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Try out the famous Tirupati Laadu and visit these 7 magnificent places here

Why these spots in Tirupati are worth adding to your bucket list?

Being famous for the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, Tirupati has been attracting thousands of tourists every year who visit this Holy place from all around the world. Around 50,000 people visit the Tirupati Temple every day. Tirumala hills, the local Tirupati bazars, Tirupati laadu and the beautiful temple not only make the Chittor district famous but also the entire Andhra Pradesh is famous because of this religious place which is rich in culture and arts.

  1. Venkateswara Temple– The Hindu temple located between hills and full greenery is dedicated Lord Vishnu’s form Venkateswara. As per the beliefs Lord Venkateswara appeared for the protection of humans from the troubles of Kali Yuga. The beautiful architecture of the temple makes it one of the richest temples in the world. The 50 feet tall temple tower (Gopuram) with around 640 inscriptions on the temple in different languages and the amazing sculptures here makes this place very famous.
  2. Sri Venkateswara National Park– For the nature lovers, this national park is famous for it’s flora and fauna with mind-blowing waterfalls. Consisting of around 1,500 vascular specie plants and 178 species of birds this national park has some of the most endangered species that you will hardly find around the world. Around 354 sq. km is covered by the park and this place is a must to visit.
  3. Chandragiri– This place is famous for the ancient fort present here which was constructed on 11thcentury. The fort is built on a massive rock and consists of total 8 temples within it. It is around 183 meters in height and you will find several ruined, ancient sculptures and things along with the majestic Raja Mahal. Now the Mahal is transformed into an archaeological museum and tourists find here some of the ancient, royal, finest artworks.
  4. Akasaganga Teertham– This waterfall is just located 3kms away from the main Tirupati temple and you can visit this place at any time of the year as the water flows throughout the year. As the place holds religious significance many pilgrims visit this place and there is also a Devi Temple present near it.
  5. Swami Pushkarini temple– Many pilgrims before visiting to the main temple of Sri Venkateshwara visit this lake to take a dip. As per the beliefs the lake was brought by Garuda for Sri Venkateshwara and the lake used to belong to Lord Vishnu in Vaikuntham. The lake’s water is considered to be very holy and thus may people take a dip here.
  6. Sri Govindraja swamy temple– This is also one of the highest visited temples especially because of its history. Constructed back in 1130 AD it is said that the deity in the temple conducted King Kubera’s brother Lord Venkateswara and Padmavathi Ammavaru’s wedding using his wealth. So many pilgrims visit this place for receiving God’s blessings in order to manage their money efficiently. The 7 storied Vaishanvite temple with marvellous sight and architecture makes you feel very peaceful.
  7. Silathoranam– The place is very well renowned for archaeology, for being the national monument and the natural rock formations found here. Many assumptions regarding the unique rock formations are made with n number of theories. It is also believed that the formations and miracles are made by Lord Venkateswara.

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