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Triund Trek

One of the most popular weekend hikes from Delhi and Chandigarh is the Triund Trek. It’s perhaps the most straightforward Himalayan journey to complete on your own. It is also quite attractive, with stunning vistas of the Kangra valley and the snow-capped Dhauladhar peaks. Triund is the best spot for people looking for a hassle-free Himalayan hiking experience. The walk may efficiently be completed throughout the weekend.

To get to Triund, you have to walk a short distance but it is steep. Relaxed walks offset the steep ascent through the rhododendron and oak trees. The woodland along the route is also home to various songbirds, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise. Because it’s a simple trip with easy access from Dharamshala or Mcleodganj, many people do it, making it difficult to appreciate the location’s peace. It may get congested on top over the weekends or during the holiday season. 

The village of McLeodganj (also known as Little Lhasa) offers an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in Tibetan culture.

Things To Watch Out in Triund Trek

Mighty Dhauladhar Range and other peaks.

The trip provides some of the most excellent vistas with only a slight ascent. You don’t have to travel deep into a valley like Manali or climb for days to see some spectacular vistas.

Right as you start the walk, you can see the Moon peak, Rifle Horn, Arthur’s Seat, and the majestic Dhauladhar range.

Trekking through Himachal Pradesh’s magnificent pinewoods

Even though the woodland component of this walk is short, it takes you through a magnificent forest stretch that you will remember. The road to this park is lined with rhododendrons, pines, and conifers. The grand opening of the ridge at the end of the tree line is a sight to behold while trekking through the forest.

Triund Trek’s Incredible Sunset

The sunset is undoubtedly the most spectacular part of the Triund Trek, and it is what draws all trekkers to sleep at the ridge overnight. Look behind you, and you’ll see the sun sinking over the mountain ranges, casting golden light on them.

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In contrast to other peak hiking expeditions, the Triund Trek isn’t the end goal. In addition to trekking, there are many other things to do and see. If you wish to learn more about the Himalayas and hike in the Himalayas, Triund serves as a jumping-off point for many more experiences. There are several locations to visit, including going all the way to the snow line, the Lakha Cave, and the Indrahar Pass, which requires a multi-day walk for more experienced hikers.

What Is The Best Time To Go On The Triund Trek?

Triund trek may be done all year, save for the monsoon months of July and August and the high winter months of January and February.

If you’re planning on hiking, March through June is when the weather is most pleasant. The walk is ideal for trekking and escaping the harsh weather conditions of April and May if you bring an additional layer of clothes.

The trek’s most incredible views of the mountain peaks are during the post-monsoon season. On the hike, you may expect the first snowfall around December.

How to Reach Triund

  • You may go to Triund in a variety of ways. You can go to your location via rail, plane, or bus.
  • The Triund Trek’s base camp is in Dharamshala, and the nearest airport is Gaggal Airport, which is just 13 kilometers away.
  • Pathankot, 85 kilometers from Dharamshala, is the closest railway station to the Triund Trek.
  • Along the road, there are sights such as Shiva Café, Shri Kunam Pathri Devi Temple, Gallu Devi Temple, and Bhagsu Waterfalls.

Trekking to Triund: The Best Reasons 

  1. Triund’s route gives spectacular vistas of the Dhauladhars around every turn. The clouds fall to keep you company as you reach the grassy meadows where the trip ends, and the vista is truly stunning! Those who neglect to bring their cameras will be kicking themselves for a long time.
  1. The Triund trip will take four hours to complete, while some will accomplish it in under two hours. Even for the inexperienced hiker, the trail isn’t too tricky. Instead of starting in Mcleodganj, you might book a cab to Gallu Devi Temple, the trip’s starting point, to preserve your energy for the significant hike. You’ll also come across a few vendors offering refreshments along the route, so you can break up the journey and stop for a break.
  2. Getting to the Triund Valley is a significant accomplishment in and of itself. However, braver ones might continue climbing to Kareri Lake, where they will find rock-cut caverns to explore. There are no wild animals in the region, at least not during the day, so go check it out if you have the energy.
  1. While the Triund hike can be completed in a day, if you want to spend the night in the valley, you may rent a two-man tent for around Rs 500. Stayovers in Triund are highly popular, especially among foreigners, so you’ll have many companies. The pitching camp offers two significant benefits. First, there’s the breathtaking dawn and sunset, not to mention the star-studded sky. Second, you’ll get to go on an early morning trip to Kareri Lake, which will make the climb much more rewarding.
  1. From Triund, there are many return paths, one of which travels through the higher sections of the Bhagsu waterfalls. Hiking down alongside the rushing rivers will bring your journey to a satisfying conclusion.

Triund Trek Temperatures

  • Depending on the season you plan to walk, the temperatures will vary.
  • When hiking in the summer, temperatures may range from 16 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Temperatures can drop to between 7 and 10 degrees at night.
  • Temperatures will begin to decline after the monsoon and during the months leading up to winter (September to December). The daytime temperatures will be pleasant, ranging from 14 to 18 degrees. At night, temperatures will drop to 1 to 5 degrees.

Personal Medical Kit is Required

  • Crocin comes in a pack of ten pills.
  • One strip of avomine (optional, in case of motion nausea)
  • Half Strip Combiflam
  • Half Strip Muscle Relaxant
  • Half-Strip Digene
  • One strip of Avil
  • Six-packs of ORS

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