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Have a breathtaking experience at Dayara Bugyal Trek

Himalayan ranges have always been the highlight of India. It has some of the best treks one can relish into. Finding solitude in the lush green forests, snow-capped mountains and rugged landscapes are soothing and memorable to experience. Many might think that trekking to the Himalayas could be expensive but do not let any burn a hole in your pocket as we are here to have a thrilling encounter without costing a fortune. Get to know all about the Dayara Bugyal trek to have a galvanic encounter at snow-capped mountains. 

There are countless treks available in Uttarakhand but your Himalayan trekking is incomplete without Dayara Bugyal Trek. It is not a complex and difficult trek to do and it is small and easy. People can effortlessly do the trek by relishing in the exciting, charged, and elegant landscapes of the trek. The most significant part of the trek is that the journey needs to be beautiful and eye-catching so that you have a mesmerising view on the way to the destination. The trekking route is covered with the Alpine meadows and lush green highlands. You will have a breathtaking view of the beautiful valley covered with snow-capped mountains from all sides. 

Type of trek

The difficulty level is easy to moderate with a temperature of -4 degrees at the minimum and 25 degrees at the maximum temperature. Compared to the nights, days are warmer. The duration of the trek will be around five to six days.

It is about 3,408 metres above sea level and is considered one of the most appealing treks of Haridwar.

Cost of the trip

The trek to Dayara Bugyal is not very expensive, at a minimum it will cost approximately eight thousand rupees per person. People who are adventurous freaks would love to trek at the elevation of twelve thousand feet. 

Best time to visit ( weather)

The most crucial thing before planning your trip to Dayara Bugyal is to make sure to visit the place from May to mid-October. Other than these months you can also visit from December to February.  In January you can find the mountains covered with snow where the maximum and the minimum temperature in January is around -5 and -5 respectively. There are pretty good chances of snowfall in February. 

How to reach Dayara Bugyal Trek? 

The nearest airport for the Dayara Bugyal Trek is Jolly Grant Airport. If you are travelling through the railway station then it will be nearest to Dehradun and Haridwar. 

The landscape of the trek

Did you always want to see the meadows where the shepherds will be handling the herds of lambs? You will get to see this lush green picturesque scene that you have always read in the books through the journey of the trek. You will find the beautiful maple trees symbolising strength and endurance. The fragrant forest getting the sunkissed filtering the sunlights to the trees. All of it makes the place pacifying and comforting. 

Explorers described the Dayara Bugyal as they observed the glades precisely as the shepherds portrayed – just, more wonderful. The numerous paths that they investigated prompted the paths that ended up being considerably seriously fulfilling. With amazing mountain perspectives and clear water bodies thrown across the knolls, this ended up being one of the most delightful journeys.

The meadows are rich in summer

Come April, the snow begins softening away from the glades of Dayara, clearing a path for new, delicate grass. Journeying across the green knolls as the sun sparkles is probably the best experience you’ll have while travelling.

Bloom decked glades

This lavishness endures all through April and May. Towards the finish of May, the knolls are loaded up with blossoms. This flowerbed is a delight to travel in as far as possible till the finish of June.

Magnificent mountain sees

A great many people partner Dayara Bugyal with Bandarpoonch. Yet, that is only one of the enormous mountains that you see on this journey. As you show up at Raithal, the headquarters, you see John Lee and Draupadi ka Danda hanging the orange beams of the sunset. Additionally apparent are Shrikhand Mahadev and the Gangotri tops somewhere out there.

When you cross Gui, you begin considering mountains on the opposite side to be well. At last, when you are Dayara Bugyal, you get a total 180-degree perspective on mountains beginning from Bandarpoonch and Kalanag on the left stretching out the entire way to Draupadi ka Danda on the right.

Essential things to carry while Dayara Bugyal trek

It is significant to have a government photo identity card. The identity card is one of the most essential documents to carry wherever you travel. It could be anything like an Aadhar card, driving licence, or passport issued by the government. 

If you are planning all your trek and forget to carry the government id, you will not be allowed to trek by the forest department. 

Also, make sure to keep your documents safely in a plastic cover as there are high chances of snowfall or rainfall.

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