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10 Adventures Around Himachal Pradesh that will raise your heartbeat

Did you say mountains? Well! What’s better than Himachal Pradesh? This beautiful state of mountains, pleasant weather is worth your time and money. Himachal Pradesh is a fantastic place for both peace lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

Are you visiting Himachal Pradesh? If yes! Then we have come up with a list of 10 heart-racing adventures to experience in Himachal Pradesh. We are sure you are going to feel alive. 

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1. Heli-Skiing: 

Skiing from the top of the mountain to down. The helicopter will take you to the mountaintop; you will want your skiing gears and skiing down the hill like butter. It can be a little scary at the start but is one of the popular sports in Himachal. Hanuman Tibba, Rohtang Pass, Deo Tibba are some of the sites for heli-skiing in Himachal Pradesh.

2. Trekking

When we think of mountains, the first adventure that comes to our mind is trekking. There are more than 40 Treks in Himachal Pradesh. You have got a lot to cover. Following is the ls the list that you need to visit on your next adventure, Vacy:

3. Motorbiking:

  •  Pin Parvati Pass: One of the most challenging treks of Himachal will take you to diverse and breathtaking views. The trek connects the pin valley in Spiti and Parvati in Kullu.
  • Hampata pass trek: the real will take you to awe-struck beauty and the unique culture of the place.
  • Apart from these two, there are several trek routes to experience: Bhabha pass trek, kheer Ganga, Sar pass trek, and Beas Kund trek. The trekking in Himachal is one of a kind experience that will leave your heart darting,

There is a different kind of kick in motorbiking trips around mountains. Consider, you are on a trip to Himachal on a bike, the breathtaking view, pleasant weather, that feeling of a race between you and wind. Making such memories is the dream of every youngster. There are several motorbike routes for a thrilling experience on high roads, forests, mountains, etc., such as Manali to Spiti bike tour, Manali to Ladakh tour, and if you are a biker, you can not miss this one- did you hear me scream? Yes, the astonishing views, Water passages, high roads. 

4. Camping:

camping is another adventure in the beautiful mountains of Himachal Pradesh. For instance, Sitting under stars with your partner, in a cozy environment, and at a bonfire with your OG gang. Such a surreal experience under the stars, away from the chaos of city life. There are various camping sites in Himachal Pradesh where you can experience this, such as Himalayan riverside camp Kasol, Malan Pulga, Kullu.  

5. Paragliding:

The ambitious and athletic adventure sport of flying paragliders. Paragliding is the flying activity where the flyers are not rigid; the parachute cover is like wings that help you fly. The paragliding pilot pulls the string to take off and runs to a certain distance to catch the speed of the parachute. The landing of the pilot usually takes place one foot on the ground. It is one of the exciting activities that take place in the mountains. Skylark School of paragliding, Madtrek, Bir-Billing, Excel are some of the paragliding in Himachal Pradesh.

6. Rock climbing:

Rock climbing is an adventure sports activity where you climb up and down the natural mountains. The rope is used to reach the top of the mountains. The climbers wear several protective gear such as helmets, simple cams, etc., collectively called Carabiner. However, rock climbing is only a physical and mental activity; it requires a lot of strength and patience to perform this adventure sport. Tourists should book a unique guide to make you understand the dos and don’ts of Rock Climbing. Do not try rock climbing on your own. In Himachal Pradesh, Patalsu peak, Shitidhar mountain, Friendship peak are some of the rick climbing peaks for beginners. However, for experts, the Beas Kund, Mount Hanuman Tibba, are some rock climbing peaks.

7. Water sports 

  • Rowing: Adventurous water sport at Chamera Laker, Pong Dam Reservoir, Gobind Sagar Reservoir in Himachal Pradesh. 
  • Canoeing: another water sport that uses a lightweight canopy. The trippy frog, country rover, extreme canoeing center, Trivamigo are some companies that offer canoeing activities.
  • Kayaking: It is the activity of moving forward in water using a kayak. Chenab, Parvati, Zanskari, Bhaga are some of the kayaking sites in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Rafting: It is an outdoor activity to navigate through the river. It can be classified on the level of difficulty. A plethora of river rafting in Himachal Pradesh is river rafting in Tattapani, river rafting up to 7km to 14km by the international youth club.

8. Fishing:

Beas, Tirthan, Saint Lambadug are some sites where fishing takes place in Himachal Pradesh. Catching the fish is not a simple task; it requires more focus and strength; it’s more of mental activity. The Beas and tributaries river is rich in brown and rainbow trout, while many rivers near Kangra valley are famous for mahseer fishing activities. The Kullu city of Himachal Pradesh is the largest producer of fishing trout. You can experience the fishing activity in Himachal.

9. Rappelling:

The opposite of Rock Climbing. The thrilling activity is to come down from a mountain using a rope. Scary and exciting, right? Well! If you love adventures, this activity is a sure shot for you; visit during mid-April to mid-June and mid-October to September for the Rappelling activity. There are several sites in Himachal Pradesh where you can experience the Rappelling sport, such as Barot valley, Dharamshala, Tirthan valley, Shimla. 

10. Zorbing:

Zorbing is an exciting and thrilling sport of rolling down the mountains. Relax! Hold your horse. In zorbing, you will go into a big ball, a kind of secure and safe structure; that wall will take you down the hill. Someone from the team will push you down. Well! Not literally, but with you inside the ball. However, in Himachal Pradesh, it’s a new yet popular activity in Solang valley of Manali, Shimla; it will cost you approximately Rs 500.

These are the adventures that you get to experience in Himachal Pradesh. These crazy activities will make your heart go wild. On your visit to Himachal Pradesh, make sure you try these activities to make tons of memories for a lifetime.

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