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9 Best Things to Do in Maui for an Unforgettable Hawaiian Vacation with Kids

You’ve booked a dream vacation to the Hawaiian island of Maui with your family. The kids are beyond excited to swim in the ocean, build sandcastles, and explore an exotic new place. But you want to make sure you plan activities that will engage them while allowing you to relax and enjoy your time in paradise too. With some research and planning, you can find the best things to do in Maui with kids.

9 Best Things to Do in Maui With Kids This Weekend

1. Immerse in Underwater Life at the Maui Ocean Center

Best Things to Do in Maui

Start your trip off right with a visit to the Maui Ocean Center. This aquarium has over 60 exhibits featuring Hawaii’s incredible marine life. Check out the 750,000-gallon Open Ocean exhibit to see sharks, rays, and massive fish swimming together.

The kids will love the touch pools where they can interact with sea stars, urchins, and coral. The Turtle Lagoon is another favorite attraction where you can observe honu (green sea turtles) swimming gracefully. Make sure to catch one of the informative presentations by marine naturalists throughout the day too.

2. Hike Nature Trails and Swim in ‘Īao Valley State Park

‘Īao Valley State Park

After communing with the underwater world, enjoy some time outdoors at ‘Īao Valley State Park. This lush park is home to the iconic ‘Īao Needle, a 1200-foot tall volcanic remnant rising from the valley floor. Your family can take a short hike along paved trails to scenic overlooks.

Cool off by splashing in the swimming holes fed by streams cascading down from the dense jungle.

The park also contains interesting historical sites like the ‘Īao Valley Battlefields to ignite the kids’ imaginations.

3. Experience Hawaiian Culture at a Lively Luau

Hawaiian Culture at a Lively Luau

No visit to Hawaii is complete without appreciating its vibrant culture. Attend a luau for a lively showcase of traditional dances like the hula. Enjoy a Hawaiian feast while taking in energetic performances by talented musicians and dancers in colorful costumes. The Old Lahaina Luau on Maui provides an authentic experience in a tropical oceanfront setting. The kids can learn to sway their hips to island rhythms and even get called on stage to participate.

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4. Zip Over Treetops on a Zipline Adventure

Zipline Adventure

If you are looking for the best things to do in Maui with kids, then take this Zipline Adventure. For a unique outdoor adventure, soar over the valleys and rainforests of West Maui on a zipline tour. Flyin’ Hawaiian Zipline offers courses with lines up to 2,800 feet long and speeds up to 65 miles per hour. Your family will get breathtaking views of the coastline as you glide between mountaintops. Some courses even incorporate swinging bridges and rappelling. With age and weight requirements starting at 5 years and 50 pounds, it’s a thrill the whole family can enjoy together.

5. Snorkel with Sea Turtles and Fish on a Boat Tour

Snorkel with Sea Turtles

One of the exciting Best things to do in Maui is a Boat tour. Get an up-close look at Maui’s famous marine life on a snorkeling trip. Many kid-friendly operators like Maui Adventure Cruises have specially designed boats with windows below deck so little ones can still see fish and turtles if they’re not keen to snorkel. They provide all gear, snacks, and lessons for first-timers. Marvel at sea turtles swimming by and brilliant tropical fish darting through coral reefs. Guides identify cool creatures like eagle rays and octopus. Your kids will be begging to go snorkeling every day!

6. Learn to Surf with Help from the Pros

Looking for fun and free best things to do in Maui, then surfing is the best idea. While lounging at the beach, entertain the kids with a surf lesson from the pros at Goofy Foot Surf School. Patient instructors teach children as young as 5 the basics on land before accompanying them into the water. They’ll learn to pop up on the board and ride the waves. Lessons are kept small with plenty of instructors to ensure safety and fun. Seeing those excited smiles after the kids successfully stand up for the first time makes for priceless family memories.

7. Zoom Around the Coast on Thrilling Go-Karts

To satisfy your little speed demons, treat them to the thrills of go-kart racing at Maui Kart Tours. Their specially designed go-karts allow kids as young as 5 to drive their kart on scenic tracks with panoramic coastal views. Safety is paramount with state-of-the-art equipment and professional supervision. You can join them on a tandem kart or compete for family bragging rights on the racetrack. Burn rubber as you zoom in and explore together!

8. Relax and Build Sandcastles on Idyllic Beaches

 Build Sandcastles

After action-packed days exploring Maui, spend a laidback afternoon building sandcastles at one of the island’s many gorgeous beaches. Digging in the sand and frolicking in the waves never gets old. Pack a picnic, pile on the sunscreen, and unwind on golden crescents like D.T. Fleming Beach where the kids can splash safely in calm, shallow waters. Let them bury Dad in the sand while you read under swaying palms.

9. Indulge in Flavorful Shave Ice Treats

Hawaii's iconic frozen treat

Last but not least, one of the exciting things to do in Maui on this list is enjoying Ice Treats. Reward your adventure troop with shave ice, Hawaii’s iconic frozen treat. Local favorite Ululani’s Shave Ice serves up flavorful soft flakes in every color of the rainbow with unique tropical ingredients like lychee, passionfruit, and coconut. Watch their eyes light up sampling new combinations until their faces are blissfully stained with color. Then join them racing barefoot on the beach as the sun dips into the sea, concluding another beautiful day in paradise.

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