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10 most heart-racing adventures in Kerala

One of the tiniest states in India, it is located on the western ghats surrounded by the Arabian Sea. Kerala is also known as “God’s Own Country”. 

Famously named as one of the ten paradises on Earth by the Magazine of the National Geographic, it is a beautiful state with mountains, valleys, tea gardens, urban localities and rural areas, and everything in between. Who doesn’t love to travel all around the world? It’s the most fascinating thing in our lives, to explore new vistas, relishing each moment of our stay in a foreign nation or country mingling with their natives and imbibing their culture and tradition for the time they stay. To completely blend in with the people, live a new life, fill our senses with fresh information and feelings. 

And finally, in return, we carry those memories and cherish them long after we are gone from the place. 

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A roster of the ten most thrilling heart racing adventures you must partake in when in Kerala.

  • Paragliding – It is a very popular adventure sport in Varkala and Vagamon in Kerala. Be sure to grab the right gears before starting, and with the assistance of an expert, you can glide in the sky and watch your surroundings in a brand new way.

It is suitable for youngsters and adults in good health. The ideal time to enjoy it is between September to January costing around 3000 rupees per head.

  • Kayaking: Especially popular in the Alappuzha beach, kayaking is done mainly in the backwater regions. With Kerala’s rich flora and foliage, you can see the beauty of nature everywhere. You can also intimately view how ducks are reared, how pisciculture is done and myriads of other interesting activities. It is suitable for everyone irrespective of age differences if you’re equipped with the proper gear and have a guide with you. It is mainly popular from September to March.

It may cost anything between 1000 to 1500 rupees.

  • Snorkeling: At Tirupati, you can dive into the sea world and explore myriads of species of colourful fishes and other marines such as coral reefs, urchins etc. It is a thrilling experience for water enthusiasts. Preferably adults are suitable, for this can be quite dangerous if instructions are not followed. Wear the gears properly and follow your guide to ensure your safety. Listen to the safety tips and when in doubt, clarify your queries. Again the ideal time ranges from! September to March and the cost per person can range around 2000 rupees for half an hour.
  • Parasailing – This sport of the Kovalam beach and Alappuzha Beach calls for flying above the water surface with the help of a parachute attached to a motorboat which drifts through the water body. The speed boat controls the speed. Parasailing is a thrilling experience and gives you an ethereal experience of both the ‘lapis Lazuli ‘and the vast stretch of deep blue waters. It is not meant for the ones weak at heart, and quite literally so. It is most suitable for the youthful generation and adults. It is practiced throughout the year except in the rainy season. It may cost around 4000 for each person. 
  • Mountain Climbing – It is also quite a popular sport suitable mostly for the young ones and adults who have no issue with higher altitude. The cost of a guide service can vary vastly. The dry summer season is the best for this sport.
  • Trekking – Another popular one on our list is trekking. Travelers in Thekkady enjoy this sport as they are surrounded by unparalleled scenic beauty and freshness. You may also have a sojourn in the jungle for long hours and spot feral animals while they peregrine through the jungle. Guides come in handy to help you spot animals and name different flowers in the region. It is suitable for everyone irrespective of their age; children and adults and the elderly can all equally enjoy the beauty of mother nature while trekking in Kerala. Cost ranges from 1000 to 2000.
  • Wildlife Safaris – It is rightly called the gods own country. Kerala has to offer something for everyone; it is a heaven of mountains, valleys, jungles, botanical gardens, and wildlife. It is exciting for everyone and provides an opportunity to acquaint yourself with the wildlife and vegetation of Kerala closely. Cost is dependent on the Safari guides.
  • Bamboo rafting – Bamboo rafting can be done practically everywhere near a water body, it is one of the most popular and favorite tourist adventure sports. Drifting on the placid lake waters and witnessing the sun setting down the waters is a sight to see. Bamboo rafting is an experience every single person would love to experience. The cost per head is around 2500 rupees.
  • Cycling – A relatively safer all-inclusive sport is cycling. Hiring a bicycle can range around 2000 rupees for half an hour.
  • Scuba diving – This daring sport will make you feel truly alive. This is the chance to discover the marine world with your very own eyes. From coral reefs to species of bright fishes, the experience of Scuba diving will forever be a golden memory in your mind. It is suitable for adults mostly, and it is of utmost importance to listen to your guide and wear the gear properly. The cost per head may range from 2000 to 4000 rupees. 


With a new destination comes the opportunity of garnering knowledge about a formerly unfamiliar culture, historic significance, music, and native delicacies of the region. 

Your day-to-day interaction with the locals helps you to be cognizant of their traditional values. 

After all, as Hans Christian Andersen rightly said 

“ To roam the roads of remote lands, to travel is to live.” 

We should all experience the joy of exploring the world around us.

A traveler’s joy at exploring and venturing into lands unknown, listening to tales untold and unfolding mysteries in the sands of a destination is immeasurable. Indisputably one of the favorite forms of relaxing and rejuvenating is by going on a vacation.

From children to adults, who don’t love to go to the beaches with lusty rippling waves, gorges with lush green pastures, a place of the historical significance of the snow-capped mountains inviting you to their virgin peaks.

Now that you know which countries offer a visa on arrival and how to get one, you’re all set to go for your dream vacation!

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