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Make your trip more fun by visiting these 6 places in Nellore

Top 6 places which is a must to visit in the pilgrimage site of Nellore

Nellore- Beautiful city on banks of Penna River

Nellore is the famous hotspot from tourist’s attraction especially many pilgrims visit this place as the city is rich in some of the very renowned temples. The city back in history was ruled under some of the big dynasties and thus the ancient history of the city itself makes it very special. Known for its Venkata Giri poleramma Jathara festival and Malai Khaja sweet the city is often visited by many tourists even some from the foreign countries.

  1. Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary– Covering an area of 458.92 hectares it is renowned for spot-billed pelicans. You will find here around 189 bird species and among them 50 species are migratory. If you visit the area during migratory season you will find around 1500 different species of pelicans here and is a perfect place for a bird watcher.
  2. The Sri Ranganthaswami Temple: Dedicated for Lord Raganatha the temple is one of the oldest temples in Nellore and was constructed in 12th century. The Gaaligopuram that is the tower of the temple also known as wind tower stands 70 feet tall. The tower is said to have10 feet of gold-plated vessels at its top which is known as Kalashams. The temple attracts many devotees every year because of its rich religious significance.
  3. Mypadu Beach: Tourists may find many resorts nearby this beach and the beach is also famous for several water sports and food stall near it. Surrounded by greenery and clear water, the soft sand and atmosphere is perfect for sunbath and this place is also a perfect sunrise point.
  4. Venkatagiri fort– It is 75 kms away from the main city but the long drive is worth watching this majestic fort. It was constructed on 17th century and was once home for the royalties. The tall pillars, lengthy halls and surroundings filled with greenery is indeed beautiful and near this fort tourists can visit famous Poleramma temple.
  5. Penchalakona: The place is visited by many pilgrims especially during the celebration of Vaisakha. The very famous Penusila Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple is located in the Penchalakona Valley and the temple is built on a place where Lord Venketeswara had placed his feet and thus at the religious point of view this temple is highly visited by tourists.
  6. Ramalingeswara Temple: The temple is also known as Ramathirdham and is located only 30 km away from Nellore city. Tourists will find deities of Lord Shiva and Goddess Kamakshamma, Lord Vigneswara and Subhramanya in the temple and many pilgrims believe that the temple is a must to visit at least once in a life time.

These were all the important and most visited tourist spots in Kurnool, Kakinada and Nellore and also one of the highest liked tourists attracting places in Andhra Pradesh. Filled with cultural richness and ancient architectures and structures Andhra Pradesh is itself filled with natural beauty that shouldn’t be missed.

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