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10 best restaurants in Hyderabad

You have a buddy visiting Hyderabad, and you want to show them around the city’s greatest restaurants. Hyderabad has a lot to offer, from biryani to artisanal beer. Check out our sorted list of some of Hyderabad’s best eateries. Some of them are fantastic for grilling appetizers, biriyani, and hot veggie pulao, and their flavor is out of this world.

Barbecue Nation

Barbeque Nation in Hyderabad’s Jubilee Hills is one of the country’s most popular barbeque restaurants. They were the first to utilize a grill or barbeque on a table. A lunch at Barbeque Nation is usually a pomp and gaiety affair, with plenty of live counters for unusual meat, kulfi, and special ones put up for festivals. 

One of the top buffet restaurants in the country, with delicacies such as Mushroom, Paneer, Patty, Assorted Exotic Grill Veg, Cajun Potato, Crispy Corn, Mutton Seekh Kebab, and Tangdi Kabab.

Chaitanya Food Court 

It’s a casual eating establishment that offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience because of its excellent service and food. The traditional North Indian, Chinese, and Andhra cuisines ensure a delightful journey. 

It is a must-visit location for folks of all ages due to the wonderful environment and reasonable food. Sujana Mall is the closest landmark to Chaitanya Food Court, which is located in Kukatpally. Matka Kodi Pulao, Pomfret Fish Fry, Avakaya Biryani, Masala Paneer, Kaju Chicken, and Sweet Pan are some of the restaurant’s must-try dishes.

A Perfect Combination Of Cuisines is Punjab Grill

Punjab Grills is one of the top eating venues in Hyderabad for a large buffet, with a wonderful blend of North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. Because the venue is frequently packed, it is a good idea to reserve your spot. It’s a terrific spot for friends and families to gather and bond over cuisines like chicken biryani, butter chicken, and other delectable dishes. 

You can get a discount on your favorite foods if you book a table during happy hour. It is located in Jubilee Hills and serves north Indian and Mughlai cuisine. Must-try dishes are Chicken Dum Biryani and Butter Chicken.


In Hyderabad, this is one of the greatest locations to go for a vegetarian buffet. The weekend buffet drew a large crowd, and it will be a treat to sample a wide range of delicacies. There is something for everyone, and the buffet is definitely worth the money. 

You’ll find some delectable appetizers, salads, desserts, and, of course, the main meal. For everyone who likes great vegetarian cuisine, this is a must-try. They serve Indian and Asian cuisines, as well as special diets like vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free alternatives.

Marriott Hyderabad Jonathan’s

Jonathan’s multi-cuisine kitchen is located in the Marriott Fairfield Hyderabad. If you’re a steak fan, gather your buddies and head over to Jonathan’s to sample the five various cuts on the menu. The ‘Sunday Brunch’ at Jonathan’s Kitchen is a classy yet reasonably priced celebration with live music, limitless alcohol, and superb food. If you enjoy seafood, the Chili Soft Shell Crab is a must-try.

Every year, Jonathan’s Kitchen likes to reinvent itself. However, one thing that never changes is the incredible cuisine. The menu manages to strike a balance between the responsibility of being the hotel’s only restaurant and the desire to push boundaries. A delicious ‘Pistachio and Almond coated Baked Brie’ with Chili Walnut relish and a zesty Tuna Tartare are among this year’s highlights.

Olive Bistro is a restaurant that specializes in Mediterranean cuisine

Olive Bistro & Bar is credited with being the first freestanding restaurant. Olive and its brands have established a perfect blend of food, lifestyle, warmth, culture, and camaraderie throughout Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad over the past 14 years.

Olive Bistro in Hyderabad is reminiscent of a sun-washed Greek island, offering a trendy, casual, and affordable experience in a beautiful setting overlooking what the locals call ‘The Secret Lake.’ With its rough white walls and flowered alleyways of cobblestone, Olive Bistro in Hyderabad offers a trendy, casual, and affordable experience in a beautiful setting overlooking what the locals call ‘The Secret Lake.’ 

Kiwi apple delight, Bbq chicken sandwich, pig ribs, sangria, calamari, and ravioli are some of their most popular dishes. This location is also known for Romantic Candlelight Dinner, Wonderful View, Best View, Romantic Place, Awesome View, and Pretty Location.

Cafe Bahar – Indulge in the true flavors of Hyderabad

The restaurant’s signature dishes include haleem, mutton biryani, Hyderabadi dum biryani, vegetable biryani, and butter chicken. The service is swift, and the outstanding and legendary biryani served here makes it one of Hyderabad’s best eateries. The best aspect is that the restaurant is reasonably priced; two individuals may eat for around INR 600. 

If you’re looking for the top restaurants in Hyderabad to sample real biryani, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for a place to eat with your family, try Cafe Bahar, which is one of Hyderabad’s most popular eateries. It serves Biryani, North Indian, and Chinese cuisine and is located in Basheer Bagh. Hyderabadi Biryani and Chicken Biryani are two of their must-try dishes.


Yi Jing has a magnificent outlook and a sophisticated, warm, and cozy atmosphere. Excellent place to eat with family, friends, or for a business lunch or dinner. The staff is constantly available but remains unobtrusive. Finally, there’s the food: each dish is delectable, and it’s delivered with style. 

The kitchen and its cooks know what they’re doing and are very genuine. Will compel one to come frequently, as we intend to do, to sample many more of the menu’s offerings. Their cuisines include Chinese and Asian, with vegetarian diets available. There are also vegan and gluten-free choices.

Taj Krishna has an encounter

The Taj Krishna’s all-day eating restaurant in Hyderabad’s lobby is open 24 hours a day and is a popular breakfast, lunch, and dinner destination in the posh Banjara Hills neighborhood. The buffets here are extensive, including dishes from both Indian and continental cuisines. Both buffet and a-la-carte breakfast options are available. The lunch and supper buffets feature a variety of live counters, including a pizza counter that offers delicious pizzas.

Exotica, a coconut-based sauce served over rice, is fantastic. This is a dish from the Taj Exotica’s Autograph Collection in the Maldives. Go for the New York Cheesecake with Wild Berry Compote for dessert. You will not be let down. As part of their lunch and supper buffets, they include a large ‘Salad Bar’ with several scrumptious options.

Sadda Dhaba Angeethi

Angeethi Sadda Dhaba is a Banjara Hills-based casual dining restaurant that specializes in North Indian and Mughlai cuisine, which is recognized for its spicy indulgence and rich aroma. The menu caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences, and authentic North Indian curry meals are served. The ambiance, like the food, is real, with a Dhaba-style appearance and Bollywood pictures on the walls.

The menu offers a wide range of alternatives, and the extensive buffet spread is ideal for large groups. This informal eating establishment is a great spot to spend quality time with family and friends while dining on delectable Indian cuisine.


Here are the greatest eateries in Hyderabad that can transform anyone into a foodie, from costly meals to affordable eats, from classic cafés to trendy bakeries, from barbecues to biryanis. Everyone in Hyderabad is in for a treat, from grill enthusiasts to those with a strong sweet tooth.

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