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Enjoy visiting these best 6 places in the smart city of Kakinada

Explore these 6 amazing places in the mind-blowing city of Kakinada

Kakinada-one of the “smart cities” of Andhra Pradesh

The city which is famous for the production of sweet called as Khaja is also known as the home for the snack named Bhajji. The beautiful city lies to the Bay of Bengal’s coast and is created to be a smart city under the Smart City Mission of Andhra Pradesh. As the city is the main centre of attraction for Tollywood, there are many shooting spots here and also many famous celebrities reside in this city. Talking about tourists’ attractions the city is not only famous for its rich and savoury food but also the tropical Savanna climate with some of the mind-blowing yet relaxing tourists’ spots are here to be found in Kakinada.

  1. Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary– The sanctuary is a part of Godavari estuary and is considered to be the 2nd largest stretch of mangrove trees in India. Tourists often visit this place because of different bird species found here. There are more than 120 bird species and 24 mangrove tree species along with half of the area being covered with backwater. If you want to enjoy nature then this place is the right stop to make.
  2. Hope Island– The tadpole shaped island is very much famous because of its sandy beaches and was actually formed in 15th century. The Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary is adjacent to this island and this is the perfect place for relaxation, enjoying beach and for sight-seeing. You will have to take a boat from Kakinada harbour to reach here.
  3. Konaseema– Also nicknamed as God’s own creation the set of islands here are surrounded by the tributaries of Godavari river. If you enjoy the Kerala backwaters then this is surely a right place for you as it replicates the Kerala backwaters a lot. The region is famous for coconut trees and boating. 
  4. Kakinada beach– Being one of the famous tourist’s hotspots in Andhra Pradesh the beach is famous for the food courts here. Also, the beaches here are not fully exploded with tourists and hence it is again a perfect place for relaxation. The beach is also famous for Kakinada beach festival that happens yearly once and the glass bridge. The bridge is India’s first glass bridge and you can see water flowing below it.
  5. Archaeology and museum department– If you ever wish to know some details of Andhra Pradesh’s history then you can visit this museum. Several manuscripts about several kingdoms, ancient coins of these kingdoms along with antiquities, sculptures and historical arms are present here.
  6. Shri Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple– The temple is dedicated for Lord Vishnu in the form of Lord Bhavanarayan and as per some people several sages like Agastya and Vyasa have visited this place. The remarkable architecture of the temple along with huge walls is very magnificent. Many tourists visit the temple every year and it also has a beautiful Kalayan Mandapam (Marriage hall) to its north side. There are also two lakes named Muktikaasaram and Narada Kundam near the Shri Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple.

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