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Bijli Mahadev Trek

Trekking is a fascinating adventure that involves travelling. Trekking can serve as a motivation, a target, an expedition, a celebration, or a social occasion. One of them, in particular, is the Bijli Mahadev Trek. Bijli Mahadev is also known as “Electric Mahadev” by travellers. The 60-foot tall staff in this temple is thought to invoke divine favours in the form of lightning. 

The Bijli Mahadev Trek is called after Lord Shiva’s temple, the Bijli Mahadev Mandir.  You may choose this trip in the north among all the trekking places in India if you are an avid traveller. Because, even though the hiking path begins with a strenuous climb, it gradually eases into a more pleasant and comfortable ascent for beginners.

When is the ideal time to travel to the area?

The Bijli Mahadev Trek, like most trekking trails in the northern region of the nation, is blocked during the winter months. The road remains impassable and unfit for tracking due to harsh weather conditions and massive snowfall.

In addition, strong thunderstorms are common in the area. As a result, the greatest time to visit is during the summer months, which is also the finest time to visit Manali and the surrounding areas. Plan your trip during March and you will not be disappointed.

What is its location?

Bijli Mahadev is one of India’s best temples, located at a height of roughly 2,438 meters in the Kullu Valley. It is 14 kilometres from Kullu and may be reached via a three-kilometre arduous but rewarding climb.

The temple offers a panoramic view of the Kullu and Paravati valleys. The 60-foot-high crew of Bijli Mahadev sanctuary shimmered like a glittering arrow in the moonlight.

It is stated that the tall staff in this lightning temple invites divine favours in the form of lightning. The priest of the temple is said to have to restore the Shiva-lingam inside the temple with butter and sattu after every lightning strike since it shatters into pieces.

What is the best way to get to Bijli?

  • One can first travel to Kullu and then take a bus to Bijli Mahadev, which leads to the adjoining ‘Chansari’ village. 
  • Otherwise, a private cab can be hired from the Kullu taxi stand near the bus station. From ‘Chansari,’ one must ascend stairwells for around 3 kilometres uphill. 
  • The road has now been expanded for more than 5 kilometres, reducing the amount of stair climbing by half. 
  • The village of ‘Halleni’ can now be reached by personal vehicle or by pre-booked vehicle.
  • It was rather simple to get to the Bijli Mahadev Trek. Bijli Mahadev hamlet is one of Kullu’s most popular tourist destinations. 
  • The hill station is easily reachable from any of India’s major cities. You can fly to Bhunter Airport, which is close by. You will take a bus to Kullu from Bhunter airport.
  • If you want to travel by train, the closest station is Summer Hill, which is approximately 94 kilometres from Kullu. 
  • You will be coming from Kullu to Ramshilla, which is only 1 kilometre away. 
  • To get to the bottom of the hill, use the road on the left after crossing a bridge over the Beas River.

Comfortable Trekking for Beginners

Beginners and people with health issues would enjoy the Bijli Mahadev Trek. Anyone can participate in the track because it does not require difficult climbing or reaching higher altitudes. The walk is relatively safe, with few deaths or incidents reported.

Although the terrain is prone to thunder and lightning, it is regarded to be risk-free when compared to other Himalayan hikes. You may be physically fit, but you haven’t gone on many hikes and should be regarded as a novice in this area.

You will feel energetic and refreshed when you return from your excursion to Bijli Mahadev. The website is a traveller’s dream come true. The Himalayan Mountains are well-known for their magnificent splendour.

Bijli Mahadev Trek provides a real Himachal trekking experience without putting in a lot of effort. It is also easily accessible and well connected to the country’s major cities. So don’t waste any more time and begin preparing for your journey to this amazing location.

What will the weather be like?

For the most part, the weather in Bijli Mahadev temple is nice. The days are pleasant, but the nights are bitterly chilly. Every year, the region experiences summer, monsoon, and winter.

Between March and June, the summer season lasts, with temperatures ranging from 25 to 37 degrees Celsius. The rainy season in the region lasts from July through September.

The region is prone to heavy downpours accompanied by thunder and lightning. Landslides are very common, so be cautious.

The region’s winter months run from September through February, when temperatures drop below zero degrees. This season is marked by brisk winds and a significant amount of snowfall.

What makes the Bijli Mahadev Trek unique?

Tourist Attractions

The Parvati valley, Bhunter, and Kullu are all visible from the trail. Naturally, it provides a stunning view at the conclusion, which enthralled all visitors. The beautiful scenery along the way provided you with a boost.

Because it was recharging the energy that had been depleted by the long trek. Fir and Deodar trees adorn the entire trekking trail.

Trekking from Manali to Bijli

A trek from Manali to Bijli Mahadev and back to Manali can be completed in a single day. However, you must begin your journey early. If you leave at 8 a.m., you will get to Bijli Mahadev at about 10 a.m., and then you will hike for an hour. 

In the winter, it may be covered by a thick blanket of snow. Wear waterproof shoes with a high ankle. Then you can relax for 3–4 hours before returning to your car at 3 p.m. and arriving in Manali at 5 p.m.

The Legend of the Temple

This location was named for a large miracle that occurs on occasion. When the ‘Shiva-Lingam’ is struck by lightning and breaks into pieces, the temple priest gathers all of the parts and uses butter as an adhesive to reassemble the ‘Shiva-Lingam.’ 

Every year during ‘Shivaratri,’ a large number of devotees flock here to pay respect to Lord Shiva.

You couldn’t take your gaze away from the breathtaking vista from your window. The gorgeous interiors of the temple will fascinate you once more. 

Beautiful carvings of mythological figures and natural sceneries adorn the walls. Temple doors that have been hand-painted add a feeling of brightness and passion to the wood sculptures.

The Shiva Temple should be visited

The Bijli Mahadev temple is a well-known Shiva shrine and one of Hinduism’s holiest locations. It is also one of the country’s most well-known Shiva temples. As a result, the temple is brilliantly decorated on Mahashivratri, the holy night dedicated to Lord Shiva.

You may have heard stories from locals and fellow travellers who have visited the spot during Mahashivratri since it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The temple is illuminated against the stunning Himalayan backdrop, and the ritual prayer offerings known as Aarti are performed in a magnificent and pompous manner.

Is the Bijli Trek a challenging journey?

The hike is quite easy and is best suited to beginners. For the first kilometre, the ascent was a little difficult because it was quite steep. However, after the first 100 steps, the voyage became more manageable and pleasant.

Because of the black ice, the walkway may be slick during the winter months. The walk is 2.92 kilometres long in total. Climbing up the hill took one and a half hours, and climbing down took an hour.


The Bijli hike is stunning, with woods, orchids, and little villages to admire along the way. Your lungs will beg you to take a break by the time you reach the top, but you will be unable to resist admiring the beauty you see.

This peak provides a panoramic view of the Parvati and Kullu valleys. When you turn around, there are no higher peaks in the immediate vicinity to impede your view. You can even trek from Kullu to Bijli Mahadev if you are in good health.

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