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10 best Road Trips in Asia

Have you ever thought of just getting into your car and going on a road trip with your loved ones? Road trips are one of the best ways to get away from the hustle of life and just experience different cultures and nature closely. Road trips are very convenient for a person as you just have to pack your bags, load them on a bike or in the boot of the car and just leave for your destination. Asia is one of the most convenient places to go on a road trip. This continent has all kinds of natural experiences that a person might want to have on a road trip. Countries like India, Singapore, China, Pakistan, etc have the best natural experiences to provide to a person and thus road trips in such countries can be great. If you want to explore the ice-capped mountains, then Russia, the Philippines, Japan, etc have the best experiences. But since it is a large continent, a person cannot cover all of it via road and thus we have prepared the list of best road trips you can go for in Asia. These trips are chosen after considering the ease of transport, the experiences, and the scenery that the person gets to experience in these road trips. So here are the top ten road trips you can go for in Asia:

Leh-Manali Highway, India

The Himalayas are one of the best road adventures that you can get in all of Asia. The Himalayas have it all, snow-capped mountains to lush green valleys. Thus the road trip between the districts of Manali and Leh is the experience of a lifetime. While passing through this highway, you will be able to explore various valleys like the Rohtang Valley. The passes covered in the snow make the experience even better as the wandered gets to have thrill along with appealing scenery. The highway has lush green valleys from Manali to Kasol and then the passes start to have snow all over them. The Highway has been constructed well and you will not have any problem going from Manali to Leh. The highway also passes through many Buddhist pilgrimages. So, if you are a fan of the mountains, then this road trip is a must for you.

The Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

It is one of the highest paved roads in the whole world and it is a connecting link between China and Pakistan. According to some of the wanderers of this road, it is one of the best experiences in the whole world. Accompanied by many glaciers and lakes on the way, this road is considered as a friendship link between the two countries and also has significant importance from the two. The road is beautifully constructed and it is good even for cyclists as they can cycle for miles and not get tired because of the beauty of the nature around the road. It is thus a great adventure to be on while passing through this highly elevated road.

Ilju Road, South Korea

Located on the island of Jeju, Ilju road will show you why road trips are indeed the best form of adventure and a great escape from the real world. The island has a volcanic presence and the natural beauty it has is a result of the catastrophe of the volcano. If you take the trip on this road, you will know why it is one of the most chosen road trips on the largest continent of the world. On one side is the sea roaring over the shore with waves crashing down while on the other side is the naturally captivating beauty of the volcano island with the persona of flowers and amazing wildlife. This island is also famous for its resort life and thus people take up this road trip to stay in the beautiful resorts here.

The Patapat Viaduct, Philippines

The large network of islands that the Philippines have is one of the fastest-growing tourist networks in the whole world. If you want to go on a road trip with almost all natural experiences to cover, then The Patapat Viaduct is one of the best options you have. Starting from Manila or Clark, you can head to the surfers’ paradise of Pagudpud using the Patapat Viaduct. The road has lush green mountains and leads to the white sand beaches of the country. It is one of the most beautiful experiences there is for a person on a road trip. The Pasaleng Bay offers unparalleled persona to the wanderer and you can hire a local guide to get the best out of this road trip.

Rueigang Road, Taiwan

If you are in Taiwan during the summer solstice then it is best to take the road trip on Rueigang Road to experience the sundial-like structures at the end of a road trip that was an experience of a lifetime. You can begin the trip from Rueisuei and start the experience from a white water rafting destination. The road offers an amazing view of the emerald hills and you also get to pass the Siouguluan River which is an experience to die for. This 14-mile drive will offer you some of the best experiences in the whole world.

The Bintulu-Miri Coastal Highway, Malaysia

This coastal highway in the country is a complete gift of the locals to the tourists and themselves. They have built stilt houses around it that are beautiful to watch and pass by. The Tamu Muhibbah Market of Miri, at the end of the trip, is one of the largest fresh crop markets in the country. This road trip through the dense rainforest will provide you with a great experience but the road condition is not so great. So if you are willing to go on a 143 miles road trip full of amazing experiences, then you should take a lot of time in hand to experience it all.

The Nha Trang-Quy Nhon, Vietnam

As difficult it is to say the name of this trip, the actual trip is the opposite to it. The trip is surrounded by mountains on the three sides while the fourth side is covered by the magnificent bay of the country. The best time to take up this trip is during the famous Nha Trang Sea Festival. This road trip has amazing scenery and you get to be in the closest proximity of nature. It is thus a great coastal road experience for the people who take up this trip.

The Hokaido Scenic Byway, Japan

If you are a fan of Europe because of the vibrant Lavender fields that it has, then you must also experience the Hokaido Byway in Japan. This road will provide you with the experience of watching stretches of lavender fields and also have the shore roaring on one side. The trip ends with one of the best hot spring destinations in the world and if you want a trip that will help your body and mind get free from all kinds of stress, then it is the trip you should go on.

The Phuket Northeast Loop, Thailand

If you want to experience this island country then after sunning yourself on the beach, get in the car and start the road trip to the east of the country. The trip starts from breathtaking monuments and ends with the experience of shrimp farms, fishing villages, and the dramatic view of the bay. This road trip is one of the most satisfying trips in the whole world.

The Tibetan Highland, China

This is nearly a two-week trip for people who are a fan of experiencing various landscapes. Apart from being one of the highest paved road trips, this trip is famous for all kinds of scenic beauty that it provides. Starting from Kunming, the road trip ends at Lhasa, and on the way, you will be able to experience a vast diversity of landscapes. You can enjoy the glacial lakeside, have traditional tea and also get to experience the monk lifestyle on the way.


These are some of the best road trips you can take yourself up for in the whole world. These road trips are filled with a majority of the landscapes that are possible in the world. Many have taken these trips and have said it is one of the best trips in the world. So, if you are a fan of nature and want an escape from the stress of the world, then these trips will be your adrenaline and provide you with an amazing experience.

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