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Visit these ten places in Asia for the winter season.

As Asia is the largest continent on earth, it is full of diverse cultures and experiences for travelers. From nightlife in Thailand to quaint experiences in Kyoto, from expeditions in Vietnam’s forests to skydiving over Dubai’s Palm Island, Asia has it all.

Many people first think of Asia when they hear the words spectacular islands, crystal clear waters, beach parties, or anything that pertains to tropical weather and summer.

Although this is commonly known as what Asia is best known for, especially the southeast, did you know it can also be a fantastic place to enjoy a snowy getaway?

The following list includes some of the best snowy destinations in Asia for winter lovers, although there are many Asian countries that already have snow. Here are some of the top snowy destinations in Asia.

The Russian Winter

The Russian winter is not all about snow blanketing everything in sight, as your mental image might suggest. While your mental image may be accurate in terms of some less well-known towns in Russia, more touristy cities like Moscow are anything but white.

Christmas decorations are the most impressive, but the sight of a decorated St. Basil’s Cathedral set against the backdrop of a snowy backdrop will definitely blow your mind. If you aren’t frightened by cold temperatures and prefer snow, December is the best time of year to visit Russia.

Sapporo Japan

Sapporo has many ski lifts only twenty to sixty minutes away by car, so you can combine that with a day trip itinerary and enjoy snow in the country. Japan has many ski resorts throughout the country, but the most popular is located in Sapporo.

Sledding and snow tubing are good choices for beginners, but if you aren’t interested in snow games, consider visiting during the Snow Festival, held in February. More than 2 million visitors flock to the Hokkaido capital to see the snow come to life each year despite extreme weather conditions, making Japan one of the snowiest nations in Asia.

Yunnan Province, China

The second place on our list is Yunnan Province, which is home to the beautiful Jade Dragon Snow Mountain – one of the most beautiful places to see snow in Asia. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, part of the high altitude nature reserve, stretches along the headwaters of the Yangtze River and offers sweeping views of the surrounding region. Glacier Park is the most popular attraction in the reserve with an altitude of 4,600 meters. Remember that you may suffer from altitude sickness at Glacier Park.

Yongpyong, South Korea

Yongpyong, South Korea also has a lot to offer to those looking to explore the ice in Asia. On Mount Balwang you will find a trendy ski resort, where you can enjoy your ice adventure.

The region also offers floodlit night skiing and cross-country hiking, as well as a snow festival in February, similar to the one in Sapporo.

Sapa, Vietnam

Vietnam is surrounded by many popular summer destinations like Phuket, Bali, and Boracay. As a result, it may come as a surprise to you to discover that it also experiences snow. While you won’t be able to find snowboards or toboggans in Vietnam when what used to be green fields of rice turn to white in winter, you’ll surely fall in love with Sapa. Sapa is located in the northwestern part of the country and has become quite popular amongst tourists. Stunning scenery, fascinating ethnic diversity, and four full seasons makes Thailand one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia all year round.

Taichung, Taiwan

Another disagreeable winter objective is Taiwan. Situated in Heping District, Taichung, Xueshan, or Hsuehshan or all known as Snow Mountain is the second-most noteworthy top in the nation standing 3,886 m. Nonetheless, Snow Mountain offers a more grand and fascinating climb.

Climbing here is protected in any event, throughout the colder time of year and the landscape is staggering. Be that as it may, you need to make a point to join a very long time earlier assuming you are intending to climb as they limit the quantity of explorers during the blanketed season.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

A couple of hundred miles from Beijing, Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar is somewhere else ideal for all the colder time of year darlings out there. To have a go at something invigorating, you can appreciate snowboarding and skiing right outside the city at the mountain called Bogd Khan Mountain, which is an ensured mountain range that lies in the southern piece of Ulaanbaatar. During the long stretches of November to March, the temperature can get as low as – 35 °C, situating Mongolia as one of the coldest snowfall nations in Asia

Putao, Myanmar 

In Southeast Asia, Myanmar is also known for its bagan and inle lakes, but few are aware that it has snowy mountain ranges as well. Putao, located in Kachin State’s northernmost town, is a snow-capped paradise. As well as mountains, the area has some of the highest peaks in Asia, one of which is Khaka Bo Razi, which stands sweepingly tall at 19,296 feet. For river rafting, the famous Malikha River is a great option. As an alternative, if you are not very adventurous but interested in nature’s delight, you will also find many endemic birds, as well as rare orchids.

The Himalayan Mountain Range

The Himalayas are a distinctive landmark of the earth. The Himalayas are the most famous and also the most beautiful mountains on the planet. Dating back 80 million years ago when dinosaurs still existed, the Himalayas are among the most recent and highest mountains on Earth. These broad ranges are so large that they cover Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, Tibet, and Bhutan. It makes it possible to view it from these countries all year long with snowfall.

Shimla, India

Shimla is one of the most popular states in India as well as in the world. In winters, it becomes a dreamy snowy land. It is perfect for nature retreat as it is surrounded by some of the most amazing and stunning mountains, and has breathtaking scenery. If you are looking for an escape from the intense heat and heat then Shimla is the best place for you to relax and have a good time.  

There are also many activities that you can enjoy in Shimla like there is a Wildflower Hall. People who are ski enthusiasts can visit here and fulfill their desire. There are many resorts on The mountain top which will give you the most astounding experience. Snow-capped mountain peaks will make you feel dreamy. Relish in the snowy wonderland in Shimla. Also, you can take part in winter sports for an adventurous time.

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