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Top 6 Hotels in Ooty for an Unforgettable Getaway in 2024

The Nilgiri Hills are home to the quiet town of Ooty, which has been a favorite place of many for years now, especially for those who are looking for some time to relax and get away from their busy life. 

While planning a trip to this charming hill station, accommodation of your choice will have a huge impact on the quality of your stay. 

In this blog, we will guide you through the top 6 hotels in Ooty, each one of them combining comfort, amenities, and beautiful scenery in its own unique way.

1. Fortune Resort Sullivan Court

Fortune Resort Sullivan Court

One of the best hotels in Ooty is the Fortune Resort Sullivan Court. Are you ready to be transported to the romantic world of Ooty, which pays homage to the founder of the town, John Sullivan? 

The Fortune Resort Sullivan Court is a place that you should not pass by. 

Located on the gentle slopes of Ooty, this hotel is surrounded by vibrant gardens and lawns of lush green colors which altogether create a peaceful environment that will put you at ease at once. 

As it is situated near the city center, just 1 km from it, and 2 km from the railway station, you can reach the greatest destinations very easily. 

Be ready to feel enchanted by the hotel’s combination of elegance and modernity, where you can relish in the comfort of your room and discover the dynamic city with ease.

2. Hotel Gem Park Ooty

Hotel Gem Park Ooty

Next on our list of hotels in Ooty is this Hotel Gem Park. Try to imagine yourself waking up to the stunning view of the Nilgiri Mountains. The hotel’s modern architecture and the ancient atmosphere blend perfectly with the beauty of the surrounding nature. 

Ooty Hotel Gem Park is the best hotel in town where you will discover a gem in the heart of it. 

Just minutes away from the main tourist attractions and shopping areas, the hotel is an ideal place for your Ooty trip. 

When you arrive at the spectacular lobby, you will be welcomed with the magnificent Indian art that will create a lasting impression for you. 

3. Meadows Residency

Meadows Residency

If you are looking for hotels in Ooty that are the perfect combination of value, comfort, and convenience, then search no further than Meadows Residency in Ooty. 

The hotel is a trendy spot in town and it boasts a variety of amenities that are meant to satisfy the needs of travelers. This is why it is a preferred place for those visiting the town. 

Sink in your guest room, which has a flat-screen TV and free wi-fi, and enjoy the bonus of 24/7 front desk, concierge, and room service. 

And what’s more, we will not forget to welcome you to the hotel with a delicious complimentary breakfast.

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4. The famous Sterling Ooty Fern Hill

The famous Sterling Ooty Fern Hill

One of the luxury hotels in Ooty is located in the beautiful hill station and is a popular choice among tourists looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating stay.

Imagine a resort where you are in the middle of ferns and Nilgiri ‘toy train’ is going by below, this is an ideal place for you to spend your holiday in the most relaxed way. 

With a resort area of 8 acres and a multitude of premium amenities, Sterling Ooty Fern Hill is your perfect destination. 

Have a taste of the upgraded and spacious family suits that are as big as 750 sq. ft. to comfortably accommodate your entire family. 

Let the children run and play on the green lawn while you go to the 2000-square-foot Discovery Central with your kids, which is filled with indoor and outdoor games, activities, and even a zip line and paintball arena. 

Indulge in native delicacies and a variety of international dishes at “The Fern” restaurant. Also, try out signature drinks at the Sterling LOCAL Restobar. 

In addition, take care of yourself by enjoying blissful self-treatment at the Subuthi Spa, which is located on-site.

5. Sterling Ooty Elk Hill

Sterling Ooty Elk Hill

Carefully tucked in a 4.5-acre estate with a panoramic view of the Ooty Valley and the Nilgiri Hills, our resort at Elk Hill is an ideal place to unwind and spend quality time with your family. 

This hotel, which has been named the “Best Family Resort among Ooty Hotels”, is a perfect place for families to spend their time with spacious rooms, renovated suites, and even 2-bedroom family suites up to 520 square feet.

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway theme is conveyed through the working model train in the lobby and through the Nilgiri Express restaurant, which serves authentic cuisines. 

The Sterling LOCAL Restobar offers you the opportunity to indulge in local Badaga cuisine or internationally popular beverages. 

Alternatively, you can experience a private dining room at the observatory, which offers you a majestic view. 

6. Hotel Lakeview

Hotel Lakeview

For really high-end and luxurious Ooty hotels, this Hotel Lakeview is the place to be.

Located on a 10-acre land on the gentle slopes of a hill, the hotel offers a double view, marvelous and magnificent. 

From the boathouse to the bus stand, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the town and its surroundings without any hassles. 

The hotel has 123 private, fully equipped, luxury cottages designed to provide the best comfort and privacy. 

You can experience the pleasure of living at Ooty Lake with your family and friends. 

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