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Louisiana State Tourism: Best places to visit in Louisiana

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Louisiana is a state in the USA named after Frances King Louis XIV. The personality of Louisiana can only be owned along with its rich history of the area, and its lush vegetation. There are many Best places to visit in Louisiana and things to do in Louisiana, Mardi Gras is the most prominent in the state and draws a large crowd in its annual celebration. The French Quarter in New Orleans has another significance on its own, with its amazing architecture, shopping, and dining which are a few of the things one can do in the quarter.

Louisiana has many plantations; the Melrose Plantation is the best-preserved. The Laura Plantation is known for its sugarcane plantation for over 180 years. Baton Rouge, the capital of the state offers its visitors an opportunity to climb aboard a decommissioned destroyer at the USS Kidd and Veterans Memorial. New Orleans has its soul in music, and Jazz is what it breathes. In short, we can say New Orleans is the birthplace of Jazz.

Louisiana is brimming with its history, architecture, and vast wildlife. Louisiana’s diverse cultural heritage is something worth witnessing.

  • The ideal duration of the trip is 1-3 days
  • The best time to visit is February to May.
  • The nearest airport is – Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport(MSY)

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Here, below are some of the best places to visit in Louisiana.

1. New Orleans French Quarter

Best places to visit in Louisiana

It is the oldest and most famous neighborhood. The buildings there are around 300 years old, many with wrought iron balconies extending over the tourist-filled sidewalks. Along with this, Bourbon Street is one of the most popular places to visit in the French Quarter, which is alive all year round with tourists and music. There are a lot more places to visit in Louisiana for couples such as North Rampart Street, Decatur Street, and Royal Street.

2. National WWII Museum

National WWII Museum

Those who are really interested to know about the history, wars, or what happened with the country in the past can be considered the best things to do in Louisiana. It offers an in-depth look at every aspect of the conflict, whether it is a battle at sea or in the air. The live performance also takes place in the BB’s Stage Door Canteen. Recently the museum added a new attraction titled Expressions of America. It is a sound and light show which takes you back to the wars of the early 1940s. 

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3. Mardi Gras

Mardi Grass

It is one of the biggest events and one of the best things to do in Louisiana for couples, family, and friends. It is a colorful event with a parade, balls, and street celebrations like no other. There are dozens of parade routes where the event draws huge crowds who love to join the celebrations and witness 1000 floats go by. Visitors can also visit Mardi Gras World, where the artists and craftsmen build them and everyone can see them closely.

4. Melrose Plantation

Melrose Plantation

The big house, home to John Hampton Henry and his wife is also called a patron of the arts. It was first known as Yucca Plantation, that time it belonged to Marie Therese and Claude Thomas Pierre Metoyer. The house was built in the 1790s and later it was enlarged and preserved. Many writers and artists were guests at Melrose Plantation over the years.

5. Old State Capitol

Old State Capitol

It has a dramatic impression on visitors. The building now houses a political history museum and includes artifacts, interactive exhibits, and documents that explore the state’s history. Admission to the State Capitol is free. The building’s roof is crenelated and there are two huge towers that flank the main entrance. 

6. State Capitol Building

State Capitol Building

It’s worthwhile visiting the State Capitol Building if you have already visited the Old State Capitol Building.  The building is 460 feet tall and is the tallest state capital in the US. From the top, visitors get a chance to appreciate how flat and wet Louisiana is. Admission to the building is free and for understanding the building in deep we would consider going for a guided tour.

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