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A guide to explore these 6 places in the city of Srisailamgudem Devasthanam

Know about the famous pilgrim site and places to visit in Srisailamgudem Devasthanam

This beautiful village in Kurnool district is a holy town located on the banks of the River Krishna. N number of devotees visit several religious holy spots here and one of them is the Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Temple. Dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvatimany, people visit this place and to make a note of Srisailamgudem Devasthanam has many more attractive tourists spots too. A perfect place to spend some amazing time with family and friends as the winters of Srisailamgudem Devasthanam is very much appreciated by many locals and tourists.

  1. The Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Temple– Located at the top of Nallamala hills this beautiful temple is the centre of attraction in Srisailam and thus is also known as Srisailam temple. Devoted to Lord Mallikarjuna and Goddess Bhramaramba the temple is surrounded by 6 meters high walls with intricate designs. The architecture consisting of huge walls, sub shrines, springs and mandapa is very beautifully constructed and is worth visiting.
  2. The Nallamala Forests– Being the largest stretch of undisturbed forest specifically in Southern part of India the forests are the perfect spot for relaxation with the cool atmosphere. A part of this forest belongs to Nagarjunsagar Srisailam Tiger reserve and the place has been also famous for leopard sightings. If you want to enjoy nature then this is the right destination for you.
  3. Sakshi Ganapati– This temple is located about 3 km away from Srisailam and is again a very precious place which is visited by many devotees. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ganapathi and as per the belief the deity keeps the account of every pilgrim who visits this temple that is called Sakhsyam, so thus the temple’s name is Sakshi temple. The main deity of the temple is structured with a book in the left hand and a pen in the right as if the deity keeps noting down the names of the devotees visiting the temple.
  4. Nagalooty– This is actually 28 km from Srisailam but this place is famous for many ancient temples and broken idols found here which traces back to 13th to 15thcenturies. This place is also highly visited because of the Veerabhadra Swamy temple devoted to Goddess Bhadrakali and the huge madapas with beautiful sculptures are the astonishing things here.
  5. Akka Mahdevi Caves– Located at a distance of 10 km away from Srisailam Temple the Akka Mahadevi Caves are one of the popular Srisailam tourist places. The best way to reach here is boating and with the picturesque view of hills and River Krishna it’s just breath-taking. It is said that the Shivalinga naturally was present in the end of this cave. Being very dark and deep visitors usually carry source of light in this holy place but overall, between the beautiful nature of this hilly region it’s a good vacation spot.
  6. Srisailam dam– It is constructed 14 km away from Srisailam across Krishna River and is one of the largest dams in India. The Dam is among the prime hotspots to visit. Its construction took over 20 years which came to an end on 1981 creating this amazing tourist spot 300 meters above sea level. The dam provides irrigation water for 200,000 acres of land and the wonderful views during with all greenery, clear water is all candy to eyes.

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