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The Most Affordable 5-Star Hotels in the World

Have you always wanted to spend some luxurious time in a wonderful five star rated hotel? Everyone loves holidaying to new places and exploring new places but if the hotel you’re staying in is not comfortable, your entire holiday can be ruined. You can never go wrong with five-star hotels because they always offer quality service and therefore, you don’t have to worry about living in an inconvenient space. No matter which country or which continent you’re travelling to, your vacation is not fully complete if you don’t stay in a five-star hotel and become engulfed in its luxury. 

A hotel that has a five-star rating has splendid services, professional staff, quality furniture, and everything that is grand and luxurious. A five-star hotel is synonymous with luxury. From high-quality food to high-quality facilities, a five-star hotel is your ultimate destination no matter which place you are vacationing in. However, the truth is that staying in a five-star hotel is something many people dream of but not something many people can turn into reality because it can be highly expensive and unaffordable. Hence, many people may have to enjoy a vacation without experiencing the pleasures of a five-star hotel. If you don’t want to be that person, here’s a list of affordable five-star hotels. 

Affordable 5-Star Hotels In The World

Hotel Ickale in Turkey

Situated in Ankara, Turkey’s Hotel Ickale is referred to as one of the affordable five-star hotels. The hotel boasts luxurious rooms, a gym, and various other amenities that make your stay in the hotel comfortable and luxurious. However, the main attraction is the grand Turkish bath where you can get a relaxing spa. The rate of this hotel starts at $32 per night. Hence, it is the perfect place for you to stay when you are exploring the ancient spots of Ankara. 

Grand Venus La Residence In Cambodia

Cambodia is home to some of the affordable hotels rated five stars around the world,one of which is Grand Venus La Residence. Just as its name, this grand hotel boasts pleasant and highly attractive rooms, a grand pool, and a luxurious spa. It is a great place to wind down and spend some time in serenity. Starting at $39 per night, you certainly don’t want to miss out on this well-budgeted hotel that comes in a platter of luxury. 

The Steigenberger Resort in Africa

If you want to stay at a luxurious hotel offering brilliant views and comfortable spacesbut without spending much of your financial resources, this is it. The Steigenberger Resort’s rate starts at $44 per night and the resort offers nothing but luxury. From the balconies that open doors to a beautiful view to the sprawling outdoors with big pools, every penny you spend in this five-star hotel is worth it. 

Angkor Aurora In Cambodia

Angkor Aurora is the favoured choice of numerous people who want to stay at a luxurious hotel while vacationing in Cambodia but don’t want to spend the majority of their money in the hotel they’re staying in. Starting at $39 per night, you get to be amidst the luxury of a spacious pool, a relaxing spa, big and beautiful balconies, extraordinary suites, and various other amenities that will make you stay back in Cambodia a little longer than you intended to. 

Novotel Ahmedabad In India

Novotel Ahmedabad is a five-star hotel located in India and it is the world’s affordable five-star hotel. The hotel costs $28 per night and you get to stay in the luxury of a beautiful pool. The hotel offers luxurious rooms and grand spaces reserved for events. The friendly staff will attend to all your queries and make your stay in the hotel memorable. One of the best things about this hotel is that it’s not too far from the airport which makes getting to the hotel highly convenient. 

If you’re one of those people who loves investing in themselves, the best way to do so is to travel. While you have the time, go out and travel. Explore the world. Visit places you have never been to but have been on your bucket list since forever. Most of all, indulge in luxury by staying in five-star hotels because if you’re not investing in the luxurious part of travelling, are you making good use of your investment? Hence, if you’re planning a new trip for your upcoming vacation, do not forget to check out these five-star hotels mentioned above.

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