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Some of the marvelous bridges of India

As basic as it might sound, the bridge is constructed with metal and concrete to connect one end to another. India is home to several iconic bridges built over time, and some of these are amazing. However, Some of the bridges are worth visiting due to the engineering masterpiece and its stunning views. 

Here is the list of few stunning bridges in India you must know: 

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Bandra worli sea link 

The bridge that runs over the Arabian sea is one of the most beautiful bridges in India. 5.6 km long bridge in Mumbai that connects Worli in south Mumbai with Bandra in western suburbs. It was the first cable-stayed bridge in open seas and the first to use seismic arresters. The bridge was first opened for the public in 2009 to reduce traveling time from an hour to 10-15 minutes. 

Howrah Bridge 

Talking about bridges and how can we forget Howrah bridge? Howrah bridge is one of the most stunning landmarks in Kolkata that was built over the Hooghly river. The bridge opened for the public in 1943 is the world’s 6th longest cantilever bridge. The bridge is said to carry approximately 1 lakh vehicles daily. However, you know the fun fact? Howrah bridge has no support of pillars for suspension over the river and is the oldest hanging bridge globally. 

Vidyasagar Setu 

Vidyasagar Setu bridge is named after Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was opened for the public in 1992 is another bridge located in Kolkata over Hooghly River. With six lanes, the bridge is one of the longest cable-stayed bridges. The bridge carries over approximately 85000 vehicles daily. One of the stunning bridges looks breathtaking when lit up during the night. 

Mahatma Gandhi Setu 

Located in Bihar, the bridge that passes over the Ganges is one of India’s longest bridges over a river. The bridge that connects the city of Patna and Hajipur was opened for the public in May 1982. Gammon India Limited built the bridge over ten years. Mahatma Gandhi Setu bridge is also known as Ganga Setu or Gandhi Setu. The most stunning Girder bridge is 5750 meters long and has four lanes for vehicles. 

Godavari Arch bridge 

The Golden Arc Bridge is another engineering marvel located in Andhra Pradesh, was opened for the public in 1997. The most significant arc bridge of Asia was constructed with Prestressed concrete. Located in Rajahmundry, passes over Godavari River spread across 320 feet is a railroad bridge. Considering its location in the Cyclonic area, the bridge has been constructed to withstand cyclones.

Jadukata Bridge 

Located in the stunning Khasi Hills of Meghalaya passes over the Kynshi river. The cantilever bridge connected only at the ends is one of India’s most beautiful bridges surrounded by greenery. Jadukata Bridge is close to the Indo Bangladesh border give soothing and stunning views during sunset and sunrise.

Pamban Bridge 

Connecting the island of Rameswaram to the mainland, the bridge is one of the oldest in India. The historical bridge of Rameswaram is a marvelous piece of engineering surrounded by waters; the bridge runs parallel to Indira Gandhi Bridge, providing the most sensational and breathtaking views of India’s Southernmost city. 

Golden bridge

The bridge Connecting Ankleshwar and Bharuch, spanning over the Narmada River, is located in Gujrat. Britishers built the iconic bridge in 1881 to ensure trade flow and provide access to officials in Port city of Mumbai in British raj. The bridge was named as Golden bridge due to the enormous cost of construction. The Historic Golden bridge has been an integral part of Gujarat ever since the British era. 

Dhola Sadiya Bridge 

The longest river bridge of India, over 9km long, connects the State of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam passes over the Lohit River. The bridge was opened for the public in 2017 to reduce the traveling time from 6 hours to 1 hour. To facilitate the border protection movement is designed to handle the weight of battle tanks. Built with massive chunks of money is a significant asset for the country. 

Nivedita Setu 

The cable-stayed bridge spanning over the Hooghly River is another engineering Masterpiece in Kolkata to ease the movement of vehicles in the city of joy; the bridge withstands approximately 48000 vehicles every day. The bridge, Spread over 880m, is named after the social worker disciple of Swami Vivekananda, Sister Nivedita.

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