Devil's Fork State Park

Once atop Lake Jocassee, take advantage of some downtime and familiarise yourself with the stunning mountains. At Devils Fork State Park, you can also choose to spend the entire day sitting by the shore and admiring the scenery. And if you feel like camping, you’ll find that Devil’s Fork State Park boasts one of South Carolina’s most picturesque campgrounds.

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7. The Red Horse Inn

The Red Horse Inn

The Landrum-based Red Horse Inn has lodging options that include rooms in the main house as well as six quaint cottages. All provide breathtaking views of the hills and mountains in the area. Have you ever visited South Carolina’s Red Horse Inn?

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8. Pathway of Table Rock

Pathway of Table Rock

Climbing a mountain is the best way to feel more like a part of our beautiful mountains in South Carolina. The 3.5-mile roundtrip hike to the top of Table Rock in South Carolina is wholly worthwhile. Just take in the scenery! There are many wonderful things about this idyllic hiking trail in South Carolina

9. Pumpkintown Mountain

Pumpkintown Mountain

This unique site is situated on SC-11 in the South Carolina mountains, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The adorable tiny cafe serves you some of its famous sandwiches, while the ice cream parlor scoops up plenty of warm smiles to go with your sweet treat. You’ll feel quite at home in this isolated diner in the South Carolina mountains.

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10. Travelers Rest

Although this small community in South Carolina is not perched atop a mountain, it is nevertheless possible to see the mountains in the area because of its rolling hills. Travelers Rest is without a doubt one of the hippest small towns in America.

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11. State Park Jones Gap

State Park Jones Gap

On our list of stunning locations in the mountains in South Carolina, Jones Gap State Park is last but certainly not least. This state park, which can be found in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, features a whopping 30 miles of hiking trails! Check it out, but be sure to get there early since once the parking lot is full, you’re stuck.

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FAQs about Mountains in South Carolina

Are there mountains in South Carolina?

Yes, there are mountains in South Carolina.

What mountains are in South Carolina?

South Carolina is home to the Blue Ridge Mountains, a portion of the larger Appalachian Mountain range. Some specific mountains and peaks within this range in South Carolina include Sassafras Mountain, Pinnacle Mountain, and Table Rock, among others.

Where are the mountains in South Carolina?

The mountains in South Carolina are primarily located in the northwestern part of the state especially in Oconee, Pickens, and Greenville counties.

Does South Carolina have any mountains?

Yes, South Carolina has a portion of the Blue Ridge Mountains which are part of the Appalachian Mountain range.

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