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Deo Tibba Trek

Trekking is the most beautiful and adventurous recreational activity you have to cover on foot. The one who loves adventure with exploring new places throughout, so trekking is all about them. 

You must know about the different places like Deo Tibba Trek. You need to know every precise and detailed information before going for a deo tibba trek. Trekking is something that involves the activity fully by your physical strength. 

If you want to go on an offbeat trek in Himachal Pradesh, you have to visit the best place, Deo Tibba Trek. This is the beautiful place in the state of Himachal that gives you an explorable experience in your trekking. This trek has different stages where you can start from and end on. 

The trek starts from JagatSukh, which is about 10 km away from the city of Manali. Then you have to go through the forest for the first time, sweeping meadows and high altitude pastures. 

In trekking, everybody is waiting for the beautiful base camping place and gives an enormous view to relax your mind. At Deo Tibba trek, the base camp is towards Hampta Valley and Jobra. This track is isolated and gives you a pretty shaded experience at the time of trekking. 

Overview of Deo Tibba Trek Places

In this trekking campaign, you will get the view of snow-clad peaks at 6000 m and Indrasan 62000m approx. With this experience, you will also get the glacier of Jagat Sukh and your Tibba. with all this stuff, and you will get the visionary mountain view that mesmerizes your mind completely.

It is the famous peak of the track that gives you a glimpse of the experience of your adventurous vacations. Mini Chandra Tal, chikka, Seri and Tainta are the best scenic destinations you have to pamper yourself to relax your mind on this adventurous trip. 

You will get to see the purest form of nature and abundant beauty to ample your time with lush meadows and beautiful peaks. With a glimpse of the mountain and river, you will get the best of the admiring time in this destination. 

This stunning waterfall will give you a beautiful view, and it’s a treat to watch with your eyes. 

Ravi river is the most famed river in the Deo Tibba Trek. Spending some time with this distance from the populated city will make your vacation more emphasizing and fascinating towards nature. 

 Highlights of Deo Tibba Trek

Deo Tibba Trek is the feast for your eyes and witnesses yourself with the whole beautiful region that mesmerizes your mind. This beautiful place gets the best of the view from 14000 feet. 

You will get the emerald lake view with the expenditure and the famed high altitude. The beautiful Lake Mini Chandratal offers you the best lake experience in this hilly place. 

You will also view the glacier of Mount Deo Tibba, one of the best experiences for your trekking and campaigning. You will love the view of Jagat Sukh in Manali also.

This beautiful track gives you a six-day camp through the Alpine forest and waterfalls. You will love the trekking experience and want to look after the mesmerizing view of the place. 

Facts About Deo Tibba Trek 

The various associations that will organize these camps and treks for you and your group give you relevant experience to enjoy the journey. 

You will get through the different quick facts that are good to go before visiting it, and this fact makes you more excited about what you are going through to relax your mind. 

You will get a fascinating view of nature that suits your adventurous vacation with the terrific view of the waterfall and river.

The duration of this campaign or trek is approximately 6 days and 5 nights roughly, and the rest depends on how much time you want to spend on that place. 

The people’s previous experience is said that this is the moderate level of track which the one who is physically fit can go with it. It is nearly 75 km of total trekking distance that you have to cover by foot. The maximum altitude of the track is approximately 14000 feet.

You have to face a temperature of 10 to 15 degrees Celsius in the morning, and after that, you have to deal with -2 degrees to -5 degrees Celsius at night. This is a hilly and mountainous area, so you have to face this temperature and keep your bag packed according to this. 

You will get all the banking facilities like ATMs, and you have to use digital cards easily in Manali. The starting point of this trek is Manali and the ending point as well. You have to get to the nearest Bhuntar airport in the Kullu district for travelling.

Best time to visit Deo Tibba Trek

Every place has the best time to visit if you want to enjoy nature with its optimum level of beauty. You will get to know about the site and its mesmerizing view at the best of the story. 

You have to visit the Deo Tibba Trek between May to October. There are a lot of organizations that are going to give you the best experience of these track adventures, and they are managing the whole group with the best of facilities.  

This track is covered with snow, which is no experience for you. May to October is the best time to connect with the beauty of this place and its scenic destination. 

Inclusion of Deo Tibba Trek

You will have to be equipped with all the best of the things you need at tracking and campaigning. You will do the best activities that are adventurous for you, such as trekking, campaigning, waterfall, and bonfire.  

You will get sleeping bag mattresses, which are easy to carry. It would be best if you had some medical stuff like a Band-Aid, Paracetamol pain ointment, and an oximeter

You are good to go on the track with all these bags or equipment. If you are going with the organizational group, you don’t have to take those means to get you on the way. They have all the work done efficiently that is best for your track.  

They manage all the activities perfectly from start to end. You must read the instructions well and get guidance from the organization’s support staff. This is one of the best treks that you are experiencing compared to your previous tracks. 

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