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Explore the rich cultural region of Rajahmundry and some royal places here

Some of the best tourist attractions and huge bazars to visit in Rajahmundry.

Rajahmundry- Cultural Capital of Andhra Pradesh

Also known as Rajamahendravaram, the city is located at the banks of River Godavari and is famous for all the ancient royal palaces and forts constructed here. The city is also famous for floriculture so if you visit this is place you will see a wide range of varieties of flowers in the nurseries which also boosts up tourism here. The city is also famous for the best productions of jewellery and pure silk and with all the remarkable architectures here makes it a great place for spending some time.

  1. Godavari bridge– This is the second largest road cum rail bridge and it has a road deck over a single-track rail deck which makes it a main tourist spot of the city. The clear water from the Godavari River and the bright shining sun is just a picture-perfect view.
  2. Pushkar Ghat– On the banks of the river Godavari this is a well renowned bathing Ghat and has many ancient temples surrounding it. Tourists can visit Sri Kotilingeswara Temple and the temple of Sri Markendaya Swami here. Several devotees visit this place as it is believed that the water here is capable to wash away your sins and so many people take a dip here at this holy place.
  3. Isckon Temple– The recreational is known as the 2nd largest Iskcon Temple in the South India and is also famously known as Gowthami Ghat. This temple is built across 2 acres of land and is located on the banks of the Godavari River. Created by International Society for Krishna Consciousness, the temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and devotees come to worship here. Tourists may find Rishis and Sadhus doing Tapasya (meditation) her and this is a perfect place to know about Hindu culture of Southern part of India in depth.
  4. Pattiseema– The area is located in a very greenery location, the Papikondalu hill range and the village has become very renowned among tourists because of the natural beaty of the village which has also attracted many filmmakers. The centre of attraction of this village is the Sri Veerabhadra Temple which  is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is also a different shrine created for Goddess Bhadrakali and the only way to reach the temple is via boating over the clear river. Another temple of Sri Bhavananarayana Swamy is present here and overall, this village is perfect for a nature lover.
  5. Papikondalu– This mountain range located in Rajahmundry is so beautiful to watch and along with Godavari river the mighty hills is very remarkable. A perfect spot to enjoy nature and it was initially named as Papidi Kondalu- Paidi. It means middle partition of a woman’s hair and later local’s name it as Papikondalu. The narrow river with Papi Hills is a breath-taking view.
  6. Kadiyapulanka- As mentioned Rajahmundry is known for beautiful flowers grown here and Kadiyapulanka is located 8 km away from Rajahmundry. The floriculture and horticulture here is marvellous with some beautiful varieties of flowers. There is also a flower show held every year in January and is highly witnessed by many tourists around the world.

These were some of the best tourists’ hotspots found in Ongole, Puttaparthi and Rajahmundry that is not only loved by the locals but also is highly beloved by tourists from different parts of countries who want to enjoy the amazingness of Andhra Pradesh.

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