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Try out famous Gujarati snacks and visit these beautiful places in royal city Rajkot

Will you trip to Rajkot be completed by not visiting these top 6 places here?

Being the 22nd-fastest-growing city in the entire world, Rajkot is the fourth largest city of the Gujarat and is made for people who love traditional Guajarati snacks and shopping. The place is filled with some of the finest traditional and historical locations which is highly visited by many tourists around the world. Located on the banks of the Aji and Nyari rivers the city has significant influence in history of Gujarat and here are some of the renowned tourists spots and the top best in our list.

  1. The Kaba Gandhi no Delo– This is the place where Mahatma Gandhi spent his early life and being such a renowned place, many tourists add the place to their list while visiting Rajkot. Mahatma Gandhi’s father was a Diwan of Rajkot back in the days and this is where they lived, the Kaba Gandhi no Delo was actually their house. If you would like to know about the details of life of Mahatma Gandhi and his early lifestyle then this is the right place to visit. The museum here depicts a pictorial tour on his lifestyle and there are several sewing and embroidery work done here too.
  2. The Khambhalida Caves– These caves in Rajkot region are visited highly by people who especially follow Buddhism. The Buddhist caves were found by an archaeologist named P.P. Pandya in 1958. There is total 3 caves present here and the centre one is known as chaitya and the place is known for the limestone rocks, statue of Bodhisattva and the statue of Vajrapani present here. The caves must be formed and built-in 4th century AD and are considered to be oldest one found in the city.
  3. Jagat Mandir– The temple is famous for having deities of several religion and thus worshippers of different religion vest the holy place. Tourists following the religions like Hindu, Buddhism and Christian do visit the place in a huge amount. Nevertheless, the temple is actually devoted to Shri Ramakrishna Paramohansa and the deity is made of pure white marble which indeed looks very majestic. This deity sits on a lotus flower and with the huge carved walls and breath-taking architecture of the temple it indeed is one of the best spots to visit while your trip to Rajkot.
  1. Watson museum- Know about the rich culture and dynasty who were once ruling the lands of Rajkot, Gujarat by visiting this oldest museum here. There is an amazing collection of items which dates back to the reign of the Jadeja Rajput dynasty and also near the museum there is a beautiful garden named Jubilee. The Jadeja Rajput dynasty were the ones who found the region of Rajkot and with a princely significance the Watson museum truly brings the colours of Gujarat and its culture at a wider range for the tourists to know about it.
  2. Pradhyuman Park– The zoological park is situated in an area of 140 acres and is a perfect place for children. This a renowned picnic spot for spending a nice day and trying out the food stalls nearby it. Also, there are many restaurants and a lake present which makes the place very attractive for tourists. Try out some amazing cafes here and golf carts along with enjoying the nature and migratory birds that now and then visit the park.  

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