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Get to know the ten amazing reasons to Visit Solomon Islands

Nothing can compare to the scenic and exotic landscape of the Solomon Islands when it comes to tropical island vacations. The Solomon Islands are rich and extravagant, an archipelago in the south of the Pacific Ocean. Solomon island is located between Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu. It is an archipelago which is made up of six major and 992 small islands. Out of 992 islands, only 147 are inhabited by people.

When it comes to the overall atmosphere, it might not be very appetizing because there are unpaved roads as well as an uncomfortable climate that is both sticky and hot, but at the same time, these islands are paradise on earth. If you are wondering what the capital of the place is, then you must visit Honiara. 

Although Honiara lacks the infrastructure that one would expect of a tropical resort destination, the city is unlike any other you will ever see – surrounded by volcanic peaks and pristine nature, Honiara is a small village with a solid cultural identity and turbulent history. Don’t hold yourself back in planning your travel to the Solomon Islands where you can explore the beauty of the place. Pack your bags and relish on the beautiful beaches.

1. Diving and snorkelling

Among the many water sports available in the Solomon Islands is diving, which is among the most popular because of the crystal clear waters and beautiful coral reefs, as well as some ship swaps and WWII artefacts. There are numerous companies operating in the Solomon Islands that are extremely knowledgeable about marine life. It’s nice to know that they work closely with locals and are careful not to disturb the marine life.

2. Marine life

Solomon Islands receive around 40 000 visitors per year, but is not a highly visited tourist destination as such, and does not have a lot of tourist infrastructure and construction.

You get the opportunity to see nature uniquely – you can dive deep into the waters to see turtles, manta rays, and whales. You can even explore the villages to discover how the people live in their traditional manner.

3. New discovery

There have been reports of sightseers making new disclosures during their time in the Solomon Islands. As of late, a war vessel wreck from Japan was found, and already in 2018, a wildcat wreck was found. There is so much to explore when you are in the waters of the Solomon Islands, and who can say for sure, what you might find when you are plunging and swimming in the Solomon Islands!

4. Surfing

For fledglings and experienced surfers, the Solomon Islands can be an incredible memory. In the waters, there are numerous regions with fluctuated waves to please both, and with perfectly clear waters, it’s a treat to behold the fishes and the brilliant and striking coral reefs. What’s more regardless of whether surfing isn’t your style, then, at that point, there are different other water sports that you can get yourself – wakeboarding, water-skiing, and stand-up paddleboarding are a couple!

5. Beautiful traditions

There are many companies who connect with the locals so that those companies can make the tourist know about the culture of the place and in return, they get the benefits or profits of the same by having the tourist fees.

In addition, there are a number of villages in the Solomon Islands where tourists are warmly welcomed and given the chance to enjoy their traditional singing and dancing. Furthermore, the villagers can provide tours of their villages to give you a feel for the culture.

6. Wildlife

Solomon island is famous for its marine life but if you think that there is no wildlife then you are wrong. You can also get the spectacular view of the wildlife on the island. The whole island is spread with volcanoes, dense forests, and lush green grasses and trees. These are the best place to explore the wild. There are also beautiful waterfalls, tall mountain peaks, and muddy trails to enjoy.  

7. Celebrations and journeys

Did you have any idea about that the Solomon Islands are likewise home to probably the most brilliant celebrations?

Consistently, they hold a celebration that praises the vivid marine existence of the Islands – a celebration from where jumpers all over the planet join in, and obviously, in the evening, it is joined by singing and moving and with the best of the neighbourhood foods that the Islands bring to the table!

The Solomon Islands likewise hold a trip for the sightseers. For this, you need to make a trip to Kolombangara Island. It’s a 2-day journey that challenges the coarseness of the vacations and incorporates different fun exercises like handling wilderness plants, getting streams, and strolling through the woods. For those with the experience qualities, there’s a climbing journey on the twin tops on Rendova Island.

8. Shopping

Did you have any idea about that the Solomon Islands are home to expressions and artworks – so uncommon that authorities all around the world strive for them? One of the most famous is the hardwood work produced using dark midnight – right from footstools to bowls to war kayaks; the dark coal-black is utilized to make various things. Likewise – you are additionally going to track down an extraordinary determination of pandanus plate and crates all through the islands. Visit Malaita Province; you will track down excellent shell adornments and even cash made wonderfully from the shell.

9. Food

Every place have its special cuisine. Solomon island also have one of the best cuisines that you must try. 

The most significant local cuisine of the island is the seafood and the fish. It includes the sea animals like yellow or bluefin tune, crabs, and crayfish. There are some delicious mouth-watering dishes like Poi and Garlic Butter Lobster, Cassava Pudding, and many more. In the local markets, you can also find some tasty fruits to eat. They best very yummy. 

10. Connections

Solomon island is one of the special destination to visit. It is a place which will give you the lifetime of exceptional memories. You will live there without any phone or internet connection. It will be the best time of your life when you can only think of is the beautiful place and what to enjoy on the holiday. You have the opportunity to revel in the beautiful nature. There are many people who come to the island just to take a break from the hectic day-to-day life and enjoy the paradise for some days by connecting to the nature. Think of the time when you were without any internet or phone connection. Can remember any? No, because today all the lives are heavily dependent on the internet. Everything is digital. Relish into the glory of nature by visiting the beautiful and breathtaking Solomon island.

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