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The famously proven top 4 must-see attractions of Junagadh

The ultimate guide to top 4 best places found in Junagadh

The beautiful city of Junagadh after a long time of discussion decided to join India in 1948 and ever since many beautiful, locations of the region became a part of India. Located in Gujarat this is the seventh largest city known and the city is also known as city of Greeks. Well, if the name is translated then Junagadh also means old fort. Some huge empires ruled the region giving some high contributions to the rich history of Gujarat which we now get a chance to see as a greatly visited tourists spot.

  1. The Uperkot fort– Located on the eastern part of the city the first was established at the foothills of Girnar over 2300 years ago. The majestic huge walls which range around 20m high and the architectural style used during the Maurya Empire is something appreciated to date. The fort is situated in between the full lush greenery which attracts many travellers and the deep wells present here are also surprisingly to be 300 ft. deep. It is said that it was filled crocodiles back in the days when the king ruled the region for the protection of the fort and although the fort looks very ancient its structure is amazingly maintained.
  2. Mahabat Maqbara– The Mausoleum of Bahaduddnbhai Hasainbhai is Mahabat Maqbara and it was constructed in 1892 and the Bahauddin Maqbra is also a mausoleum here which was built in 1896. They were dedicated to the Mahabat Khan II and the unique architecture makes it a highly famous tourist place in Junagarh. The structural style which was used for the construction of the mausoleums are Indo-Islamic with beautiful intricate carvings on the walls and ancient windows. There are several fine stone carvings found here and the place has some of the tall minarets you would ever find. 
  3. The Adi-kadi Vav and Navghan Kuwo– These two are the step wells present in the city and is located within the fort of Uparkort. The Adi-kadi Vav was constructed in 1400s and it is actually a 9 layered step well which was constructed by two slave girls. They couldn’t dig the water from here and hence the local priest was consulted for it. As per the priest both the girls, Adi and Kadi who were unmarried have to be sacrificed so the water comes out of the step well and it was done. The story is indeed heart-breaking but the Navghan Kuwo was a well which was constructed way before the tragedy happened that is in 1060s with significant spiral stairway.  
  4. Gir National Park– The Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for being the only place which has existence of Asiatic Lions. The dry deciduous forest is highly visited by tourists especially for some of the conserved species which were getting endangered in several parts of the country. The Nawab of Junagadh initiated the act of saving the Asiatic lions from extension when hunting was highly followed in the city and thus the park is a must to visit.

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