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10 Epic Underwater Adventures Around the World

Holidaying around your local tourist spots with friends and family is exciting but progress in life is defined by bigger and better holidays. Long gone are the days when watching aquariums and flights fly past you were entertaining. It’s fine to swim with the dolphins and explore life underneath the sea. You will be surprised by the amount of underwater world that is still undiscovered. Several places around the world enable you to go for a safe and sound scuba diving and snorkelling so that you can discover the blue world that covers 75% of this planet. Well, the land life is pretty interesting but once you realise that you have already spent years of your life on land, you might want to leave it for a while and spend it on water. If you dread the underwater experience although deep down you want to see the deep water, this guide will show you the exact cool adventures you need to add to your bucket list immediately. 

The world underneath the blue waters is waiting for your arrival. It is beautiful and breathtaking. The wide variety of sea creatures and the essence of underwater life is an experience you should not miss out on in life. Underwater adventures are not only great for people looking for an adrenaline rush, they are also great for those who are looking for some serene and peaceful time. If you’re someone who looks for great adventures that can stay with you for a lifetime, going for an underwater adventure is a must-have for your bucket list. These ten places mentioned below are perfect for quenching your thirst for exploring the underwater world. 

10 Epic Underwater Destinations You Must Visit 

Planning out your next water-filled adventurous trip? Here are the ten places all sea and adventure lovers need to visit. 

Shark Alley In South Africa

Sharks – sounds scary isn’t it? Well, what’s scarier is winning alongside these big and sharp-toothed sea creatures. Two hours away from Cape Town lies the beautiful Shark Alley where you can get real close to the sharks. At a distance of 15-20 feet, you get a sight of these predators which makes for a seemingly frightful experience but certainly one that will remain for a lifetime. Cage diving in South Africa’s Shark Alley is an adventure every sea lover must experience once in a lifetime. 

Sebastos in Israel

Do sunken lands and lost cities thrill you? If yes then the non-fictional land of Sebastos in Israel is sure to thrill you. It is the first-century list harbour of Caesarea. Scholars claim that the harbour sank during the sixth century although it isn’t certain whether it was a tsunami or the seismic waves that caused this situation. You can explore this submerged harbour and its ruins through guided diving. 

Barracuda Point in Malaysia

Barracuda Point is located in the easternmost point of Sipadan island in Malaysia. The main attraction is the collection of numerous silver barracuda that you will find swirling in the strong currents. Along with this, you can also explore a wide variety of marine life and have a fun adventure. 

Crocosaurus Cove In Australia

Crocosaurus Cove which is located in Australia’s Darwin City is known for its display of more than seventy Australian reptile species. The main attraction, however, is the Cage of Death. You will be dropped into this cage where you will get an extremely close view of the saltwater crocodiles. 

Mexico’s Underwater Museum

If you are looking for a light underwater adventure and not a thrilling deep-sea adventure, Mexico’s underwater museum is the perfect destination for you. This underwater museum is located in Cancun and accommodates an estimate of 500 sculptures. Located only 28 feet under the water, it is easily accessible making the right underwater adventure for everyone. Moreover, the museum is known for its preservation of coral reefs. 

China’s Shicheng Underwater City

Shicheng was a real Chinese city built in 1368. It once bustled with life but then the cities were intentionally flooded for the construction of a dam. The people living there abandoned the place and now it is an underwater city adventurers can tour. You might want to book a flight for this one. 

Submarine Ride in Florida

Florida is renowned for its exotic beaches and tropical vacation spots. If your health conditions or hydrophobia is stopping you from experiencing underwater, you need to go on this submarine ride. You can sit on the submarine and explore all the underwater life you want without having to test your fear of water. It is also good for people who can’t swim or suffer from a medical condition. 

Vanuatu’s Underwater Post Office

Vanuatu sprawls between Fiji and the east coast of Australia. It consists of eighty islands making it an oceanic nation. You can certainly enjoy many deep sea adventures like snorkelling, scuba diving, and the like but the unique part of this destination is that it is the world’s one and only underwater post office. You can send and receive mail for real. If you’re missing mail, perhaps you need to check in this underwater post office! 

Yonaguni in Japan

Yonaguni is a small Japanese island that is renowned for its various conspiracies. Experts suggest that the sunken structures visible in this underwater world belong to an ancient city that got submerged due to a tsunami or an earthquake. There’s another theory coming from another group of people who suggest that these structures are a natural phenomenon. Pretty interesting! There’s more, some associate with aliens. You might have to visit the island to know the truth. 

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Well, it would be a sin to make a list of underwater destinations you need to visit without the mention of the greatest Great Barrier Reef in Australia. You get to explore and discover a wide array of underwater species. It is easy to access and it is absolutely splendid! 

These are some of the must-visit underwater destinations you need to add to your bucket list immediately! Plan out your next vacation including a few of these destinations if time and your finances allow, of them. Happy adventuring!

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