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The Top 10 Must-Try Tropical Fruits of Africa

Organic and healthy foods are a part of millions of people’s diets. Fruits make your diet healthy and are filled with essential minerals and vitamins. Tropical fruits are fruits that are native to a particular area. And Africa is filled with millions of fruits. These fruits are easily available in the local market around the whole continent. 

These tropical foods are available in different colors, textures, tastes and are filled with exciting flavors, which leave a sensing, relaxing, and thrilling feeling. These fruits are also loved by people around the world and therefore are exported in large amounts. Africa is filled with a variety of fruits because of the geographical advantage and soil type available. These fruits are available for the whole year. The secret of a richer and fuller taste of fruits lies in the daily sun and fertile volcanic soils. Farms in Africa are small and medium-sized owned by families. Seasonal fruits might not be available at some time of the day, but you will find some other exotic fruits available. So you have a lot of options available filled with value, high nutritional content, and taste.

So if you visit Africa someday, you should eat these Top 10 Must-Try Tropical Fruits of Africa for sure. 

The Top 10 Must-Try Tropical Fruits of Africa includes

  • Siwa Oasis Dates
  •  Pineapples
  •  Citrus
  • Mangoes
  • Bananas
  • Pawpaw
  • Passion fruit
  • Watermelon
  • Jackfruit

Siwa Oasis Dates

Siwa Oasis Dates are found in western Egypt. The farmers from 3000 years ago are growing Siwa Oasis Dates using the water available in deserts. These dates are chewy and filled with nutritional value. They come in a wide variety. Some of the varieties include Siwi, Azzawi, Free, Ghazal, Takdat, and Amazon dates. These dates are very juicy, filled with nutritional value, and very tasty.


Pineapples are locally known as ‘Enanansi.’ These pineapples are grown in various parts of the continent, and it is available in most of the trading centers and the corner streets. The three most prominent types of pineapple are Queens, Smooth cayenne, and the red Spanish. These fruits are grown because of the climate and rich soil conditions. They are planted in the dry season and twice in the year. 

From June to August and from January to March. They can be 2.5 kilometers and are sold widely. They are eaten raw included in a fruit salad. You can get pineapples easily from the local market.


Citrus fruits comprise Lemon, Oranges, and Tangerine. They are used for commercial purposes and used in trading centers and kiosks. These fruits originated in Asia but are grown on a large scale in Africa. They Have a tangy flavor and are juicy in nature. The two prominent types are Valencia which is a Big succulent fruit filled with lots of juice, and Hamlin, which is a small fruit and has smooth, shiny skin. You can easily find them in local markets. Other types include Kuno navel, Minneola, and Nova. The lemons are of different varieties, such as Eureka, Meyer, Limoneira, Fino, Genoa, Verna, and Seedless Lisbon. They taste somewhat like mango and pineapple juice and are grown year-round.


It is a tree fruit and is widely grown on the continent. They are grown in dry areas and tropical sub-regions. The three types include the Small canopy, which are Duncan, Early Gold, Paivin, Glenn; the Medium Canopy, which are Zillate, Kent, Keitt, Alfonso, Pinero) and the Large Canopy which are Boribo, Bure, Ssu, Kate, Ssejjembe. These are eaten raw, used in a fruit salad, or used to make mango juice. You should definitely try mango when you grow to Africa. 


Bananas are produced in high quantities. Uganda country produces around a 4.5million tonnes of bananas yearly. Banana is also called the staple food of Africa. You will be surprised to know that more than 75% of farmers are growing bananas. Some types of bananas are Matooke which are green bananas used widely for cooking; the Dessert bananas, which are Yellow bananas; and red bananas. They are available in the local markets widely. These bananas types are distinguished on the basis of taste and size. Therefore you get different tastes and amazing experiences.


Pawpaw is of different Varieties such as the solo Pawpaw, the mountain Pawpaw, the sunrise Pawpaw, and red royale Papaya. These are soft and tasty. They are oval in shape and come in vibrant colors. They have various health benefits.

Passion fruit

Passion fruit is available in the whole continent. Three come in different types, which are the yellow passion the purple Granadilla passion, which is also known as Kasese. These fruits have rich color, amazing scent, and tasty flavor. They have highly succulent. 


Watermelons are available very commonly. They have dark green stripes and have a pink or deep red interior inside the hard outer shell. These fruits are perfect for eating on a sunny day. They are juicy and refreshing. 


Jackfruit, called Artocarpus heterophyllus scientifically, is one of the types of berry which comes in the size of a watermelon. It has seeds inside and looks like a pod. It is very delicious, crunchy, and soft. You can eat jackfruit whenever you want. 

White star apple

White star apple is also known as Chrysophyllum albidum scientifically. It is a forest fruit. They are dark yellowish in color and have juicy pulp inside. They taste sour and acidic in taste and are widely consumed. They grow between December and April. They taste sweet when they are ripped. They have a start shape and have brown-colored seeds inside. The pul0p is chewy and turns to be milky and juicy. White star apples are widely used to make wine.

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These were the best Tropical Fruits of Africa. These fruits are delicious, healthy, and very tasty. They are easily available and affordable in price. You can also buy them from direct farms. You will surely have a wonderful experience after eating the fresh tropical fruits of Africa, which are pocket-friendly and are available in different flavors. So if you visit Africa anytime, don’t miss eating these delicious fruits.

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