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You’ll never get tired of visiting these 5 places in Palanpur

How the city of Palanpur attracts so many people with these tourists attractions?

As mentioned, some of the famous pilgrimage sites are located here in the sacred lands of Palanpur. The place is said to be founded by the brother of Paramara, Prahladana. He founded this beautiful region during 1218 and since then many historical buildings, ancient temples which has some of the best sculptures and carvings are found here.

  1. Nadeshwari Mata temple– The sacred place has this beautiful temple dedicated to the Nadeshwari Mataji and the surrounding of the temple is simply breath-taking. The temple is located near a clear beautiful lake and the carvings, structure and architecture of the temple is indeed sophisticated. Many devotees of the mataji visit the temple every year especially during the festival times.
  2. The Balram Mahadev- It is a religious pilgrimage site located around 12 kms away from the main city but is very close to several other tourists place like Palaces and other temples. This temple is dedicated for Lord Shiva who is also known as Mahadev and it is believed that the temple is 5000 years old. Also, as per the legend the Pandavas visited this holy land and stayed here. 
  3. The Motu Derasar– Also renownedly known as the Pallaviya Parshwanath Temple, the beautiful Jain temple is a very holy site for the people who follow Jainism. Dedicated to Lord Parshwanath, the construction of the temple traces back to the reign of King Prahaladan, who constructed it and he is also known as the founder of the city of Palanpur. Lord Parshwanath is considered as the the twenty-third lord of Jainism and so the temple is built with some of the most unique carvings and fine architecture that you would ever find in other tourists places and thus it’s a must to visit this place for knowing in detail about Jainism.
  4. The Kirti Stambh– It is one of the most visited tourists places in Palanpur and the tall tower was constructed for dedicating it to the Nawabs of the region during the ancient period. It was built in 1918 by Nawab Shri Taley Mohammed Khan to show respect for the courage shown by Shri Sher Mohammed Khan. The beautiful architecture and the huge structure of the Stambh in total are a symbol of bravery of the Nawabs of the region and thus it also has a rich historical significance for sure.
  5. The Dantiwada Dam– The dam is located on the west Banas river and was constructed in 1965 mainly for irrigation purposes and for controlling flood. The dam currently proves to be very helpful for around 123 villages located near to it and ever since it was reconstructed in 2015 the water supply project plan by the government of Gujarat worked up really well. Now not only the Dam is very helpful for water supply but also this dam proves to be a very beautiful location which is visited by many tourists especially during the evenings. The dam is located in between the lush greenery and the fresh air is itself very much attractive for the tourists.

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