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Travelling to Europe for Christmas? Here’s 10 Christmas market to visit

Christmas brings in a unique vibe all over the world. Glittering lights, mouth-watering food, and various amazing activities like Ferris wheel or skating, etc. So, as we are heading to Christmas this year, travelers going to Europe cannot miss the amazing Christmas markets set up, especially to spark the vibes. As Covid-19 has affected many things, last year Christmas markets were affected on a huge level. Now that the world is coming back to its pace, so are Christmas markets in Europe. We have curated a list of European Christmas markets.

Let’s have a look at various Christmas markets across Europe:

Cologne Christmas Market, Germany

Location: Cologne Cathedral, Germany  

What’s in store for you: The market is one of the best you’ll visit in Europe and is a one-stop solution for Classic German Christmas. From Twinkling lights to craft to glühwein. You can enjoy local food and a lot of other traditional German items. Do you know what the best part is? Their 100 stage performances happen throughout the Christmas festival, including their music and gospel. Tourists can even enjoy or walk through two shopping markets Hohe Strasse and Schildregasse. 

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London

Location: London, England, UK

What’s in for you: Shop for Crafts, Gourmet food, Candle Votives, Ornaments, and other unique items in the market. Enjoy hot chocolate topped with Marshmallows, or try Mulled wine and other mouth-watering food. Tourists can enjoy several roller coaster rides across the park. You can try other exciting activities, including ice skating. The market starts in November and is open till January. 

Piazza del Duomo Market, Milan

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Location: Milan, Italy 

What’s in for you: The market is set up from December to January. Tourists can stroll under the charming vibe of Gothic style Cathedral of Milan’s Duomo. Several small huts are set up across the market that looks cute, and Picturesque indulges in shopping at Charming stalls. Shop for world-famous Italian cheese, Yuletide Souvenirs. Relish warm drinks and soak in the sights filled with lights. 

Strasbourg Christmas Market, Strasbourg

Location: Strasbourg, France 

What’s in for you: The market has a history of special festivities back in 1570, illuminating the city set up alongside the Rhine River. From wooden toys to blown glass candles to unique crafts, you’ll get amazing things from 300 stalls. You can dig in some traditional cookies – Alsatian Bredele or indulge in unique French fashion and visit historical sites. 

Christmas Market at La Defense, Paris

Location: Paris, France

What’s in for you: The special Christmas market starts in November and continues till the end of December. The biggest market established in France showcases around 300 Chalets exhibiting various intricate merry Ornaments and crafts. Stroll through the market and indulge in amazing France Cuisine and world-famous cheese. 

Edinburgh’s Christmas, East Princes Street Gardens

Location: East Princes Street Gardens, Scotland.

What’s in for you: Annual Markets Turn the place into Santa land, where the Christmas tree maze is set up with a mini-train ride for children. You can enjoy the Ferris Wheel and several unique food items. Moreover, the market has amazing crafts where tourists all over the world come especially to shop.

Salzburg Christmas Market, Salzburg

Location: Salzburg, Austria

What’s in for you: With 95 exhibitors, the area at the foot of HohenSalzburg fortress and Cathedral of Salzburg turns into a winter wonderland. The market has a history of celebrating Christmas from 15 century. Tourists can stroll around the market and relish Hot Cashewnuts, mulled wines while shopping for various crafts. 

Plaza Mayor Christmas Market, Madrid

Location: Madrid, Spain 

What’s in for you: The market starts in November and continues till the end of December. Tourists can explore and shop for intricate ornaments to decorate Christmas trees. You Can stroll around the place to soak in the historical details and uniqueness of the plaza while relishing hot chocolate or a warm drink. People all around the world love to explore through the enchanting vibes of the market during Christmas.

Magic Christmas, Colmar

Location: Located at several locations in France including Place des Dominicains, Gourmet Market Place de la Cathedrale, Petite Venise, Place de 1’Ancienne Douane, etc. 

What’s in for you: Magic Christmas in Colmar is like a fairy tale; you’ll see lights twinkling everywhere, ice skating rinks, unique food, and several activities for you to enjoy. You can shop for unique items, crafts, etc. Each place has its own characteristics, offers so much spark and things to explore.

Brussels Winter Wonders, Grand-Palace

Location: Grand-Palace, Belgium 

What’s in for you: The open areas around the palace Sainte Catherine, Bourse Stock exchange, the Place de la Monnaie, and Marché aux Poissons are converted into Winter Wonderland during December every year. You can enjoy and explore various exciting activities such as Wood chalets, Ferris Wheel, Light and sound show Project at Grand Palace, covered ice rink, etc.

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