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Maine Mountains: Maine mountains are full of adventure that no one wants to miss

Ever think of visiting Maine, USA? The Pine Tree State is covered with lush green forests and mountains which are perfect places to visit in Maine and are best known for exploring during the sunny days during summers and the chill during winters. Here below are some of the best places to visit in Maine and some of the amazing Maine Mountains.

1. Mount Katahdin, Piscataquis County

Mount Katahdin, Piscataquis County

The Penobscot Tribe gave Mount Katahdin, which is located in Baxter State Park, its name, which means “The Greatest Mountain.” Although it serves as one of the best hiking mountains in Maine on the Appalachian Trail, it only takes around 10 hours to hike alone. Be ready for some technical terrain, and climb carefully at all times! Get ready for one of Maine’s most epic mountains if you’re thinking, “Are there mountains in Maine?”

2. Sugarloaf Mountain, Franklin County

Sugarloaf Mountain, Franklin County

Sugarloaf Mountain, which is in the Carabassett Valley, rises 2,820 feet vertically. On the west side of the mountain, the Appalachian Trail travels within a mile of Sugarloaf’s peak. Visit Sugarloaf Resort for skiing and snowboarding in the winter and again for golf, hiking, and mountain biking in the summer. Maine’s Sugarloaf Mountain is a terrific place to start if you’re seeking mountains that are full of excitement.

3. Crocker Mountain, Franklin County

Crocker Mountain, Franklin County

The Appalachian Trail passes through Crocker Mountain, which is in the Carrabasset Valley and offers breathtaking vistas. Between South Crocker Mountain’s upper and lower summits, there is a glacier cirque called “Crocker Cirque” that you will come across on your journey. In search of more adventure in these Maine mountains? There are so many wonderful things to see and do in Carrabassett Valley.

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4. Old Speck Mountain, Oxford County

Old Speck Mountain, Oxford County

Grafton Notch State Park contains Old Speck Mountain, which is close to the town of Newry. Although the slopes leading to the summit are fairly difficult, they reward hikers with breathtaking views of the Mahoosuc Range below. The Appalachian Trail system’s Standard Route, which leads to the peak, is regarded as difficult. The distance is roughly 4 miles. The ideal day trip with breathtaking vistas is this mountain hike in Maine.

5. North Brother Mountain, Piscataquis County

North Brother Mountain

At Baxter State Park, close to Katahdin, is a place called North Brother Mountain. You can accomplish this in a lovely day trip, unlike Katahdin. Views of the Katahdin, Doubletop, Coe, and South Brother Mountains, as well as streams and rivers, may be seen from the rocky, exposed summit. Baxter State Park provides some fairly amazing possibilities for Maine Mountains.

6. Mount Bigelow, West Peak, Somerset County

Mount Bigelow

The past of Mount Bigelow is interesting. Major Timothy Bigelow, who reached the peak in 1775 “for the purpose of observation,” gave the mountain its name. During the 1775 invasion of Canada, Major Bigelow was one of Colonel Benedict Arnold’s four division commanders. The tallest of Mount Bigelow’s several peaks is the West Peak.

7. Saddleback Mountains, Franklin County

Saddleback Mountains, Franklin County

One of the most well-known peaks in Maine is called Saddleback Mountains. It is known to be one of the best ski mountains in Maine. Along Saddleback’s crest, the Appalachian Trail passes over its peak. On the mountain’s north face is where the Saddleback ski area is situated. Maine’s Saddleback Mountain is a mountain with a rich past. And it’s one of Maine’s most cherished ski areas!

8. Mount Abraham, Franklin County

Mount Abraham, Franklin County

Another mountain with a fascinating past is Mount Abraham. In the late 19th century, the mountain was felled. Through ice-covered wooden sluices, logs were carried downhill. The narrow-gauge Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad were used to transport logs, timber, and pulpwood from there. During a cross-country formation fly in 1967, the McDonnell F-101B Voodoo No. 57-376 of the 60th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron out of Otis AFB in Massachusetts collided with another F-101B and crashed onto the mountain. The second aircraft made an emergency landing at Dow AFB, and the two-man crew escaped with only minor injuries. This Maine Mountains is stunning to look at in addition to being enjoyable to climb. Also, the state is plenty of lovely backroads that offer great views.

9. The Horn, Frankin County

The Horn, Frankin County

The Horn’s summit, which is a part of the Saddleback region and gives views of the neighboring peaks, is a blend of alpine and a sub-alpine environment. Rock Pond, which gains 2,000 feet, and Redington River, which gains 2,400 feet, are two summit trails. The summit of The Horn is parallel to the Appalachian Trail. In Maine Mountains, there are several magnificent mountains along the Appalachian Trail, as well as some fantastic offshoots to hike.

10. Mount Redington, Franklin County

Mount Redington

Mount Redington, one of only two 4,000-foot mountains in Maine without a designated hiking trail to the top, is close to Carabassett Valley. Instead, they adhere to a system of logging roads. The round-trip distance to the summit is six miles. One of the most intriguing mountains to trek in Maine is this one.

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