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Top world’s Wellness retreats to book in 2022

New Year comes with new resolutions. After spending and working from home for two long years, we should take some time off for our mental and physical Wellness. It’s time we explore the world and get our minds refreshed. Let’s head to World’s some Top Wellness Retreats:

It’s time to set off!

The past two years, from the very start of 2020, and even now, our lives have completely been turned upside down by the evil virus that has made the struggle in our everyday life feel real. Every single day of our life in the past two years, and even now, we have seen our near and dear ones getting sick and having to be admitted to the hospital. No end, no respite from the sufferings. 

With the New Year finally arrived, and at the end of its very first week, we must keep all our worries and pains aside and head for the top wellness retreats in the World to get our body and mindfully recharged.

Why select the Wellness Retreats?

Come the second week of 2022, let’s take the opportunity to explore the World’s Top Wellness Retreats. When we go to these places, it will not be like we will be partying all day or drinking enough that has been pending for the past two years! No, nothing like that. Wellness Retreats are places:

● Where we find the true internal peace (like the inner peace in Kung Fu Panda!)

● Where we can surround ourselves with Yoga and Meditation and other healing exercises

● Where we can find the authentic feeling of mental wellbeing.

Where are we planning to go?

Here are some top Wellness Retreats we will book for the rest of the year. 

Start from home, explore the Himalayas. Uttarakhand, India:

Before we set for our World trip, let us explore India’s top wellness retreat. The Ananda in Rishikesh. Ananda can offer you more than 80 wellness treatments on its menu. It includes spa treatments in traditional Ayurvedic ways like:

● Detox

● Stress management exercises

● Rejuvenation

● Active-fitness, and many more.

You will also receive some of the most popular Ayurvedic treatments like full-body massage (Abhyanga), an Ayurvedic oil bath, etc. This will help your mind focus and explore the world better.

Let’s get far away from home, explore the magical city of the West. Sand Valley Resort, Wisconsin:

It is the World’s Best Golf Resort. You can try your hand at the Golf clubs here. At Sand Valley Resort, you will find the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, where you can spend four nights full of self-improvement activities, energy therapies, and saltwater floating sessions. 

How does that sound? Under the sound experience of professional medical experts, you can take personalized wellness therapies. Though it is a bit on the expensive side, it will all feel worth it after the holidays.

Do you want to get the taste of some thermal hot springs? Castle Hot Springs, Arizona, is your destination:

If you find the mandatory group meditation sessions a bit boring, Castle hot springs are your perfect choice. The scenic beauty of Castle Hot Springs is just incredible. You can go for their stand-up paddle boating and cable climbing course. Also, for your mind and body’s salvation, you can sign up for their digital detox philosophy.

Surround yourself with some yoga sessions, private jet adventure to the jungle, and find the perfect natural balance in Santa Marta, Colombia:

Santa Marta is famous for its high-vibe meditation sessions, sound yoga, and locally-made foods that will surely quench your thirst for adventure. You can also set off for a jungle adventure with your very own private jet.

Feel yourself getting lost in the Moroccan desert! 

Do you want to get lost in the Moroccan desert? After all the hectic life experiences, Marrakech is the perfect place for you. Expect some charming morning yoga, followed by high-adrenaline camel walks in the desert. 

Take your family with you. Let’s explore the Lago D’orta, Italy:

Many of the previous travel destinations were for adults only. So, if you want to bring your kids with you, consider Lago D’orta. Get to the Mandali Retreat center to learn and discover the ancient Shaman traditions for the whole week. Do not expect any non-veg meals here. Your understanding will be fully accompanied by melodious singing, yoga, and dance.

Spend your week with the integrative medicine expert in Mallorca, Spain:

At Mallorca, you will find your journey inspiring with seven life chakras. Here you will find it full of holy meditations, including breath walks, sound exercise, and many more. You can enroll yourself for a seven-day course here, after which you will find the more profound meaning with a new path, and you can change the direction of your life from all the negative energies.

Let’s explore Spain some more! Get to one of the best luxury wellbeing clinics in Spain. The SHA Wellness Clinic:

You’ll just be amazed by its natural appeal. SHA wellness clinic is right amid the Mountain, sea, and the Sierra Helada national park of Spain. With all the amenities it has to offer, the SHA wellness center should be on your destination list if you visit Spain.

Want to get some camping experience. Get set for Santa Elena, Costa Rica:

In Santa Elena, you can go to the deluxe camping sites, which include some fanciful white tents. You will feel like living in a fairy tale World in Santa Elena, with all the surrounding rainbow eucalyptus trees and the organic Mandala garden. Your wellness campaign at Santa Elena will be fulfilled with all the sweat ceremonies by experienced healers.

Want some rejuvenation? Set your foot on Montreux, Switzerland:

Back in Southeast Asia, Clinique the Prairie, Switzerland, is a flagship retreat center. With their fifteen globally accredited wellness programs, you will be fully embraced by their approach to wellness, supported by natural, scientific, and holistic solutions.

Wind up your journey with some luxury stay at a beachfront spa in Rosewood, Phuket, Thailand:

It would be the most magnificent stay of your entire journey. Imagine a day lying near the beach with some health spa. The healthy workshops are dedicated to the betterment of your life, rebalancing your energy before you head back home, and helping you to achieve your fitness goals for the year.

It will be the year-end as you finish your trips off with a blow. And just imagine how you spent the whole year with all those fitness classes, yoga, meditation. You will be a fully transformed human being, all ready to accept the new life challenges for 2023.

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