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The Ten Best Restaurants in Chennai

Chennai has always been one of the favourite places for food lovers. It is known for serving its local treats. The city brings tasty local dishes at affordable prices along with delicious cuisine. For all those who look forward to getting the variety in their food options, Chennai is the one-stop destination. You will find a lot of other south Indian cuisines from Kerala, Chettinad, etc. There are a lot of street-side stalls and restaurants available in Chennai. But, you might end up getting confused with plenty of choices in hand. 

1. Murugan Idli Shop, Chennai

If you visit Chenani, having delicious idlis is a must. Try the extraordinary taste with the fluffiest idlis, along with their signature drink popularly known as Jigarthanda. It is a mixture of milk, ice cream, and sabudana and tastes heavenly. Murugan shop is one of the oldest food spots and has been preferred by the majority of locals & tourists. Get four types of chutneys and start your day with excellent taste. They are undoubtedly one of the best vegetarian restaurants that serve the best breakfast menu. 

2. Dakshin, Chennai

When it comes to choosing the best authentic South Indian cuisine, choose Dakshin. It is one of the most famous food spots in Chennai, offering the most delicious cuisine and meal items. You will find a big Nataraja artefact welcoming you with unique chandeliers and diyas. The place is full of the South Indian vibe and allows you to enjoy the cuisine with soothing music in the background. We assure you that you will have a one-of-a-kind experience enjoying the food here. 

3. Madras, Chennai

If you’re in Chennai and want fine dining, Madras can help you relish the perfect taste. You will find affordable food here with one of the unique tastes. Madras is a place of cultural vibes, and hence waiters in specific attire will be there to greet you. Enjoy a hot bowl of rasam or ask for the la carte. Choose from the menu or local counter. It is preferred to visit the place with your partner as it is one of the best romantic restaurants. 

4. Annalakshmi, Chennai

It is one of the unique restaurants offering the best-in-quality vegetarian food. It is a non-profit venture and keeps the service value on peak rather than focusing on business growth. Their staff quality is of next level standards as they come from various hospitality ventures and all are volunteers at the restaurant. But, since the place has a lot to offer, you wouldn’t be able to find a table among daily rush. It’s better to book your table a day before actually going to Annalakshmi. 

5. Eden, Chennai

Eden is one such place in Chennai that don’t have any vacant tables beforehand. You will have to make the booking in advance, especially if it is a weekend. The place is twenty-five years old, and people love to dine here. Being one of the most amazing vegetarian restaurants, they offer the most amazing continental menu. The food quality and taste are still the same as twenty-five years old. Undoubtedly, you’re going to have an amazing time here. 

6. Krishna Restaurant, Chennai

Krishna restaurant is part of the Udupi chain of restaurants. You are being one of the oldest restaurant lines that have been revolutionizing a high level of vegetarian dishes. If you want to elevate your mood and get a friendly staff and treatment, Krishna restaurant is the place. Savour your delicacy and enjoy the famous filter coffee post your food. 

The place is created using glass and has a lot of toys like cars and cycles. The restaurant even showcases the potential of the automobile industry in Chennai. Their south Indian thalis with a lot of various items can make you overloaded with food, that too with unlimited limitations. 

7. Ente Keralam, Chennai

Ente Keralam is a place that focuses on cultural heritage along with delicious food items. The recipes they serve has a similar taste as of mother’s handmade items. The cultural values are transferred from generation to generation, and that can be clearly seen in the ambience. 

Their biryani, Thalassery (signature dish), Appams, Meen Moilee (fish with coconut milk & ginger) can make your stomach full with sheer satisfaction. The place is mostly in white and brown color decor with traditional boat and elephant ornaments. 

8. Junior Kuppanna, Chennai

Junior Kuppanna specializes in the Konga Nadu food variety. It was established in the year 1960, and hence you will find the ancient vibe with modern-day foods. Konga Nadu is made from rice and is rare for the outsiders of Chennai. 

The Kupanna chain of restaurants was started by Mr. Kupanna and his wife. You will leave the place with complete taste and full stomach satisfaction. The non-vegetarians comes with the mouth-watering taste here. You can get chicken, mutton, fish, anything. 

9. Kaaraikudi, Chennai

Are you planning to visit Chennai soon? Chettinad cuisine is the best food item choice to make your day. You can choose to visit Kaaraikudi and enjoy the delicious item there. Their specialities are the spices like peppercorn, cardamom, and bay leaves. We bet the taste will compel you to come back and enjoy it again before leaving the city. The restaurant serves the best non-vegetarian items with Pepper Masala & Sora Puttu. 

10. Kumarakom, Chennai

Kumarakom is a popular chain of restaurants having numerous outlets in Chennai. Keeping Kerala cuisine their favourite, the restaurant also serves various sorts of food items. You can easily find one of their outlets while walking alongside the road. Explore the uniqueness in the foods with a pure blend of South Indian & Western dishes. 

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In The End

These were some of the best restaurants available in Chennai, serving delicious dishes and local food items. You can definitely explore some other places too, but the above list can be suitable if you come across any of the mentioned ones. Hopefully, whenever you’re in Chennai and hunger keeps striking back, you are aware of where to go. Bon Appetit!

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