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Rani Sui Lake Trek: Enjoy the best of nature and leisure time all together

Taking time for yourself and emerging in the beauty of nature is what keeps you happy. Peace in travel is something that cannot be explained until experienced. This is why if you are passionate about traveling, Trek to Rani Sui Lake will come out as the best option to look for.

Trek to Rani Sui Lake

Placed in the beauty of nature, this lake is located in Manali town. It is even known as saurkundi lake which is located right above the hilltop which is 3790 m away. The view of this lake takes up all the attractions together. It has another name to it as well which is known as flower valley. This lake remains covered with beautiful flower which will uplift the aura of the place, and it will create a perfect scene like never before. 

Best time to visit

It is suggested that if by any case you are planning to visit this lake, then May to September will turn out as the best time. Rani Sui lake tends to get snowbound for the rest of seven months. This is why if in any case, you want to enjoy nature and bring the beauty together, then make sure to look for the wise time and month that can give the pleasing surroundings. In December month, there is a great amount of snow on which a person can walk if they wish to. Being located in southwest Manali, this place experiences maximum snowfall. The lake is around 7 km away from the Manali district. It forms up the amazing stone bridge that was built by the Pandavas at the time of Mahabharata. 

Rani Sui Lake covers around half of the route of Manali and one would need to consider the right way so that they can reach the lake faster than they can think. The time that would be covered during the trek is around 3 to 7 days right from Manali. It is located in the higher altitude Kullu valley which is close to the Manaslu glacier.


In summer- the temperature is light enough to go from 0 to 20 degrees. But when it is about winter the temperature might go below -10 degrees. But on the other side, we can see that the average temperature is around 13 degrees. If we talk about day or night when it is night the temperature decreases to -9 but when it is about daytime the maximum reaches 12 degrees.

Difficulty stages

The Rani Sui Lake trek which is right close to Manali is very cold. But on the other side if we are choosing the right time and month it can come out as a moderate trek for people. All you need to have is the fitness right at the basic level which will help in maintaining good health when you are trekking. One must know that going through the fitness trek is important for us only as it gives the idea of whether we are perfect to get on this trek or not.

What is this region famous for?

Being placed in the higher region, this place is quite famous for its higher altitude lakes that give it the best feel. All the ones who are visiting here for the first time should know that if you are the one who is in love with natural beauty, then going ahead with rani Suii lake is perfect for you. Bara bhangal and kalihani pass are the two places through which you have to go and enjoy the lake. It is quite a beautiful place in Manali that is going to leave you spellbound. The elevation of this lake is 11,154 ft as it is located at such a great height, it is therefore different and unique from other lakes. There are a number of pretty treks that might pass, but this trek leaves a perfect image of natural beauty all the time. 

How the trek goes?

  1. The trek takes up the start from manali and the first destination that falls the way is lamadugh. It is the high altitude plateau that helps in giving a look at the beauty of nature together.
  2. The route will come across many snow coated peaks like the bara sigri, deo tibba and much more.
  3. The way from lamadugh to the rani Sui lake is very steep, but even offers up with the manalsu view of the entire glacier range that will keep you spell bound.
  4. You can look at the amazing beauty of nature with the alpine tree as they make the place more beautiful than it can look.

What is the way in which we can reach Basecamp?

Reaching base camp is reaching Manali. There are different ways that can be chosen by you so that you can reach the place in much small-time.

  1. By air: One of the shortest ways if you want to opt for it is by air. Manali airport or bhuntar airport is quite close. There is a distance of around 52 km right from manali and around 11 km straight from kullu. There are certainly very few airlines that add up in operating from Delhi to kullu. As the flights are less or limited you need to look at your availability accordingly. But the cost of the flight is high so make the choice accordingly.
  2. By Train: The train called jogindernagar is the closest station to manali. There is a distance of around 50 km, but the distance is much beautiful than
  3.  it appears. There are many cities in Manali to give it a cross through the railway gauge. You can just take the train from Chandigarh or the Ambala cantt railway for manali.
  4. By road: One of the best ways of doing the adventure to this lake is by choosing the road trip. Although the place might take some of the time , it will give you the amazing trip experience then you have ever thought. Reaching Delhi to Manali or any of your places required a great time. All you can do is simply decide the wide range of the buses that are run by the government or private. HRTC buses along with HPTDC buses run which can be taken by you. These buses are comfortable to have a drive through. The entire journey takes around 540 km and one needs to take around the entire night so that they can cover the entire distance. Around 12 to 14 hours are taken by the road if one wants to reach manali.

Consider some of the below-mentioned things that are needed to be followed when you are going for the rani Sui lake trek:

  1. One of the most important things to consider is fitness. Do make sure that you end up going through the complete health check.
  2. Do some simple practice from your send as well. Try to take around 1000 stairs for around 5 days so that you can check your capacity.
  3. You can even look for travel insurance if required.
  4. Keep your family aware about the trek that you are taking. It is because there might not be any of the signal and if in any case they need to connect for emergency, the Basecamp has some of the connectivity route that could be considered so do tell your family and friends.
  5. Do make sure that you do not make up things in a hurry. Try and make sure to look up for some of the good times in which you can even gather information about the place where you are going online.
  6. So, in the beginning if you are taking up the trek or the hiking then you must follow the instructions that are given by the teacher. It is for this reason that they are the ones having all the information and knowledge about ways in which the trek can be completed perfectly.
  7. Make sure that you leave up your stubborn nature out of the box. Do make sure that you follow the instructions as it might be a risk to life if it is not followed carefully.
  8. At times the latitude might make you sick. If that is the case get in touch with the instructor and inform about the medical condition you are going through.
  9. In case you are taking the mobile with you then try to preserve the battery because when we reach at the height the battery gets to be used on its own. Which is why it is suggested to use less battery if possible.


It is important for us to know that Rani Sui lake trek will come as the best place we can ever visit, but at the same time understanding the condition is a must. Try and choose the place time and day accordingly by checking the weather condition carefully. It will work wonders when you are thinking of having leisure time for yourself.

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