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Rupin Pass Trek

In India, the Rupin Pass must be recognized as a legendary climb. This ride builds speed like an ensemble, with stunning delights every hour or so. With each stride, the stroll offers a fresh scene to behold and a fresh environment to discover.

The Rupin Pass Trek is a feast to drool for those who desire a thorough experience of every type of sightseeing in the Himalayas, be it hanging villages, dense forest, snow-capped peaks, hundreds of waterfalls, or glacial meadows.

Although the journey is enticing, it is a somewhat challenging trek that requires a decent degree of physical fitness as well as adequate lung and cardio power, so make sure you are well prepared before embarking on the Rupin Pass Trek.

Distance: Rupin Pass

The Rupin Pass Trek takes you deep into the Himalayas, to a height of 4610 meters. The Rupin Pass is one of the most interesting and picturesque trekking destinations in the world. Due to the trek’s length and the fact that the distance traveled each day of the trek is relatively long and follows a steep grade, this trek is considered challenging. The Rupin Pass Trek provides hikers with the satisfaction of completing it, as well as a life-changing event.

The optimum time to hike the Rupin Pass is in the summer, from May to June, or after the rainy season, from September to October. Even though the Rupin Pass Trek begins in Uttarakhand’s capital, it crosses into Himachal Pradesh halfway through and ends in Shimla. Dhaula is the trek’s starting point. The journey from Dehradun to the trailhead is spectacular in and of itself.

Takers of the walk will be rewarded with a spectacular panoramic view of the snow-covered Himalayas and wide fields blanketed in virgin white snow. The hike takes you into the forests of Rupin Pass, allowing you to see uncommon alpine flora and species.

Rupin Pass Trek Activities

Things to see and do on the Rupin Pass Trek: The Rupin Pass Trek is a breathtaking journey that is both dangerous and lovely. The following sights and sounds may be encountered while traveling to the Rupin Pass.

Waterfalls: At Rupin, you’ll see hundreds of cascades streaming down with a roar from mountainous regions; some of the waterfalls are so enormous that they appear to be dropping from the sky.

Dhaka Community, also known as the Hanging Village, is a well-established and uniquely situated village on the brink of a mountain range, giving it the appearance of hanging out from a cliff.

Snow Bridges: The walk includes multiple snow bridges, and seeing these connections entirely coated in snowfall amid the Himalayas is a spectacle to behold.

Woods of Fir, Rhododendron, and Oak: The trip passes through deep forests of Fir, Rhododendron, and Oak, with breathtaking views.

Kinnaur Temple: It is a two-story Kinnaur temple in Sewa that is quite interesting.

Kinner Kailash Views: The lofty Kailash Peak offers a stunning vista that will leave you enchanted by the Rupin Pass Trek’s magnificence.

Journey to the Future

The Rupin Pass Trek begins and ends at many locations. The Rupin Pass trip begins in Dhaula, Uttarakhand, 180 kilometers from the state capital, Dehradun. Dhaula has no direct transportation. You could catch a bus from Dehradun’s Parade Ground to Natwar. From here, take a local jeep to Dhaula. You’ll be traveling via Dehradun, Vikasnagar, Naugaon, Purola, Mori, Natwar, and Dhaula. The city of Dehradun is conveniently accessible by automobile, railway, and aircraft.

By Bus: There are no regular buses from Delhi to Sankri. You can board an overnight UPSRTC Volvo bus from Delhi ISBT to Dehradun from there. From Delhi to Dehradun, the journey is roughly 247 kilometers away. For an international air excursion, you could also book a cab from Delhi to Dehradun.

By Rail: The closest railway station to Dhaula is Dehradun, which is 187 kilometers distant. Dehradun Express, Mussoorie Convey, and Nanda Devi Express are among the trains that run between Delhi and Dehradun. Train reservations should be made at least a month prior.

By Air: The closest airport to Dhaula is Dehradun’s Jolly Grant airport, which is 213 kilometers away. Dehradun is accessible via air.

The first difficulty is deep snow

Dhanteras Thatch to Higher Cascade Trek Tent Dhanteras Thatch is a few of the Himalayan Himalayas’ most picturesque campgrounds. It is accompanied by many narrow waterfalls rushing from peak summits and the major Rupin cascade roaring from the snow-capped mountains beyond, and it is located at the foot of a valley’s depression.

Soon after you depart this encampment, you’ll face a difficult task. You reach the bottom of the Rupin waterfall, which is surrounded by snow patches, 1 kilometer into the hike. Depending on the density of the snow, snow equipment such as microspikes, gaiters, and ice-ax will be required for the ascent. The track can get slippery because the part is expected to be coated in slippery ice.

Climbing the near-vertical Rupin Pass is the second challenge: The Rupin Pass is reached by a gully

The gully’s structure also allows any loud sound to reverberate inside, causing the granular snowflakes on the slope to tilt and tumble. As a result, the trip leader tells the company to speak quietly so as not to obstruct the party’s progress. The ascent to the summit of the Rupin Pass gully requires around 30 to 40 minutes, but the time might fluctuate according to the pace of the hikers and the amount of snow on the trail.

Surreal sights of stone cairns stacked up with hundreds of prayer banners flowering in the context of the massive Dhauladhar hills await at the end of the long hike. In the north, the Kinner Kailash Mountain towers magnificently, while in the southeast, the Rupin Valley sprawls. Enjoy considerable time on the hilltop, taking in the everlasting majesty of the scene before you.

How to Select a Backpack

When it comes to trekking, a designer backpack can be quite costly. However, if you understand what to check for when buying one, this does not have to be the case. Pankaj, one of our founders, bought a non-branded packet for INR 1100 in 2010 and it still works perfectly for him. He gave many useful suggestions about what to search for when purchasing a hiking knapsack.

How to Pick the Best Hiking Shoes

Trekking trails are unsuitable for traditional sports shoes. Wide ankle shoes with a firm sole are recommended. Not only do these provide superior support, but they also lower the risk of injury while trekking. To avoid subjecting your toes to cold temperatures on a hike like Rupin Pass, where you’ll be straying through extensive snow sections, we propose donning water-resistant footwear. 

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