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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Bangalore

If you are a foodie, you would surely like to go for the restaurant that can offer you the desired food of your taste. Today the time is changing and that is why people are looking for the best restaurant where they can enjoy and have the best time. If you are one who is visiting Bangalore, it is suggested that if you want to make up the knowledge, then going online is the best option for you. Today, time has changed and people can look up any information or knowledge regarding anything and everything just by going online. It is the best way of saving time as well as efforts in the right way possible. Bangalore

Being the best powerhouse in Bangalore, this restaurant is a must-go. As we know that Bangalore is the most amazing and fastest-growing city in India, such a hub can be an ideal destination for food lovers. The city of Bangalore is known as the renowned entrepreneurs, wherein we have all the companies offering work here. It is a buzzy metropolitan place wherein from the globe we can see many companies landing up. Not just the place to work, but the city has diverse support with many offerings all the time so that people can get money and can create a better life. In case you look for the best restaurant in Mangalore, kindly check the below-mentioned:


Being one of the most popular places to eat, grasshopper is created by two of the known fashion designers Himanshu and Sonali sattar. This place is the one-stop if you want to enjoy the best with food. Fusion of design and food just in those walls will give you an ultimate feel. You can get the most relaxing meals right from the urban life culture. This place is located in the duo’s farms. It is the right place where the city dwells its culture. Even the place offers an outdoor dining area to enjoy with delicious food.


From coveted mouth-watering dining to the amazing dishes, in this restaurant, you can get all. It is located near to the gateway Hotel features, which is on place 50 in all the restaurants. All the ones who would like to enjoy the stunning dishes would come and feast their tummy. From incredible dishes of south India to the meat dishes, you can taste it all. 

Cafe Thulp

It is the most inconceivable hangout spot, a place to chill. From the taste of burgers to many other street items, you can enjoy the top variety of food here. This restaurant has the best with the dishes standard which is of the highest quality in Bangalore. Keeping things simple, you can just rely on the variety of food offered by them.

Edo Restaurant

This restaurant is located just within the ITC gardenia hotel. Edo restaurant is the best for all the ones who wish to enjoy the best authentic dishes. They offer a luxurious taste to various dishes which are hard to try. If you are the ones trying sushi for the first time, it is your one-stop destination. So, visit the hotel and try the tasty shabu which is known as the hot pot for Japanese food lovers. One of the major reasons to visit the hotel is the decor. All the dishes are just amazing. The preparation is done in a way keeping the standards. 

I & Money Resto Pub

If you are the one choosing the indoor or the fresco dining, it can come out as an ideal spot for you. The design of the restaurant comes with the best in class, taking help from the western culture. The cuisines are wise to serve the taste which is loved by all the individuals. There is a bang-bang fried with the chili samba together with the remarkable mud course for the desert.

Imli cafe and restaurant

If the people who are having the strongest focus towards eating the Indian food that gives a home feeling, this is your restaurant to decide. Right from the mixed dishes to all the things or your requirement, you can get them at your spot. Adding up the list of dishes in your list like pav bhaji to the sitting arrangements, all things are just perfect. The place is being set in such a way that you can get the best in class. The place is just designed with either an open terrace or the in-house surrounding so that it can be loved by all the people visiting here for the first time.

Barbeque nation

If you ever want to try and taste the best with the barbeques, this is your one-stop destination.  From the sizzling meat to the options in seafood and vegetables, you have it all. There is a great choice of vegetables so that no hassle arrives at the time of choosing the best. No worries if you are a meat lover, you just have to look at the menu and make the choice according to the requirements. There is a wide variety of options on the desk for you and that too at the cost which is better to opt from.

Sheraton Hotel

It is placed in the Sheraton hotel and the sitting is eye-opening. If you feel like enjoying the weather with the hot food, it is your best location to decide from. Right from the open-air food to the better in place dining, you will get all that you wish for without any hassle. Getting to be with the people you love just right under the open sky and star is the best option for you. Right from different states like Persia to India, all the variety of food is available at your doorstep. Even the location can bring on more romance in your life like ever expected.

Royal Afghan

Just the ones who would like to enjoy the luxury dining with the loved ones can opt for this hotel. Offering up with the widest support of the mouthwatering food to the best in various items, you can look for all the things just at one stop. From the authentic taste of different dishes from north to the dinner on a daily basis, the hotel offers the dishes at a cost-effective rate. Along with the best staff support, you will be getting the tender things at your visit.

Time traveller

Loving the ways of different food while travelling, this is the one-stop. This restaurant gives you the feel of the best food items. May it be a salad or the coffee taste, you want it, and you get the best out of it. The hotel offers an explicit variety of dishes that are just in love with people and can fill up the empty stomach. May it be the dishes from Italy, china, Japan, or India you name it, and you get it. There is good staff support so that in case of any issues with the dishes you can just get in touch with them, and they will resolve it all for you.

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Look for the best places where you can spend quality time with your food and the best company. Choose the best according to the choice of options and the food that you wish to have. 

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