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Top 10 Adventure Sports To Choose In Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is said to be the heart of Indian tourism and is experiencing the leading growth in this field. The reason behind this is the multiple things to do and adventures to live. For some of them, it turns out to be a lifetime experience to visit Uttarakhand. The awesome activities and adventures in Uttarakhand allow you to feel free from the baggage of daily life and enjoy life to the fullest. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get to know the major heart-racing adventures available in Uttarakhand: 

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1. Paragliding:

Flying high with scenic mountain beauty in front of you can take your adrenaline level so high. Paragliding is one of the major recreation activities in the mountains and can also be achieved in Uttarakhand. Paragliding is one of a kind experience for all mountaineers and vacation lovers. Pack your bags and hop on to the hill station journey to enjoy the amazing and thrilling paragliding spots. Mukteshwar and Ranikhet are two major paragliding spots in Uttarakhand. 

2. Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is one of the best and popular adventures in Uttarakhand. While the major other tourist cities are lacking this sport, Uttarakhand got the excellent bungee jumping spot in Rishikesh. The height of the bungee jumping setup can be presumed to be as of the shopping complex. Feel the thrill with the super height drop and gain a unique experience. Some even get a sense of relief with this adventure in Uttarakhand. So, if you are not afraid of heights and want to experience the height of your lifetime, we would highly recommend choosing the Bungee Jumping in Uttarakhand. 

3. Trekking

Explore the never-ending Jungle in the forest regions of Uttarakhand. From the beautiful mountains to the trail of a valley makes your trekking experience much better. For all trekking lovers, Uttarakhand is the potent place to choose. The Himalayan range in Uttarakhand makes the trekking experience more thrilling and everlasting in the minds of the people. The Nag Tibba summit has a load of snowfalls during winter and can offer a profound experience. Deoriatal – Chopta – Tungnath – Chandrashila is one of the popular trekking tracks in the city. 

4. Zip-lining

Zip-lining is a gaming adventure and is most liked by the majority of adventure lovers. Uttarakhand being the best place for mountain regions becomes the perfect Zip-lining spot for native Indians as well as visitors from abroad. Hang tight and experience a speed of around 150km/hour. Meet the water streams, sloping mountains, and woods, etc. In the path and get the full experience of thrill and adrenaline. People who are strong hearts can prefer this amazing and sporty adventure. 

5. Canoeing & Kayaking 

Shivpuri and Rishikesh are the two most famous spots for Kayaking adventure in Uttarakhand. The heavy water rose among the difficult roads of these two regions. Paddling and Kayaking differ in multiple ways and can allow you to enjoy the heavy flows of the river Ganga and get the rush and surge in your body. It is advised that Kayaking and Canoeing should not be performed by a tenderfoot and is only for the experienced ones. Reach out to the Himalayan mountains range in Uttarakhand and enjoy Canoeing & Kayaking under expert supervision. 

6. Camping

Being a camping freak is one of the many reasons to visit the adventure sports in Uttarakhand. It can be an enjoyable moment along with the chance to feel soothing calm in the lap of nature. Stay away from the world for a few days and spend some time camping to rediscover the lost soul. With the highest mountain viewpoints and the scenic sunrise and sunset with perfect weather to make up your time, camping can be the best thing to do these days. Uttarakhand brings the best-in-class camping zones and services for you with rare and extensively beautiful trees and forest chains. 

7. Cable Car Ride 

It is one of the leading adventure sports that is getting recognition with the passing time. A Cable Car Ride may seem to be just a normal thing in general, but it’s not. With the best views from traveling to mountains to mountains and the thick forest down can make your ride full of thrill and energy. Finding snow-covered mountains of the Himalayan range can make the entire ride and experience thrilling and everlasting for you. You would have heard of Auli. It has got the best cable car rides and provides the luxury of getting amazing sights. Opt for this amazing adventure sport and experience something new that most of them haven’t even heard. 

8. Elephant Safaris 

Along with the mountain ranges and the rivers, Uttarakhand is also known for its wildlife and adventure sport related to that. Elephant safaris are the perfect rides in the Corbett National Parks and Rajaji National Park. Sitting on the heavenly creature and riding the natural beauty while exploring what a soothing peace can provide from day-to-day life. You get to experience the best class wildlife with amazing destinations for vacation. 

9. Skiing

We are all aware of skiing and if not done yet are somewhere planning to experience it in the future. Uttarakhand brings the best skiing adventure activities in the city. Right from snow flooded mountains of Auli, try skiing to achieve the thrill and adventure. Slide down the bed of the mountain with snow or show your expertise as a perfect skiing lover. 

10. White Water Rafting

This is one of the most preferred adventure sports in the country and is very exciting for everyone. The White Water Rafting is being done on the rivers flowing in Uttarakhand like Ganga. Plan out the best weekend or vacation for your friends and family with rafting in the heavy flowing waters and camping along the beaches.

Hence, these were some of the adventure sports that can make your vacation more energetic and enjoyable. Although, there are a lot more other things to do in Uttarakhand. So, why wait? Just start planning and packing to experience the vacation days in the Himalayas – The king of mountains. Bring out the adventure freak in you today.

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