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Bhrigu Lake trek – Everything you need to know

Himachal Pradesh, the land of mountains, and breathtaking beauty have always been one of the most popular choices for trekking. Every year adventure junkies visit Himachal to explore various adventure sports such as trekking, mountain climbing, paragliding, and much more. Every trek route has something different and beautiful to offer, so if you are looking for a Bhrigu Lake trek, then you’re at the right place. We have curated a detailed collection of everything you need to know about the Bhrigu Lake trek.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

It’s one of the best,  popular treks and has access to Manali.  The beautiful trek will take you through meadows and forests since it’s a trek for beginners, so anyone can enjoy and get the experience of Bhrigu Lake Trek.  The 14000 ft. Is the maximum altitude that you will climb so push your capabilities and try out one of the beautiful treks in Manali. 

General Bhrigu Lake trek Route – a four-day trek 

A four-day trek to Bhrigu lake can help you experience nature at its best: 

  • Day -1 The popular Bhrigu lake trek begins at Manali from your campsite. First, you need to register for the trek and drop all your luggage, bags at the campsite. Day-1 of the trek will only involve visiting local attraction sites such as waterfalls,  as you should not start your trek on the day of reaching Manali itself. Your organizer must have some activities organized for you to relax and prepare for the trek to begin. They will instruct you about essentials, dos and don’ts before, during, and after the trek. Listen carefully, relax your mind and get ready for actual adventure. 
  • Day – 2 Next day, either you can drive to the Base Village or Trek to Base camp. You can ask your organizer or representative, they will take you from camp to Base village if you want to trek, from here you will trek to the main campsite where tents are located. The trek is moderate and ascending so, it will take around 3 to 4 hours to reach the main camp where you are going to stay overnight. Here, you will witness breathtaking views of Solang Valley. You can organize some activities later at night for a few hours before you relax. Your Organizer might have planned something, or you can ask them and plan accordingly. 
  • Day – 3 The Bhrigu lake from camp is 11 km, the trek would take most of your day. You can prepare your lunch at the campsite and pack. As the trek would be long, make sure you start after having breakfast. It would take  3 to 4 hours to trek to reach Bhrigu lake. After reaching, you can enjoy the beautiful nature, play with your friends,  click the pictures, and enjoy the natural calm environment. After you take your time, you will trek back to the camp, which would take a similar 3 to 4 hours. Later you can enjoy a bonfire and celebrate with your group, making memories. 
  • Day- 4 Next morning you can start your trek back to Base village if you want you can explore the village or spend some time. If not, then from here take a drive back to Manali. 

Generally, the ideal way to enjoy and make the most of the Bhrigu lake trek is a four-day trek. However, people often in a hurry try to make it quick. 

What can you expect? 

Bhrigu Lake trek, like other Himalayan treks, is nothing short of natural beauty, once you reach the lake you can witness the breathtaking views and changing lake. If you visit during the monsoon, you will see flowers, grass floating around the lake. However, if you plan during winters, you can see the frozen and semi-frozen lake. Though during winters, the trek would be a little difficult due to weather and snow. If you love winters and adventures, it’s a great time for you to experience amazing beauty. 

What are the travel essentials you need? 

Trekking requires a few essentials for a safe and better experience, so these trekking essentials are useful for any trek, not only the Bhrigu trek. If you are trekking the first time, you need to understand the gravity of these trekking gears for safety purposes. Though your trek organizer will provide you information, here are some things you need: 

  • Wear proper trekking shoes that do not skid and use high ankle shoes. These trekking shoes are needed because they will help you against the rough surface of mountains, moreover, protect you from any blisters. Furthermore, make sure your trekking shoes are waterproof. 
  • If you are going to bring trekking equipment, a rucksack bag is a must-have that has a built-in rain cover. Pack your day bag along with a torch and batteries. 
  • During trekking, Skin often goes dry under Sun, so make sure you bring moisturizers and Sunblocks, before you start trekking apply moisturizers and Sunblock properly.
  • To stay hydrated, bring at least 1 LTR water bottle, but don’t take extra burden. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing for the trek, avoid any skin irritating or fabric other than cotton. It would be wise if you wear t-shirts for comfort. 
  • Bring glucose powder or chocolate bars, dry fruits, or toffee for instant energy during trekking.  Though food will be provided by the organizer according to your package, these are some emergency essentials that you might need. 
  • However, avoid unnecessary baggage, if you will not require that don’t bring it thinking you might need it. You can ask your instructor about it. 

How much does Bhrigu Lake Trek Cost? 

Bhrigu Lake Trek is not expensive, it might cost around 6000 to 7000 pn, etc. When you wer person. These trekking costs include your camp fee, food, accommodatioill book a trek with the Organizer, you will get a complete guide and package including all necessary details and things. If you want additional requirements, you can contact the organizer. Though, they have planned everything in packages, from accommodation to food to day-to-day activities. Compared to making treks, the Bhrigu Lake trek is not expensive, you can enjoy and experience trekking at fairly low prices. 

What is the best time to visit and trek Bhrigu Lake? 

You can visit if there’s no weather problem, but mountain weather sometimes can be uncertain. Therefore, the best time for trekking to Bhrigu lake is Mid-May to October, it’s a great time to enjoy a trek with fewer difficulties and witness the breathtaking beauty of the lake. 

So, are you ready to enjoy Bhrigu Lake Trek? First timer? Then, drop your worry as the Bhirgu trek is good for everyone from beginners to intermediate to experts, everyone can trek without the hassle and experience some of the best adventures.

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