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Get to know about the best five shows in Las Vegas

Theatres all over the country shut down for upwards of a year, and many are still reopening their stages as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic.

There are still a lot of fantastic shows in Las Vegas. Shows that have been around for years, as well as those that are brand new, have made a slow return. Many more shows will be returning to the coming months. Luckily, Vegas is still very many Vegas, and there are still a lot of great shows for visitors to see. This is the perfect time to go catch a show in Las Vegas on your next trip. You’re probably wondering which shows have reopened or even new ones. Have a look at these five outstanding suggestions for shows to see in 2022.

1. Cirque du Soleil’s “O”

It has been a while since Cirque du Soleil returned to Las Vegas. Currently, it has five productions running, and all of them are incredible. “O” stands out for both being a classic Cirque production, and for its unique aquatic element as well. The show in itself is unique and unlike other shows. 

Bellagio Hotel and Casino currently hosts the show. There is one show at 7:00 PM and the other at 9:30 PM. The show runs for 90 minutes, making it a great option for families with young children. Also, you can look up for the 7PM show as it will not even push the bedtime for the children. Due to the popularity of the show, tickets do sell out quickly, so it is a good idea to purchase them as soon as schedules allow. There is an online ticketing option, as well as a box office.

2. David Copperfield

David Copperfield has earned his fame as one of the greatest illusionists of all time, making the Statue of Liberty vanish and the Statue of Liberty appear to rise from the sea. Regardless of what you believe in magic, Copperfield puts on a spectacular show no matter what. See some of these impressive feats yourself at MGM Grand by attending one of his shows. Shows are typically held nightly, and tickets can be purchased online. Meet and Greet opportunities are available, too, which offer the opportunity to take a photograph and get an autographed picture.

3. Blue Man Group

If you’re looking for something incredibly unique to see while you’re in Vegas, the Blue Man Group is a great choice. This show combines visually stunning musical performances and blue-skinned performers to quickly become a global phenomenon.

Attend a show at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. Shows are generally family-friendly, though the loud music and dramatic lighting can be overwhelming for some young audience members. Tickets for the event can be purchased online here. Children under three are allowed at management’s discretion, and they must sit on an adult’s lap.

4. Atomic Saloon Show

There are many entertainment companies with a strong presence in Las Vegas. Circus may be the most famous, but Spiegel world is the most notorious. The company that took Vegas entertainment by storm with Absinthe over a decade ago now has three shows on the strip that are utterly deranged, each surpassing the last in bizarreness. 

With their most recent show, Atomic Saloon Show at the Venetian, they have created an organic story set during the Wild West that is a love story set in a salon run by Madame Boozy Skunkton. The show is set in an Old West saloon/brothel run by Madame Boozy Skunkton. The Venetian hosts two shows every night from Wednesday through Sunday, starring rhinestone cowboys and nuns doing things with ping pong balls. We recommend checking out this show in person from Wednesday through Sunday, with two shows each night.

5. Absinthe

One of the most entertaining shows on the Strip, Absinthe is a modern-day vaudeville/variety show that is both thrilling and risqué. It is located in front of Caesars Palace, but it is not for young children! Facilitated by the unpleasant Gazillionaire and his lewd companion Penny with ordinary appearances from the Green Fairy, Absinthe — one of the absolute first Las Vegas shows to return later the pandemic terminations — is by and by working at maximum speed and full limit, with exhibitions happening twice daily (with three shows on Fridays and Saturdays), seven days every week, 365 days per year. With that sort of timetable, only one out of every odd entertainer is at each show, which implies the line-up is always developing and regardless of how frequently you see it, it’s never a similar show twice.

Essential tips for Las Vegas Shows.

  • Make sure to check that you have an assigned seat or general admission. In general admission the individual gets a seat on the basis of first come, first served. In order to not miss on the seats you need to arrive half an hour early. 
  • A ton of exemplary or more modest Vegas settings have tables and corners. The stall situates ordinarily sit four to a corner, and you will be situated with another couple on the off chance that it’s only you two. Tables are set up with the short end confronting the stage, so you are finding a spot at the table confronting one another.
  • When you plan your show make sure to have enough time so that you can explore everything. Also, the casino layout is very confusing, and therefore it can take much more time to find the place than you expect. Reaching early on the venue is always better as you will have enough time to find a bar ad grab a beer. 
  • There are umpteen show which give the opportunity to have a tour of behind the scenes and meet and greet scenes. If you feel cold quickly then make sure to keep a jacket by your side. Usually the theatres keep the temperature low so that the all the people feel comfortable. 
  • There are some theatres will facilitate the booster seat. If you want to have one ask for it. Going to theatres is easy as it does not have any dress code but if you are visiting in a lounge then you have to dress accordingly.

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