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Gujarat- The birth place of Mahatma Gandhi with best tourists’ attractions

Here are the best tourists attracting 5 cities which makes Gujarat so much famous

The colorful state with rich culture and some of the finest shopping bazars which stay open day and night is all found here. Gujarat is indeed a magical place. The place is not only famous for being the birth state of the great Indian National leader Mahatma Gandhi, it is also famous for the city’s rich famous snacks, ancient historical significance, some architectural monuments, well maintained beaches and parks are some of the best tourists’ attractions found here and we have mentioned the top best visited places here in this region of Gujarat.

  1. Ahmedabad– The magnificent place is filled with some of the best tourist spots including ancient temples and beautiful national parks. The place is also a rich pilgrimage site and sure is a high-tech town. Ahmedabad is also a renowned historic city with some most vested places like Swaminarayan temple, Sabarmati river, Sbaramati ashram and much more. The place is very famous for the Dandi march that took place here and as the lands of Ahmedabad has faced some huge dynasty ruling it, there are several monuments present here to visit which incudes Jhulta Minar, Dada Harir stepwell and much more to look at on the list.
  2. Dwarka– The one of the top visited pilgrimage sites that is visited by thousands of devotees every year is Dwarka which is also known as Dev bhoomi which means the land of Gods. Dwarka is an ancient kingdom which has been included in several historical inscriptions and as per the legends Lord Krishna lived here so many worshippers visit the holy temple of Dwarka. The most visited temple here is the Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple which is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas and thus makes this region a very religious place. Also, other tourists’ attractions like breath-taking seashores and beaches are present here to enjoy.  
  3. Kutch– The island her resembles what truly a nature’s beauty is and enjoy the most attractive picturesque views here. The princely state organizes some of the best cultural programmes especially in the winters. The region of Kutch is not only filled with beautiful beaches and well-maintained sanctuaries present but also you will find some historical massive mahals including the Aaina Mahal, Prag Mahal and other huge monuments. Also, Rann of Kutch is an amazing place for enjoying nature and for taking pictures
  4. Gandhinagar– The planned city of Gujarat is also the capital city of the state and is filled with some of the best attractions for tourist from all around the world. If you ever plan to visit Gandhinagar do not forget to visit Akshardham Temple which sure has some of the best carvings, a beautiful architecture and also the most visited religious temples here are the Hanumanji Temple, the Brahmani Temple and much more to visit. Also, for kids there are some fun, amazing parks with many rides. Another most visited spot her is the Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park which is said to be the second largest Dinosaur egg hatchery that is a must to visit in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

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