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Top haunted tourist attractions in India

Getting up scary or looking for haunting places is always loved by most people. It brings enthusiasm along with the degree of ways in which the research for the old can be done. From the goosy doozy to the noise, horror brings a threat to mind. There are undoubtedly people who would get afraid and might not like the ways in which the haunting places threaten them. 

Most of the time, the haunting places appear chilling to an individual. This is the way that shows that there is a threat of ghosts. There were many stories where we used to listen to the stories of ghosts and how the haunting places have created the threat in our hearts. 

So, the ones who are afraid of the wish to bring on the threat in themselves should get support by visiting the most horrible places to know how one can feel.

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Here are the top haunting places that might get your eyes from it in India

1. Dow Hill: It is one of the top horror places in West Bengal. Right 30 km from the beautiful Darjeeling, it is a must-go for the ones who want to experience actual horror. It is one of the most eye-catchy hills that has n number of ghost stories in it. The people tell many stories about this place. There is a ghost that roams here, and he is headless. It is believed that many people have seen the ghost roaming around. Most of the ghost stories of this place tell that there are red eyes that can kill the person just by looking at it.

2. Bhangarh fort: One of the most known haunted places in Rajasthan, this fort is an amazing place for haunting lovers. It has been declared that this place is the most horrible place where all the voices and the dead people are seen. From black magic to the stories of vashikaran, the fort has various stories in it. There were people who used to die here, or even there are stories that some ruling king used to throw oil on them.

3. King church: Being a haunted place, three churches will be the ideal choice to look for. All those looking for haunting places to visit can give an eye on this church. It is located in Goa in an area that itself looked very haunted. There is a sad story that kings of this place were killed by mending up their rules in place. But once the king was dead they did not die. They used to roam from one place to another. For many years the people of this place screamed as they used to hear such voices. It is the best and the last place where one can maintain the haunting feel.

4. Abandoned: Right from Mussoorie, this place is located just away from the city. It is in the factory and has nothing near it. This is why it is considered a haunting place. No human contact to no human involvement; you can just see that there is a pale place where there are no living beings. According to the stories in the past, it shows that people here used to see the shadow of ghosts. In the nighttime, there was a time when each individual used to listen to various noises, which kept them afraid.

5. Dumas Beach: In Gujarat, dumas beach is the most suspicious place where one can experience various things. From noises to the pictures, you can see many things changing from one direction to the other. According to the report, it shows that there was a burial ground where the spirits were not dead. Due to this reason, the core has been moving around to different places, which can be seen by people easily. This place is about 20 km away, right from surat.

So, if you are the one who wishes to explore the different places in India that are haunted, then they can choose by looking up the locations above. But make sure to keep in mind that things can change at such places, so make sure to maintain complete precaution.

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