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Get the Splendid gift Ideas for Traveller

1. Travelogue

Travelogue is perfect for people who want to plan their trip for a lifetime. It has checklists and scratch maps to track where you have been and the places you have yet to see, making it the ideal gift for someone who appreciates sentimental gifts.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo

2. Five years of memories in a daily diary

There aren’t many people who blog or keep extensive diaries anymore, so this memory book is an ideal way to memorialize the best of your adventures compactly. With all five years of a particular date included on each page, you can relive forgotten moments from the past with no effort. 

3. Traveler’s Guide to the World: Lonely Planet The World

You can now say goodbye to that old-fashioned atlas, as there’s a brand-new book that shows us the world in detail, revealing everything you could want to know about places all over the world. With destination highlights and quirky facts about the most amazing spots, this is the traveler’s bible.

4. Listed in the book “1,000 Places to See Before You Die”

If you know someone who enjoys going on adventures, this insightful read makes the perfect gift. You can tick off the destinations on their bucket list that range from the bizarre to the magnificent.

5. Maps with Deluxe Scratching

No matter how you feel about them, scratch-off world maps always draw a crowd. However, a more elegant design also looks nice framed. It is a great way to track your travels, as well as pinpoint where to find more. 

6. On a Plane 747 Things To Do

It is inevitable that boredom sets in on a long flight. This book is the perfect travel companion, including brainteasers, puzzles, and other challenges to keep you entertained during your journey.

7. Portable Travel Journal

Whether it’s for you or a loved one, this journal is ideal for recording trips to far-off shores.

8. Creating a Passion Planner

Achieve everything you’ve ever wanted to do by using this planner to create a plan for the next three years. You get positive motivation from the quotes, there are personal and work sections to keep the work-life balance we all desire. It makes a wonderful gift for someone special with a busy schedule.

9. Introducing Wanderlust Paper

You won’t be able to resist these maps and passport stamp papers for scrapbooking. The designs are suitable for both kids and adults and will have you start crafting right away!

10. A collection of vintage maps and decorative stickers

The stickers express your sense of adventure while brightening up your arts and crafts projects.

11. Postcards from vintage travels

Vintage postcards with retro images of planes, iconic sites, and tourism posters are so beautiful you might not want to send them.

12. Stickers with vintage destinations

The vintage look of these world edition labels evokes images of vintage steamer trunks. Although not quite as practical as the four-wheeled spinners of today, these labels are an ideal gift for travellers with a nostalgic or vintage taste.

13. A set of luggage labels depicting the wings of the world

Retro and old-fashioned airline posters have depicted the glamour of travel throughout history. These design labels make the perfect gift for the well-travelled to make the luggage stand out from the rest.

14. The globe bar

With this bar globe, you cannot get much more retro, perfect for the gent in your life to keep his favourite libation in. Crafted in Italy according to the principles of 18th-century cartography, it makes a stunning centrepiece for any room.

15. A laundry bag for travelling by plane

Organize your laundry more effectively with this colourful drawstring bag, an ideal addition to the luggage while travelling.

16. An Album of Travel Photos

The leather photo album holds a lifetime of memories and can be embossed with maps of the world, or words that describe grand adventures. The photo album makes a perfect gift for the home, or to start recollecting memories for yourself. 

17. Containers and Boxes Themed with World Maps

Adding a storage tin to your collection of worldly treasures is never a bad idea, and this eye-catching tin is both charming and practical. From travel documents to tea bags, it can store endless items!

18. Coffee Cup Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

A mug to cherish for life, this insulated mug keeps warm your favourite coffee or tea and is a great gift for eco-conscious people, especially if it is made from bamboo or for every ten mugs sold, a tree is planted.

19. Sewing kit for travelling

A compact sewing kit is a great way to fix any clothing mishap. It makes a good stocking stuffer or token gift.

20. Lens Mug Constructed of Stainless Steel

Whether you’re a fan of novelty gifts or an avid photographer, you’ll appreciate this stainless steel lens mug.

21. Book-themed tote bag from Penguin Books

This bag makes a thoughtful gift idea for book lovers and comes in a choice of ‘book covers’ and colours.

22. Towels as well as beach towels by Dock & Bay

Microfiber towels are both versatile and essential for travel. Quick-drying, they are great for the bathroom and for lying on the beach because they do not hold sand in the fibres, eliminating the need to shake towels out.

23. Photo Wall Canvas

With this colorful mural, you can brighten up someone’s life, and they will be sure to enjoy it! A bright portrayal of the world, the paper is easy to apply and is available in a range of sizes, giving a real impact to any room!

24. World Map Pin Board

This gift is perfect for those in your life who are organized. Using a magnetic map with a wipe-clean surface, guests can plan, pinpoint, and organize their past, present, and future globetrotting. Also, available as a food lover, a city, or a children’s map.

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