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Accomplish a perfect relaxing trip by visiting these 5 places in Surat

Explore the Gujarati culture more in the huge bazars and famous places to visit in Surat

Surat is the main commercial and trading centre of Gujarat and the reason behind is one of the finest textiles and jewellery produced here. Thus, making this place a very attractive spot for people who love traditional Guajarati wears and also other varieties of accessories and clothes to shop in Surat. Also, a list of some of the best tourists’ spots are present here that it gets hard to choose from to add to your list while visiting this cultural region of Gujarat. So, here are some of the places that you should not forget visiting for sure.

  1. The Sardar Patel Museum- The museum was constructed in 1890 and is considered to be a huge establishment ever since the construction was completed. It was earlier known as the Winchester Museum and after India got Independence the museum got renamed as the Sardar Patel Museum. There is a planetarium present here which hugely is loved by the science lovers and along with that the place consist of galleries, art galleries, paintings, auditorium and much more to look at. Get a look at all the ancient items placed here at display and there is a total of them more than 8 thousand antiques found here.
  2. The Nature Park Sarathana– The park is a highly attracting tourist spot in the east side of Surat with 81 acres of land covered within the nature park. With the beautiful river of Tapi on its side the view is indeed breath taking and you will find many varieties of trees here. Also, the place is filled with some adorable species of different animals including deer, leopards and much more
  3. The Dutch Garden– The filled greenery is appreciated by every tourist who visit this place and the European style of the garden is just adding much more shine to the place for sure. Many tourists find the place very relaxing and with filled colourful flowers here just acts like candy to eyes. If you want to enjoy nature’s beauty then do not miss visiting the garden which is filled with some great sculptures.  
  4. The Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium– The spectacular aquarium is famous for being the first multidisciplinary one ever known in India and it consists of around 52 fish tanks which are truly massive having varieties of aquatic animals to give a good look at. More than 100 species of aquatic animals including the jelly fishes, sharks, and other colourful fishes makis the place highly awesome.
  5. The Surat Castle– The one of the most popular monuments here in Surat is this majestic castle and as per the archaeologists the castle was built in 16th century which shows the rich historical significance of the place. Constructed by the Portuguese the fort was known as ¥Old Fort and it was a defines measure. The miraculous architecture of the castle is something to enjoy here. Also, the location where the fort is situated is indeed impressive to walk around and have a complete look of the castle.

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