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Everything To Know About Hampta Pass Trek

Do you love trekking? Have you been planning to go trekking for a long time? If trekking is one of your hobbies and an activity that is on your bucket list, you need to read this Hampta Pass Trek guide that will give you all the details about trekking in this scenic and breathtaking pass. When you’re trekking, it is always good to take the scenic route because if you’re not getting a good view after all the exhaustion and sweating, you won’t enjoy trekking. Manali is one of the places in India that is highly popular for trekking and as a lover of the activity, it is a place you should not miss out on. Depending on where you’re travelling to Manali from, you can either take the road or take a flight to reach the place. Many luxury buses will take you to Manali so you can opt for them if you want to travel conveniently and comfortably. 

Hampta Pass Trek 

Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass trek’s height is an estimate of 14,100 ft. It is located in the Pir Panjal range of Himalayas. It is characterized by swift-flowing rivers, snow-capped mountains, breathtaking glaciers, and more. While trekking in the pass, you will come across a wide variety of beautiful views which are perfect for your next social media post. Here are some important things you need to know about the Hampta Pass Trek. 

Starting a base camp

Your adventurous expedition to Manali will begin with the town leading to Balu Ka Ghera which is known to accommodate brown bears that come in the winter for hibernation. You can also get a scenic view of Dhauladhar ranges from this place. This is the place where you will be setting up the base camp for your trekking. You will be going to the Hampta through this range and reach Chandratal lake. While trekking, you witness an enchanting array of flowers, adventurous bridges, serene streams, and you will get to enjoy nature’s beauty at its best. 

Best Season for Trekking

Manali weather can be quite challenging to get used to. The weather may be cool throughout the year. You must always research the weather before you visit the place and check the best season to go for trekking in the Hampta pass. Visiting the place around June to September is recommended because the weather during this time of the year allows you to trek on the pass effectively. You can visit the place in other months too but the weather can be unpredictable due to which it is recommended to visit the Hampta pass during June to September. This is the time when you will get to enjoy the beautiful snow too. Between June and July, you get to witness snowfall and also enjoy some adventures in the snow. If you are not very fond of snow and want to enjoy the greenery while trekking instead, you can visit the place during the middle of July to October. 

Trekking Experience

While trekking, you can enjoy the beautiful and scenic view of the Hampta Pass and the Chandratal lake. The expedition will begin from Manali leading to Jobri by road and then to Chika. The trekking will take you to Balu Ka Ghera where you will set up your base camp. You will come across many picturesque views perfect for enhancing your Instagram posts. The Chandratal lake is sure to leave you mesmerised and feeling enchanted. 

When you are trekking across the Hampta pass, you will get a beautiful and serene view of the two valleys – Lahaul and Kullu valley. You will also be enthralled and charmed by the enchanting moon-shaped Chandratal lake. Camping near the lakeside will help you have one of the most peaceful moments of your life. You can enjoy the mesmerising sunset at Hanuman Tibba. 

The Hampta pass trek’s experience can range from moderate to difficult. The entire experience is highly enjoyable and therefore, it is for all ages. However, you need to ensure that you have fulfilled all the medical requirements. 

The Hampta Pass trek is a beautiful adventure every person must experience once in their lifetime. You need to ensure that you have all the medical requirements that permit you to take part in the activity and do not forget to take your medical aid kit along as well. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas and be enraptured in the experience of trekking, the Hampta Pass Trek is certainly an experience you shouldn’t miss out on.

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