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Make your trip to Kutch more amazing with many islands and tourists spots here

Top 4 promising places made to entertain you in the city of Kutch

Surrounded by the gulf of Kutch and the Arabian sea the district of Gujarat is famous for the Banni grasslands and different varieties of tourists places here. The high prehistoric significance of the place with it being located as an island surrounded by water does not only make the place look much beautiful but it also has some best monuments found in Gujarat which is a must to know about if you plan to visit Gujarat.

  1. The Prag Mahal– The beautiful palace which traces back to the 19th-century is named after Rao Pragmalji. It is built in a gothic style and the Romanesque architecture is simply mind blowing. It is believed that the artisans of the palace were paid in gold and the for the construction of the palace the sandstone was imported from Rajasthan and the huge chandeliers, Italian marble, classical statues and much more are a key attraction to palace. There is a huge tower with a clock which stands 45 foot tall and from the tower you can get a good look at the spectacular city of Bhuj.
  2. The Aaina Mahal– The palace is very close to the Prag Mahal and Aaina means mirrors so the place is also known as the Hall of mirrors. It is uilt during the year of 1750 by Rao Lakhpatji. The architecture and the engineering were done by Ram Singh who was trained in Europe for 17 years. The palace was once filled with mirrors and glasses which made the entire Gujarat shine and the place is filled with some varieties of clocks and antique statues. Many important parts and antiques of the palace was completely destroyed in an earthquake in 2001 and now only some parts of the Mahal are visitable.
  3. Lala Prajan Sanctuary– Also commonly known as Kutch Bustard Sanctuary which was initially build for protecting the Great Indian Bustard from extension and now the place is highly visited by many tourists. Currently here are 3 different type of Bustards found which attracts many bird watchers and the total area covered by the sanctuary is around 2 sq. km. Many species like cranes, sand grouses, black partridges, larks, sand pipers, and wild animals like fox, wolf, hyena along with lizards, snakes and quails are found here.
  4. Kalo Dungar– Also known as the Black Hill the place is the highest point in the region but is also famous for one more thing and that is the 400-year-old temple of Dattatreya. Many Hindu devotees and tourists visit the place and from the highest point here you can give a good look at the Great Rann of Kutch which you would hardly find anywhere in the district of Kutch. The hill creates an illusion as if the vehicles are rolling upwards on the slope and this is more thing special here. As per the belief Dattatreya was walking nearby the region and when he stopped at the black hills, he found some starving jackals. So, to help them he sacrificed his own body to feed them and after they ate it his body it regenerated itself again. Thus for centuries the priests here have been feeding the jackals here.

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