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Chanderkhani Pass Trek: Everything You Should Know

Himachal Pradesh has a plethora of beauty to offer and Chanderkhani Pass is just one of the beauties the state beholds. The famous pass lies at 3,650 altitudes and is located in Himachal Pradesh’s Kullu district. Because the pass does not have as many bumps or rocky steps as other trekking destinations, it makes for quite an easy trekking session which is perfect for beginners. The pass performs the function of bridging the gap between Parvati valley and Kullu. In the early days, the pass was the sole route that led to Malana village but now many roads have been developed that give way to the village. The pass is also Naggar’s starting point. 

The Chanderkhani trek is particularly famous for its dense vegetation and breathtaking snow-capped landscapes that make it a sight for sore eyes. Every year, the place is visited by several tourists who are yearning for some light trekking session that can lead them to a moment of serenity as they come into sight of splendid scenery and picturesque views. Few of the biggest Himalayan ranges such as the PirPanjal range, the Bara Bangal range, and the Parvati range, in the north, west, and east respectively can be witnessed by the trekkers when they are trekking through the pass. But that’s not it! If you yearn for taking some high-quality pictures against the elevated and lofty snow-capped peaks, the Chanderkhani Pass is the perfect place you should go for trekking. The pass also boasts some majestic meadows that will keep your eyes glued to it for a long while. 

Chanderkhani Pass – The Valley of Gods 

The periphery surrounding the Chanderkhani Pass is often referred to as the ‘Valley of Gods’ because there is a legendary tale involving a deity named Jamlu. If the legend is to be believed, Jamlu was walking in the area with a basket that was filled with Gods. However, after he entered the area around the pass, there was a sudden gush of strong wind that blew away all the gods from the basket entirely. After the gods fell from the basket and landed on the ground, they were formed into peaks and got the name of Parvati, PirPanjal, DeoTibba, and Indrasan which are all names of Indian Gods. Through this pass, you can enjoy the sublime pleasure of these palatial mountains. Hence, the pass isn’t just about its beauty and adventure, it also gives a little taste of folklore and if folklores strike your imagination, this is a place you should fancy visiting. 

What makes Chanderkhani Pass special?

While Himachal Pradesh is known for its various trekking landscapes and hiking adventures that result in breathtaking views and long-lasting memories, the Chanderkhani Pass holds its name and fame for giving trekkers access to alpine pasturelands that take you on a blissful journey. This is accompanied by long and deep valleys with shiny and sparkly water and the gorgeous Himalayan peaks enough to make you feel euphoric and serene. That’s not it! As you trek through the Chanderkhani Pass, you also get to become familiar with the state’s cultural practices as you visit the quaint and charming villages. 

Things to take note of 

There is no doubt that the Chanderkhani Pass has nothing but peace and beauty to offer and it is a comparatively easy trekking destination for many but at the same time, you need to take note of some things you might need for the adventure. 

If you are trekking at the pass in the winter season, take note of the following:

  • Do not forget to pack some warm clothes because if you are particularly not used to the cold weather, it can get really cold. Hence, be prepared and pack some heavy clothes to keep away from the cold. 
  • Do not forget to research about the roads and the condition of the pass from the agency through whom you are taking the trip just to be sure that you do not face any problems when you get there. 
  • You can also carry some warm tea or coffee in a flask and some spices amid snacks to keep you warm and energetic while trekking and do not feel like giving up halfway because keep in mind, the best views are always achieved at the end of the trek. 

If you are trekking the pass in the summer season, take note of the following:

  • If you do not like the shivers the cold weather gives you, visiting the pass during summer is a favourable idea. The temperature is quite moderate and you will get to enjoy a clear view of the peaks. 
  • The good thing about summer is that you can bid a temporary farewell to heavy sweaters and big suitcases. You can pack your normal summer clothes because the best way to travel is to travel light. Therefore, keep your clothes minimal and leave some space for other tools that might come in handy while trekking. 
  • During winter, you may not crave fruits but during the summer season, the scorching sun demands some juicy and refreshing bites of mangoes, bananas, strawberries, and more. Hence, do not forget to bring some fruits so that you can snack on them along the way while you are trekking. 

If you are trekking the pass during the monsoon, take note of the following: 

  • During monsoon, you may witness occasional downpours slightly. You do not have to pack heavy clothes but bringing a raincoat along with you for the trek is always a good idea. 
  • Before you trek, make sure you try to find some information about the roads because, during the monsoon, roads in the hills are quite treacherous due to heavy landslides. It is always better to stay on the safe side by getting first-hand information. 
  • You can pack a sweater or two because the morning time and evening can get a little chilly as compared to the rest of the day. 

The Chanderkhani Pass allows you to have a pleasant trekking session that will let you have a worthwhile getaway. From scenic peaky views to the magnificent valleys, legendary folk tales to cultural practices, you can find it all while trekking in the Chanderkhani Pass. 

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