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The best places to take your children at every age – From babies to college grads

From quiet getaways with your ultra-portable newborn to deep cultural immersions after college graduation, here are some intriguing travel options for families with children of all ages.

When you’re a traveler, you’re always a traveler. Some people feel that having a kid doesn’t change a couple’s lifestyle, while others believe the exact opposite. But everyone can agree on one thing: Those who enjoyed traveling before starting a family is likely to want to continue exploring the globe with their children. After all, one of the most thrilling aspects of having children is how they enrich and intensify practically every experience. Then there’s the awe-inspiring discovery that comes with seeing interested children see and taste new things, from delectable cuisines to stunning civilizations.

It might be difficult to predict which locations throughout the world are best for children as they transition through various stages. And flying or dealing with jet lag is more difficult at various ages. It’s also true that as children get older, excursions become more expensive. But the communal delight that can be had on a family trip, especially one suited to the brood’s developmental stage and interests, far outweighs all of the problems.

With the aid of a few travel experts, we’ve broken it down by age group, partnering each with a lovely place for maximum exposure to the amazing world while still having fun as a family.

Infants (Ages 0-1): Goa

Goa is a popular Indian vacation destination for people from all over the world. The beautiful beaches, breathtaking beauty, rich culture, and, most importantly, a welcoming and friendly local community make it nothing but the best. When you visit this vibrant beach state, you feel like you belong and extend your house. Most hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts welcome infants. Though there are several adventure sports, water sports, and other thrilling activities available, you will have a fantastic time even if you spend your whole holiday basking in the sun and beside a warm sandy beach. If you want to spend a romantic evening with your spouse, you can also discover plenty of babysitting services.

Toddlers (Ages 1-4): Munnar, Kerala

Munnar is a popular vacation for families with young children. You may take it leisurely and stroll through the tea farms, learning about the tea extraction process and breathing in the mountain air. It would be beneficial for your children to breathe in the pure fresh air of Munnar.

You can organize short hiking expeditions with your children if they appreciate nature and are old enough to walk independently. Another nice pastime in Munnar is boating. Elephant rides are popular among visitors, but if you’re traveling with a little child, you may forgo them. Whether you have toddlers or not, you should never pass up the opportunity to enjoy a Kerala houseboat.

Top 4 Tourists Places In Munnar

Elementary School (Ages 5-10): Darjeeling

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, which runs between Darjeeling and New Jalpaiguri, has become renowned as the “Toy Train” journeys. These railway tracks, which were built between 1879 and 1881, are among the oldest in India. The train itself is what makes the trip unique.

Darjeeling trains are little and resemble a fairy tale vehicle, as opposed to lengthy trains that typically operate over the length and width of the country. Anybody must run across the Himalayan terrain and stunning sceneries regardless of age.

This will be one of the most exciting parts of your Darjeeling vacation if you go with your family, especially if you have children. It’s an interesting blend of fun and history, and your child may acquire an interest in it.

Top 4 Tourists Places In Darjeeling

Tweens (Ages 11-13): Kashmir, Jammu & Kashmir

For obvious reasons, Kashmir is at the top of our list since it has so much to teach our children. Unparalleled beauty may be the first thing that draws children’s attention here, but after you start taking them places and explaining why these sites are essential, your children may understand how fortunate they are to be here. Seeing the humble lifestyle of Kashmiris and their commitment to their country despite all the difficulties might offer your children a fresh perspective on life. Also, the option to stay on a houseboat, ski-in Gulmarg (seasonal), visit tulip gardens (seasonal), and go horseback riding in Aru Valley may provide them with an experience for which they will always be grateful.

Teenagers (Ages 14-17): Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

It’s all about the exhilaration of seeing something completely new from anything they’ve ever seen before.

After 14, it is best to take youngsters on their first safari since you can be sure they will remember the trip. They’ll be able to sit in a car for extended periods and won’t be afraid to sleep in a tent. Furthermore, many camps do not accept children under the age of 13 or 14.

A safari is a unique experience for a family to share, allowing them to see an amazing diversity of animals in their natural habitat, as well as beautiful customs and civilizations. 

They claim that Mother Nature is the finest teacher! The Jim Corbett National Park is home to numerous types of flora and animals, but the one that many visitors come to see — the Tiger – is difficult to spot! Nonetheless, Jim Corbett is a unique experience, living amidst the dense jungle and surrounded by some of the most captivating noises! And natural dwellings like these can teach us a lot.

College (Ages 18-21): Himachal Pradesh

Once your children have graduated from high school, it may take a very appealing deal to entice them back into the fold for family trips. Himachal Pradesh is one such enticing prospect. It’s known as the “adventure capital of India,” and it’s the type of all-season location that has something for everyone.

If you are traveling with family and intend to avoid the state, you may miss out on a lot! Himachal is an excellent alternative for a family vacation with college students, offering everything from river rafting to hiking trips and stunning landscapes. While your children go paragliding, mountaineering, jeep safari, and other activities, you can soak up the warm sunlight and breathe in the pure Himalayan wind.

College Graduates (Age 22): Alleppey

Alleppey in God’s Own Country is a charming place known for its emerald green backwaters. Your parents deserve to be pampered to the heavenly riches of nature, where they may forget about their worries. As you take them on the legendary houseboat, enjoy watching them leap with delight. You may all savor the moments as you glide around the calm waves and take in the breathtaking scenery surrounding you.

Top 4 Tourists Places In Alleppey

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