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7 Amazing Resorts in Wayanad for a Perfect Stay

Imagine waking up to the gentle caress of misty mountains, the fragrant aroma of coffee plantations, and the soothing melodies of nature. Welcome to Wayanad, a hidden gem nestled in the lush landscapes of Kerala, where tranquility meets luxury. Brace yourselves as I unveil the top 7 resorts in Wayanad that will leave you spellbound, each offering a unique and unforgettable experience

1. Sterling Wayanad

Sterling Wayanad

Sterling Wayanad is located near a wildlife sanctuary. This makes its location very calm and surrounded by lots of green trees and plants. You will find it a peaceful place to relax and unwind. People who have stayed there really like the big and clean rooms, though some have mentioned a few issues with maintenance. The resort has many fun activities and well-maintained facilities for you to enjoy. All these things create a lively yet homely and comfortable atmosphere that guests appreciate. It is one of the best resorts in wayanad.

2. LakeRose Wayanad Resort

LakeRose Wayanad Resort

LakeRose Wayanad Resort is located in a great spot with beautiful views of a lake. You will be amazed by the calm and cultural feel of this place. The resort has an infinity pool and shows traditional performances, which creates a very pleasant environment that visitors really appreciate. The staff is attentive and provides excellent service, which many travelers have praised highly. You will feel the harmony and peacefulness during your stay here. it is one of the best resorts in wayanad.

3. Arayal Luxury Resort

Arayal Luxury Resort

Arayal Luxury Resort is located in an area with breathtakingly beautiful scenery all around. As many guests have noticed, it feels like a calm and peaceful retreat because of the serene atmosphere and charming natural beauty. The rooms are very spacious and spotlessly clean, with different but consistently amazing views that people frequently praise.

While some guests think the food is quite expensive, they often feel the overall value is worth the cost. This includes the attentive service from staff and the many amenities like the infinity pool. People also greatly appreciate how clean the resort is and how committed they are to making guests comfortable. All these things make it an alluring and picturesque place to get away.

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4. Vythiri Resort

Vythiri Resort

Vythiri Resort is one of the best Wayanad resorts located in a peaceful and beautiful setting. The natural amenities like the calm streams and pools will enchant you. The spacious rooms will help you feel deeply connected to nature, though sometimes there are maintenance issues that need attention.

The attentive staff provides personalized service to make you feel welcome and at home. They create a hospitable atmosphere with live music and traditional charm. While some may find the value reasonable and others may not, you will consistently experience cleanliness and a unique experience during your stay.

The serene setting, natural amenities, spacious rooms, hospitable staff, and unique atmosphere blend to provide you with a special and memorable experience at Vythiri Resort.

5. Mount Xanadu Resort

Mount Xanadu is an ultra-premium and luxurious boutique resort in Wayanad. The resort is located in the scenic mountains of Wayanad. The village is positioned 3300 feet above sea level, at the top of the Cheengeri Hills. The resort is a pleasantly hidden place in Wayanad’s green and misty surroundings. It is a place with a view of the misty mountains, backwaters, and forests that can’t be compared to any other place.

At Mount Xanadu Wayanad, you will be able to enjoy a fusion of history, classy icons, and modern lifestyle. The hotel is 20 acres on top of a hill. From here, you can see the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets that you ever can imagine. The misty mountains and the clouds passing are beyond description. They are magical.

Xanadu, the peak of Wayanad, is the go-to destination for all. This accommodation will make your stay here really special. It is Wayanad’s best luxury destination which combines luxury with nature in a wonderful way.

6. The Windflower Resort & Spa Vythiri

The Windflower Resort & Spa Vythiri

The Windflower Resort & Spa Vythiri is one of the wonderful resorts in Wayanad and is set in a tranquil coffee and tea estate, carrying the rich legacy of an English planter’s pioneering spirit. As you drive in, the beautiful landscape of Vythiri, the signature Buddha statue, and water bodies will prepare you for the serenity of this resort.

You can enjoy this scenic sight while having a delicious breakfast at the restaurant’s open-air balcony, or while waiting peacefully outside the spa, or even as you float like a feather in the swimming pool surrounded by Silver trees.

These stunning mountain-top views are the essence of Vythiri and can be experienced across the entire 25-acre property. Here, amidst the coffee plantations set within a tea estate, elegant and well-appointed villas and suites await your arrival.

7. Vistara Resort

Vistara Resort

Last but not least, Vistara Resort is one of the best resorts in Wayanad and is located in a peaceful area. It attracts many travelers because of its breathtaking views and closeness to places like Karapuzha Adventure Park. The resort has a lively and vibrant atmosphere with live music and stylish spaces. It also offers amenities like a clean pool and indoor games.

The rooms at Vistara Resort are large and spotlessly clean, with beautiful views of a lake. While the rooms are praised, some guests felt the sofas could be better. The staff provides excellent service, which adds value to the resort experience. However, some guests had concerns about the high prices during peak season.

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